July 16th, 2019
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Hello! My name is Angela and I’m from Michigan!

Dear Birth Mother: I’d like to thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I cannot begin to imagine the difficulty of this decision for you and your family. I truly appreciate that you are giving me the chance to become a parent and extend my family. My reasons for choosing adoption are not unlike many others. I have a desire to be a mother and raise a child in a warm and loving household. I’ve had a very fulfilling life thus far but have yet to have the opportunity to start a family of my own. I believe adoption is the path that I was meant to venture down. I have many close friends and family members in my life who have been adopted. These examples of adoption have left a positive impact on my life and shaped my belief in the journey. For me parenthood would mean an opportunity to give and receive unconditional love, to impart knowledge and wisdom and to share a life with someone that hopefully someday will be able to pass on all of the love that I have given them.About Me

My Career • I am a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician. My career is a very important part of my life and I take great pride in it; because of the positive impact I get to have on people’s lives. My schedule is very flexible and allows me to be able to spend a significant amount of time at home. With my job, my plan for childcare will be to initially have a combination of my family and a nanny. Once they are a little older my plan would be to enroll them in a local bilingual preschool, which my nephew will likely be attending as well.

My Family • I come from a large extended family and I’m incredibly close with my parents and two younger brothers. My father is Mexican American and my mother is of Polish heritage. This mix of culture has shaped most of my life, particularly holidays. For the majority of our lives we have been explaining to people why none of us look alike and how to pronounce our last name… And we would have it no other way.

My Home • I currently reside in the Midwest city near Lake Michigan. I own a three-bedroom home in a small community roughly 10 minutes outside the city. It is a great environment with blue ribbon schools. The added bonus is that I am only 45 minutes from beautiful Lake Michigan, which was a staple of my childhood summers.

My Travels • I have made it a priority to be as adventurous as possible. I was able to start traveling during medical school and have continued ever since. Now just about every year with a group of friends we take a vacation to a new country. We plan that even with families we will continue this tradition with them by our sides. In addition, I’ve been able to combine my love for travel and work, through medical missions.My Home

I live on the west side of Michigan. It’s hard to explain the attraction of living in a state that is cold for 8 months out of the year, but let me try. Though the snow can be frustrating come mid-March, it’s really beautiful and the outdoor activities here are in abundance. And when the snow does melt, Lake Michigan can be more beautiful than some of the views of the coast. In addition, within an hour’s distance of me there are hiking trails, campsites, rock climbing and more. Around the corner from my house I have a large community playground with softball fields, volleyball courts and tennis courts. There is also a lake trail down the street from my home.

Meet Bella & Evi: Now I’d like to introduce you to the two lovely ladies in my life and in my house. First my “best friend” Bella, a Staffordshire Terrier Mix. Silly me, I went to our local shelter in 2016 to “just look” and fell in love immediately. My parents and brothers have rescued dogs as well and they are all wonderful, family–friendly pets. I know Bella will be wonderful with any child as she is already so great with my nephew! Evi is my slightly overweight 12 year-old cat. She has a strong personality. She’s named after my childhood imaginary friend. She has been with me since 2006 and I expect based on her stubbornness, she maybe around for another 12 years.My Family and Friends

My  Parents • My dad, Ray, and my mom, Helen, are nearing retirement, but still very active. They are very involved with my nephew, Dominic, and are beyond excited to have more grandchildren. They live roughly 20 minutes from me and we see each other often. They’ve been a huge help to me with projects in my house. We are the do–it–yourself kind of family. On weekends we like to cookout, go to the movies, and explore the area.

My Friends • Since I have moved frequently in the past, I have a big group of friends. In medical school I met a group of 6 talented women and we became the best of friends. Twelve years later, we are still as close as ever. Preetha and Mandy are my two friends whom I travel with. You never really know someone until you’ve climbed a volcano or lost a passport in a foreign country with them! I have so many other friends in my life as well and I want to mention them all but that would be a novel in itself. It is easiest to say that I have been blessed with a beautiful community of people that I want to share with a child.

My Brothers • My brother Emilio is a social worker. He and his wife Natasha just bought their first home and are currently trying to start a family as well. Emilio may be one of the most genuine and caring people I know. He and his family will play an important role in the life of my future child. My youngest brother, Quinton, is the jokester of the family. He is goofy and fun loving but also the most compassionate person. Quinton and his wife Veronica have a son, Dominic, and are considering having another child soon as well. My brothers and I have always thought our children would grow up together and be as close as the three of us.

My Sister–In–Laws • Natasha and Veronica are both wonderful women and have a special connection to this process. Both of them have been adopted. Natasha grew up in the Dominican Republic before moving permanently to the United States and she continues to have a relationship with both of her birth parents. Veronica was adopted as an infant and has always been very grateful to her birth mother for giving her the opportunity to be raised by her parents, who she is very close to. I’m so excited to share this journey with them and their families.

Top 5 Holiday Traditions:

  • Christmas Eve with extended family
  • Christmas carol Singing (we are all terrible!)
  • We make Tamales usually 1–2 times per year (easter and Christmas)
  • A Christmas day Movie
  • Yearly Family Reunion in the summer

Closing Thoughts

On Parenting • I do not believe that there is one parenting style that works for every family. Overall though, children need stability and love. If you set expectations and rules and model positive behavior they embody that as well. That being said, each child is unique and needs room to be an individual. We are all a little weird and I believe parents are suppose to help you develop your weirdness into becoming a productive and compassionate individual.

I Look Forward To:

  • Reading to and with my future child
  • Singing & Dancing around the house with them
  • Traveling with my future child & introducing them to the world
  • Teaching them to Play Sports and cheering them on!


Thank you again for taking the time to read my profile. I have not entered into this journey lightly and I take the responsibility and opportunity of parenting very seriously. My promise to you is that I will unconditionally love your child. I will support them and guide them through life, teach them to be strong and resilient, and not to take themselves too seriously. I will celebrate their accomplishments no matter how big or small. Their health and happiness will be my #1 priority. I hope that you can feel my sincerity, optimism, and love through my words.