July 23rd, 2019
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Andie and Joe

Dear Birth Mother

We admire you for your strength and courage that have led you on your journey.  We are incredibly grateful for the time you are taking to consider us as potential parents. Although we have not met, we already know how much love and hope you have for your child.  Please know that your strength and courage fuel us on our adoption journey. More than anything, we want you to know how much value we put into creating a loving and nurturing home.  We know you have difficult decisions that lie ahead but we look forward to meeting you and discussing your dreams along with ours.  With open arms and hearts, we look forward to our journey together.

Our Story

As soon as we met, it felt like we had known each other our entire lives.  We were introduced by our two best friends that we’ve known since high school.  Ironically enough, Andie’s childhood school was just blocks from where Joe grew up.  It’s a quaint town tucked in the mountains about 15 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles.  It definitely has a small town vibe that had a hand in contributing to the value we place on being a citizen of our surroundings.  We value knowing our neighbors and prioritize lending a friendly smile and greeting to people we encounter while out and about.  Both LA natives, we have a love for the city but also an immense love for nature.  We take weekend trips often to the desert, beach and mountains.  We live in a city that has so much culture from music to art, we feel blessed to have such opportunity so close to home.  We’re excited for the day we get to share these experiences with our child.About Andie by Joe

Andie has a presence about her that immediately drew me in.  Shortly after we were introduced, I remember watching her interact with her best friend’s niece who must have been 3 or 4 at the time. There was just a special something about her that I felt and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  She is  one of the most generous, spirited and compassionate people I’ve ever met.  I feel incredibly lucky to have her by my side.

Meet Andie

Andie grew up in Los Angeles.  She studied Health Education in college and interned for a clothing designer shortly after graduation. That internship has now turned into a 13 year career as the Chief Operating Officer for their Wholesale Division. Living close to family has always been a priority to Andie. She is the eldest of three sisters and absolutely loves nothing more than a relaxed family bbq at home. Yet, hosting for our friends and family, coordinating the event’s menu along with decor and cooking from scratch are also things she holds close to her heart. From morning hikes on the weekends overlooking the iconic Hollywood sign to half marathons in San Francisco, Andie loves being active.  She values having a well rounded life and is ready to become a mother.  She can’t wait to share her love of life with a little one.Meet Joe

Joe also grew up in Los Angeles and stayed close to home even when venturing on his own at 18 years old.  He found Los Angeles to be the perfect combination for work and play.  His love for being outdoors on the weekends, from long bike rides up the coast to a good ol’ day of yard work at home, brings him happiness. Joe began his electrical trade out of high school and has created a career with the Department of Water and Power working on high voltage cables.  His years in the field have led to a great deal of knowledge and expertise.  He respects his line of work and prioritizes a safe work environment for himself and his coworkers which is why he was just awarded a 10 year safety award!

About Joe by Andie

From the moment I met him, I knew we’d fall in love. Joe’s quiet strength drew me in and I was hooked!  He is the epitome of a gentleman and possesses things I never knew to expect in a partner.  He’s kind, sincere and gentle.  His dry sense of humor and prankster ways are just a couple of ways he gets me to laugh daily.  His love for sneaking up behind me brings him so much joy that it’s hard not to laugh rather than scream from surprise.  He will be the most exceptional father because he’s already such an amazing uncle, godfather and dad (to our pups).  We wake up daily with grateful hearts and I know how incredibly lucky I am to have him in my life.Kind Words from Friends and Family

Andie and Joe are two very loving and strong individuals. As a couple, they are a solid team, they support each other with grace, and complement each other well. Although she is my sister and I might be biased, Andie is one of the most incredible humans out there. We are 17 months apart and she has been the truest meaning of a friend possible. I see myself as lucky to have her as a sister. Joe, not only met my expectations as a partner for my sister, he continues to exceed them. The love and kindness of this man’s heart compares to no other. I see both of them as friends, mentors, and prime example for me to live my life.

They will make absolutely amazing parents! They are loving, caring, responsible, have high integrity, dependable, intelligent and considerate. They are individuals of good character. As a couple, they are affectionate, highly productive and make a great team. Their children will be loved, well-taken care of, educated and given the best that is possible. We are adoptive parents and as such, we personally know the heart and commitment involved in this adoption process. Their children will be very fortunate to have Andie and Joe as parents.

I have witnessed them with their niece, godchildren and cousins. They are patient, kind and compassionate. I love the way both are so happy to teach and spend time with and express their love for the little people in their lives.  I cannot think of two more loving, kind, stable people who are so ready to have a family. Whichever little one they are blessed to have, will be equally blessed to have them as parents and role models. I am 1000% confident that they will provide a memorable, safe, fun and supportive environment for any baby. I can tell you, with confidence, that we all eagerly await Andie and Joe having a family. There’s lot of love to go around

Home Sweet Home

We live on a quiet street filled with young parents pushing strollers and families playing in their front yards.  We have a 3 bedroom house and are looking forward to preparing a nursery for a little one.  Because of Andie’s love for all things domestic, our home has been the go-to place for events big and small, including Easter and Christmas for our friends and family.  But most often, we live for the quiet nights with the front door open, sitting on the porch, throwing the ball around with the dogs.

Our Pets

We share our house with our two adorable pups, Jake and Lou.  Both are great with kids and love to have the little ones around.   Jake loves all things active and outdoors; fetching, hiking, running and, of course, cape wearing.  His love for Halloween costumes is funny to watch especially while running the perimeter of the front yard in his Superman cape.  Lou’s interests are a bit different than his big bro.  He loves to sleep, eat and sleep some more.  He’s always good for a laugh and both will make you smile at the drop of a hat.  They’re amazing little animals and we’re lucky to have had them since they were babies.To Our Child We Promise

To SHARE with you our admiration, respect and appreciation for the woman that gave birth to you and allowed us to become your parents

To LOVE you unconditionally

To ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT your dreams

To INSTILL love and appreciation for travel, food and diverse cultures

To ALLOW you to make mistakes and learn from them

To EMPOWER you to be a self confident citizen of the world

To TEACH you value in the simplicity of nature and the energy of the city

Thank You So Much

This journey has taught us so much about ourselves and our relationship with each other.  We have learned that life may not always go as planned but the unexpected paths have a great deal of value and we definitely value this journey.  Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and considering us to love and cherish your child.  We are ready and very excited to become parents.  Your child will be raised in a home with a lot of love, laughter and adventure.  Your gift will never cease to amaze and humble us. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

Yours Truly,

Andie & Joe