June 18th, 2019
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Amberlea and Donny


Thanks for checking us out! This is a huge sacrifice you’re considering- one which we honor and respect. Our promise to you is to love deeply, unconditionally and give your child our whole hearts. This child will know that their birth mother wanted them have a great life. Our shared goal will be to make you proud of how we raise your child, and the amazing human being they will become.



Our story begins in 2005, separated by 1,300 miles we found each other.
With Donny in Chicago and Amberlea in St. Pete, FL our relationship developed through thousands of texts and countless hours on the phone. After realizing we had almost everything in common we were set to meet. Chicago was the place, so Amberlea flew north to see if there was a spark. BINGO….There was and we instantly fell for each other. Within a few months Donny was relocating to sunny Florida, where we started our adventure called life.

New Job, New Adventure! Donny accepted a great job opportunity and we headed north to Milwaukee, WI. We were excited and on our way to family planning. What we weren’t expecting was Amberlea’s loss of fertility and the emotional struggles. We attempted surrogacy and fertility drugs but in the end it wasn’t something that worked for us or felt safe. We talked about the power of adopting a child, we have so much love for our nieces and nephews, and for our close friend’s children, we know that this is our path. This is how we will build our family. Which has lead us to you!

Milwaukee has been home since 2008. We really love Milwaukee and the Midwest. People here are friendly, outdoorsy, and have zest for life; kind of like us! Milwaukee brings diversity, culture, music, the water, seasons, friends and love. All things we feel a child should experience. We are close to Donny’s family in Michigan and visit Florida a few times a year to see Amberlea’s side of the family. This gives us more reason to travel and explore. Growing up, we both remember family summer vacations and time to breathe- we dream about doing these with our own family. Creating new memories for a small person to one-day look back on and remember, hey I was loved!

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Introducing AMBERLEA by DONNY…
Amberlea is the most incredible person I have ever met and I’m lucky to have her as my wife. She’s driven, passionate, strong, determined, beautiful and loving. She’s an advocate for women’s rights, creating healthy communities and the development of disease prevention programs. She stands up for what’s right and fights for equality and justice. Amberlea loves to cook for us and for other families in need, her veggie lasagna is always in high demand! She’s all about being active and living life! She’s a great athlete that has completed multiple triathlons. Whether teaching a spin class to 30 or a presenting at a medical conference to 1000, she is a true educator and influencer.

Amberlea enjoys spending time with family, friends, and mentoring teens. Whether it’s playing on the beach building drip-sandcastles and teaching them how to surf, or playing whiffle ball and having goofy dance parties, she is always the favorite. She loves face-timing with her nephews and spoiling them with her love and special little gifts just for them.
She makes me smile and laugh everyday with her goofiness, playfulness & free spirit.”~

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Introducing DONNY by AMBERLEA…
Donny is an amazing partner, a great friend and the best husband a woman could ask for. He is so thoughtful and considerate. He still opens my car door and I still love every minute of it. He is a quiet yet live out loud kinda guy. He loves a good challenge and moves through life confidently and with humor. His humor and wit are the first things I fell in love with. His heart is full of love and just one of the reasons I am excited to be a parent, by his side.

Donny is a successful business man and I watch his colleagues learn from him as he leads by example. This is a trait I know he will excel at in parenthood- teaching by example and buiding through life lessons. Donny is also a great athlete! He bikes, hikes, runs, and can do it all. He loves being active, we both do, and exercising for health and fun. Donny is my life partner and the only person I can imagine weathering any storm with. He is solid, dependable, and hilarious. I’ll keep him and can’t wait to build a family with him.

I can’t wait to raise a child with this amazing man!”

Donny’s family is from Detroit. Donny’s dad is a successful small business owner who has worked hard to provide for his family. His extended family is quite large- Big Don (Donny’s dad) is the eldest of nine which makes for fun family reunions in California and holidays. His sister Sarah has a daughter Addison who is awesome! She’s bright and full of life as she dances and sings all the time with us. We travel to Michigan often for holidays, and to visit our cousin’s family farm to garden and play with their animals.

Amberlea’s family lives in sunny Florida! Amberlea has a younger sister Janel, brother-in-law Jason and 2 amazing nephews, Trey and Reece. It’s been amazing to watch her build this beautiful family. Amberlea’s mom lives on the beach and travels the country, making frequent stops in Milwaukee. Although Amberlea lost her dad when she was young, she learned the importance of family support and unconditional love. We want to take all the love and support we’ve received from our families and give that to our child.


We love to travel, always making it down to Florida to visit family and friends along with the warm sandy beaches. We love to explore new cities, foods and cultures. Another favorite thing to do is go on long bike rides in the city, stopping at friend’s houses or meeting up at a local beer garden. Music is a huge part of our daily lives, either at work or at home we are always jamming. We have an eclectic record collection and a typical Friday night for us is listening to records and enjoying each other’s company.

Milwaukee is great for outdoor activities like live concerts, art festivals, food and cultural events. We love to grow our own food and participate in our community. We know the power of helping others as we both have been in need of support from other people. Whether by losing a job, or a parent early in life, we understand the need to help and be helped. Volunteering is one small way to make our community a better and thriving place.


  • Thrifting
  • Repurposing furniture
  • Travelling
  • Ethnic food
  • Baseball
  • Volunteering
  • Reading
  • Live music shows
  • Live music shows
  • Our kitties: Clifford, Nuna, Jim James
  • Gardening, composting, landscaping
  • Being active: Biking, yoga, disc golfing, kayaking, swimming and triathlons

Our home is a safe place to escape from it all. Home always has great food, music, laughter and friends. Our neighborhood is full of wonderful families with young children. Close by are top-rated schools, parks, hiking trails and the huge city pool. We look forward to the day when we walk our child to school. We can just imagine trail walks to the river looking for deer and fish. Early summer we plant a bountiful garden in the backyard, and enjoy outdoors as much as we can. Our house is waiting to welcome a child!

We love our three cats Jim James, Noona, and Clifford! They’re a fun bunch that loves to chase feather toys and laser pointers. We’ve even built them two cat play houses to play and lounge in the sun! They’re primarily indoor cats but Donny has been known to put JJ on a leash for a walk around the yard!


Children deserve love and guidance. We will provide that and so much more. We will love this beautiful soul and walk through life with them as family.

Your selfless gift and willingness to partner through adoption is courageous. We are both walking a tough road and our joining, our partnership, is a true union of two parties who want the best for a beautiful soul, your child.

We are ready to be parents and will be thankful for an eternity for the opportunity.

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