August 20th, 2019
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Andrea and Scott




Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents to your child. We respect and admire your courage to offer your child and we hope that knowing your child will be loved and cherished will give you peace of mind.

We have been married for over nine years. We first met at work and became instant great friends. We share the same values of family and work ethic and we have a great time together, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We are lucky to have our parents and siblings close by and we spend a lot of time with them.

We are financially stable and have successful careers. We are lucky to have jobs that allow for some flexibility and to work from home when we need to. We are both planning to stay at home when your baby first arrives.

We have been excited to build a family. We are not able to conceive a child and adoption felt like the right fit for us. We know from first hand experience from our niece, Lily, who was adopted ten years ago what a positive experience adoption is. We’ve seen her grow and thrive. Our family would not be complete without her!

We promise to always love your baby and give him/her the best opportunities for education and life experiences. We will consider it a blessing to be chosen to raise your child and we will be forever thankful. Your child will always know of your kindness and huge heart.

In these next few pages we hope to share with you a little about who we are, who we love, and the things we do. Of course, there is no way to share everything that is in our hearts so please know we would welcome your contact and questions.



I was born in small town in Colombia, South America. We left Colombia when I was 12 years old, when my dad’s job took him to Mexico. At the time I thought my life was over – I was a dramatic 12 year old! I was scared at the thought of giving up the school I loved, all my friends, my home, and my cousins. I soon fell in love with my new school and friends in Mexico City. Four years later we moved to the United States when my dad was transferred. Again, I was scared of the changes but I quickly made new friends and loved my new school.

I have always been very close to my family. It’s a Latin thing! I hope to teach your child Spanish to share my Colombian heritage. Of course, the food and music which we enjoy at birthdays and holidays, but also the importance of family, good manners, and respect for your elders.

My parents are amazing and I wanted to grow up to be just like my mom. She is smart, funny, generous, supportive, adventurous- a tough act to follow. She is a doctor and was ahead of her time for her generation, especially in Colombia. My dad is a mechanical engineer who worked very hard to be promoted in his company. From them I’ve learned about the importance of education and hard work. I have a brother that is 10 months younger than I am. We did everything together growing up. He is married and lives close by in a town about 15 minutes away from us.

I was a Biology major in college and was pre-med, wanting to be just like my mom. I realized it was not the right choice for me after graduation and I returned to business school for my master’s degree. I’ve been working in marketing for about 20 years and now work for a music company where I run the product development department. I’ve been with this company over eight years and I love my job.

I know that adding a baby to our family will bring about big changes but I’m comforted by the thought that my company will be supportive and flexible.

I love to read and read a lot of different books, from biographies, to spy thrillers, to books about more topical things such as economics. I’ve always loved music and Scott and I like going to concerts. Working for a music company has given me a deeper understanding of the benefits of music for children and hope to inspire your child to play an instrument.

We both love food – reading about it, watching cooking shows, or trying new restaurants. My favorite style of food is Italian or anything with chocolate!



I was born in a small town and lived in the same house until I left for college. My parents are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary this year, which is inspiring and romantic. I have one sister who is four years older than me who is married with four children; three girls and one boy. I adore them all and see them as often as I can. My youngest niece was adopted and is a cherished part of the family. Seeing the completeness she brings to my sister’s family and to Andrea and I is one of the reasons we are so excited to adopt.

Growing up, I was a good student and good athlete. I have known some of my friends since elementary school and still keep in touch with them today. I grew up in a neighborhood with many kids around my age. Summers were spent fishing, playing baseball, or just hanging out.

My parents had three simple rules; work hard, take care of your family, and study hard. Education was incredibly important and they motivated my sister and I by example. One of my favorite memories growing up was coming home from school and my mom having a glass of milk and a brownie ready for me to eat before going out to play with my friends.

After high school I went to college to study electrical engineering. I graduated and then started working for a company designing satellite communications equipment. Andrea jokes that I am a rocket scientist because I designed satellites.

I worked as an engineer for five years and then decided to go back to school for my Masters degree in Business. After graduation, I began working for the same company my father worked for and worked there for over twelve years.

Today I work for a small technology start-up company. I am a founding member and part of the management team. We are working on a really cool technology that I hope will change the world (just a little) some day.

My hobbies today are taking care of Andrea and our little dog named Izzy. I also still exercise several days a week both running and road biking. I really love food and going to new restaurants. I am quite a French fry expert! I cannot wait to be a parent and share my three simple rules; love, knowledge, and laughter with your child. And maybe even a few French fries.

(According to Scott)

Andrea and I met working for the same company. We were at a company meeting and I saw her across the room. I eventually found out who she was. She worked in a different group and to get to know her I invited her to lunch one day. She said no – According to Andrea, it didn’t quite happen that way and the important thing to remember is that we found each other!

About a year passed since my rejection and luck struck. We were both assigned to work on a special project together. We first became best friends and then eventually started dating. Just before we started dating I told her the story of souls. I told her when you are born your soul is divided in two and if you are lucky enough to meet someone with your other half you have found your soul mate. I found my soul mate in Andrea. After dating for around two years, we got married and have been married for nine years.

Andrea and I are alike in many ways and also different in others. It is those common traits and differences that make us a strong couple. I am more organized than her, don’t mind doing all the food shopping and cooking while she takes care of the household finances. We are both homebodies and love to just hang out on our porch with our dog Izzy.

We are happy wherever we are, as long as we have each other. We love to travel, learn about the world, and explore new things. We have been able to see many places from Alaska to Greece and are excited to show the world to your child.

With our many travels, we have developed a love for photography. We both love to take photos to capture the happy moments. We have lots of photos throughout our house as a constant reminder for the beautiful places around the world that we have seen. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Alaska was one of our favorites. Seeing the wildlife and the beautiful scenery was amazing.


We are both lucky that our families all live close by. We all get together often to enjoy cookouts, birthdays, and the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Scott’s parents live less than an hour away. They are loving and caring and love all their grandchildren. They take care of Scott’s Grammy who is 96 years old. While they are not as adventurous as Andrea’s parents, they are very active with their friends and do some volunteer work for their town.

Andrea’s parents are full of life, wisdom, and good cheer and live in the next town over from where we live. They are both very adventurous and love to travel and often take us on their adventures to see the world.

Scott and I are grateful to have many friends that live in the area. We have experienced many great life moments together like weddings and the birth of children. We try to get together as often as we can. Those get togethers often include lots of laughs and food.

Izzy, our family dog, is an extremely friendly little dog that loves children and to play. She is a little terrier who thinks she is human. She loves to go on adventures and to be part of the action wherever it is. But her favorite thing is to watch the neighborhood from the front door lying on her pillow.



We live outside of Boston in a small town with top schools and lovely outdoor spaces. We chose to live in the suburbs so we could see trees and have space. Our neighborhood is filled with families with children. We live in a very comfortable home, airy and full of light, and with a fenced in backyard.

Being in the Northeast we get to enjoy the four seasons and all the different activities that comes with them and don’t have to travel far to get to the beach or the mountains. Summer is our favorite, followed by Fall with the change of the leaves. We don’t really love Winter, but the first snowfall is magical.

It’s a beautiful family neighborhood with lots of kids’ and every year we think every single one comes to our house tricker treating at Halloween! The town is small and quiet, very safe, and with excellent school systems.



Your child will be loved, encouraged, and supported to learn, try things, and enjoy every opportunity life presents. Home will mean unconditional love, family that is present at important life moments from the first school play, to soccer games (or whatever sport he or she chooses!), or simply that night’s homework. Family will mean grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins – a little loud sometimes, but most importantly, very loving and very excited to welcome your baby into our family

Thank you for reading our story and for considering us for potential adoptive parents for your child.

Scott & Andrea