April 22nd, 2018
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Matt and Ana

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    Ana Painting

    Matt Mountain biking

  • Favorite Food

    Ana Sushi

    Matt Green chili

  • Favorite Holiday

    Ana Our Anniversary

    Matt Super Bowl Sunday

  • Favorite Movie

    Ana Pulp Fiction

    Matt Tombstone

  • Favorite Animal

    Ana Dogs

    Matt Dogs

  • Favorite Vacation

    Ana Colombia

    Matt Fly Fishing

  • Favorite Actor

    Ana Matt McConaughey

    Matt Will Ferrell

  • Favorite Show

    Ana Modern Family

    Matt Breaking Bad

  • Favorite Band

    Ana Bruce Springsteen

    Matt Beastie Boys

Dear Birth Mother,

A gift as rare and precious as human life is not one that is given lightly.  We understand this on a personal level, having been denied that gift for the past several years despite many efforts.  But we can’t do it on our own, and are incredibly grateful that you would consider giving so much of yourself to help us complete our family.

Even though we haven’t met you yet, and don’t presume to already know your reasons for taking part in this process, we do appreciate the courage it takes to make such a meaningful decision.  Through our long relationship together, we have learned that a crucial aspect of love is putting another person before yourself – so we recognize your motivations as those of a strong and loving mother.

We have put our trust in the adoption process and enter into it with open hearts and open minds, as it has always been part of “the plan” for growing our family.  We hope you feel the same way – even though this time may be stressful and confusing for you, we hope learning more about us gives you peace of mind as you plan for your child’s future.

While it seems impossible to describe in just a few short pages in black-and-white, we hope you can see that our life is filled with vibrant color that we hope to share with our son or daughter.  Our home is a wonderful place filled with joy, laughter, and love, and we would be honored to share it with your baby.  We look forward to meeting you and giving you as much support as you need throughout this journey.

With love and gratitude,
Matt & Ana

About Us

We met at our first job so were friends and co-workers before we were a couple, and because of that we have a very balanced relationship and have learned to deal with each other as equals.  In the years following we struggled to get our own start-up company off the ground, and going through that experience has allowed us to really appreciate our beautiful life together now that the business is flourishing.

We were married in a sacred ceremony in a beautiful quaint resort in Mexico. It was just the two of us, blessed by a Shaman, and although unconventional it was the perfect start to the rest of our lives. We have been together for 20 years, but spent 10 of that dating so we really took plenty of time to get to know each other through great adventures and challenging times.  We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in November.

In 2007, we moved to California so that Matt could join his family’s business.  We absolutely love it here and are constantly thankful we have had the opportunity to live in such a fabulous place, enjoying our beautiful home and surroundings, while growing closer with our family.  Today, we are fortunate that Matt has a great career that provides for a comfortable life but with plenty of flexibility, while Ana has the luxury of working from home so she is able to spend all day with our growing family.

People always remark about how much we seem to enjoy each other’s company, which is very true because there is nothing we would rather do than hold hands and together jump into everything life has to offer.  We both have a firm sense of our roles in our relationship and our personal strengths and weaknesses complement each other well, but above all we love each other unconditionally.

Matt, by Ana

We met in 1997 and instantly became friends. We spent the next 10 years becoming best friends and starting a business together. As time went on, we found the deepest of love and respect for each other and got married. Since then, my love for Matt has only gotten stronger, as I’m always finding more reasons to love and admire him. His intelligence, his heart, and his kindness inspire me daily. He protects and watches over me, our dogs and our life, financially, emotionally, unconditionally. These are qualities I can’t wait to see grow in him even more as a father.

And each day we look at each other with sincerity, love, and kindness, and even after a long busy day at work, we engage with each other positively and in love. I feel truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place, enjoying our home and surroundings, and having the love of my life by my side. My only hope is to bring a child or children into our lives, so they too will feel as blessed as I am.

Ana, by Matt

Ana is the most giving person I have ever known, she constantly puts others before herself and makes it a point to put people at ease.  And because of that people seem to be instantly drawn to her.  She always tries to make a positive impact on the world around her, whether with family, at work, or in her volunteer activities.

Growing up in Colombia gives Ana a great appreciation for the American experience and a deep respect for family and other cultures. I have great admiration for her perseverance and positivity in moving here, but she still has deep roots in her home country that will provide our children enormous experiences as they grow.

Ana is one of the few people that gets my sense of humor, just one example of a strong intelligence that is also evident in her career as a marketing consultant.  She also has a creative side – I am really looking forward to the paintings she is doing for the nursery!  Ana is my best friend and I can’t wait to see how she flourishes as a mother.

What we love to do

We enjoy many creative and active pursuits together that include hiking with our dogs, cooking (and eating), travelling both around the world and across sunny California, and volunteering for several animal rescue organizations.  But sometimes we just binge Netflix for an entire weekend – we are happy to do pretty much anything as long as we are spending time together and with our family.

Our home and life

We moved from Colorado to Southern California 10 years ago, and although sometimes we miss the mountains and snow we are very happy with our choice to come live in such a special place.  After spending several years in downtown San Diego, we recently moved to Poway, a smaller community near the mountains that surround the city.  That way we get the best of both worlds – enjoying the region’s exceptional climate (and occasional trips to the beach) while still having access to all the mountain activities we enjoyed in Colorado.

We place a high value on education and sanctuary, so we chose our new home for its highly rated school district and because it has the lowest crime rate in San Diego County.  Poway is a quiet family community with tons of outdoor activities, playgrounds, and family-focused events around the holidays and during the summer.  Sometimes we miss all the great restaurants we had downtown, but we are learning to cook and are happy with the trade-off now that kids will be in the picture.

Many of our neighbors have young children, and the elementary school is just a short walk away so we are hopeful that we have found the ideal environment for a young child to thrive.  Matt also has lots of family in the area, including his mother that lives less than a mile away.  Together with the many friends we have made since we moved, and even some older friends that relocated after hearing how much we love it here, we are confident that we have created a great “village” to help us raise our children.

Our house sits on a two-acre property with a pool and plenty of room to run around and discover new things, while the house itself is a large 5-bedroom that provides privacy when needed but also great spaces to interact and learn.  For us, a house is not a home without animals, and we feel strongly that children should learn how to treat animals with love and respect and take-on the responsibilities of having a pet.  Our two Vizsla dogs, Argos and Rye, are very loving and gentle when its cuddle time but they also love to run and play outside. They are happiest when they have a job to do so they will be great helpers with the new additions to our family.

Activities we will share with our child

  • Exploring diversity by travelling to experience new places, people, and cultures.
  • Encouraging a lifelong love of learning by visiting museums and cultural sites.
  • Instilling the value of a strong work ethic through school, sports, and volunteering.
  • Teaching respect for life by interacting with and caring for animals.

Lessons we will teach our child

  • To be a leader, to be inclusive, and to treat people and animals with respect.
  • That they are a unique individual capable of forming their own opinions and desires.
  • To be open to new experiences and try their hardest wherever curiosity takes them.
  • To communicate effectively and make good decisions about their behavior.

Our promise
To our child, and to you

  • To keep a warm home full of love and laughter.
  • To have fun every day, and read a story every night.
  • To cherish each and every moment.
  • To tell them their special adoption story.
  • To always speak of you positively and lovingly.
  • To guide them to be strong and independent.
  • To encourage their interests and help develop them.
  • To give them the tools to make good choices.
  • To balance independence and creativity with discipline and structure.
  • To provide for an education and a successful future.
  • To love them unconditionally.

One final thought

If fate brings us together, you can be confident you are placing your baby with parents that crave the opportunity to fill his-or-her life with unlimited affection and attention.  We have been lucky enough to live many of our dreams, and are ready to dedicate ourselves to giving a child a chance to live theirs. With us, your child will always know how much they are loved – by us and by you.