August 17th, 2018
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Anna and Shervin

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Dear Birth mother,

We are Shervin and Anna from Walnut Creek, California.  We are grateful to you for taking the time to learn about us, and we hope you consider us as we are looking so forward to welcoming a child into our lives and families.  We have great respect and admiration for you as you travel this journey to find a loving family for your child.  We can’t imagine what a difficult time and decision this must be for you, the emotions that you may be going through are above any imagination, however we believe that things happen for a reason and we believe that the child we will take home is the one we were meant to be with, and we respect you for considering open adoption and are looking forward to getting to know you.  We have a lot of love to offer.  We promise that we will be the best parents we possibly can, and that your child will grow up in a loving, caring, healthy, and fun environment.  We wish you much strength and courage in the coming months.

 Dear Child letter (BY ANNA)

When Shervin and I made our decision to adopt, in 2013, I wrote this letter to our future baby:

“We were waiting for you for many years. I was praying to God every day, asking for you. In my dreams I could see how you look like, I could hear you voice, and enjoy your smile.

Daddy and I knew- the time will come and you will come to us; we knew – you are on the way to us! We loved you so much already that we started looking for you everywhere. We looked many places, many many years. We never gave up! And then, we asked God to send us an Angel to help.

God have heard our prayers, and one day blessed us with an Angel who delivered you to us. This Angel loves you so much that she did everything to find us! For nine full moons this Angel was asking and seeking every direction to reach us, because she knew how much we love you and how long we are waiting for you.

The Angel and we, both were looking for each other and on XX/XX/2015 (baby’s birthday date) (……birthmother name) Angel handled you into our hands and blessed us and you with infinity of Love, Happiness, Joy and Blessings.

This moment changed our world because that moment we could hold you in our hands! We could hug you and kiss you, see your beautiful smile!

Thank you God!         Bless Angel (…..birthmother name).”

Capming at Muirwoods


We met each other 17 years ago at a small family gathering where Shervin was a guest.  It was truly love at first sight that led to a strong friendship.  We both remember in detail the first time that we saw each other and the first conversation that led to 17 years of true happiness for both of us.  We got married 8 years after we met and had a beautiful wedding.  Shervin fell in love with Anna’s son Dimitriy, who was 6 years old when we met.  Now, Dimitriy is 23 years old and we know that we did an amazing job raising him together to a nice, confident, successful and caring man.  Shervin finished law school and is successfully using his Juris Doctor degree in the field of Real Estate.  Anna, besides her engineering degree, and degrees in Natural Medicine, Yoga, and Nutrition found herself happy by working with children and applying all her knowledge in Natural Medicine and Holistic Fitness (yoga) in establishing her Health oriented child care and preschool.  Our beautiful, four bedroom, single family home is inviting and full of happy energy.


 We love our home.  Our house is bright, beautiful, and filled with plants and orchids. It radiates peace and light and happy energy with a child safe environment and a colorful, separate, large day care.  We enjoy our beautiful, huge backyard with a large pond full of fish, and a peaceful Zen Garden which is welcoming and relaxing for adults, and childproof and safe for children. We built our backyard ourselves, and Anna planted 18 different fruit trees with fruits we enjoy during the entire summer.   The separate, children’s playground area is full of fun outdoor toys, kid’s bikes, outdoor kid’s furniture and a play house, and has a separate petting zoo area which is our little farm.   We have beautiful wooden hutches surrounded by grass for our two friendly bunnies and 12 quails, whose organic eggs we enjoy every day.   We are so excited that we have started developing the bedroom for our new child.

Bodega Bay 2016



Dancing Zumba



Playing with Children



Chinese Calligraphy


Friend and family gathering

Planning and organizing events



House Decorating for events

Making breakfast on Saturday

Shopping with Anna’s mom



My niece and nephew

Family traveling



Anna and Goldy


Anna is the girl that I was destined to be with and she is my true love.  She is the most sincere, most caring person.  She is the best daughter, she is the most supportive and loving mom to our son and she is my best friend and the person that our family can always rely on.   She keeps everyone in the family healthy by making us organic, nutritious food, based on all her degrees in natural medicine and nutrition. I know I am the luckiest man in the world to have her by my side, she is the sunshine of our family and when she comes into a room her beautiful loving, caring smile just makes everyone happier to be there.  In her child care all the kids love her so much; the amount of love that she gives to them, the amount of love that she gets in return from them is incredible.  I know that she will be an incredible mom to our new baby.


Shervin is the most unique and caring person I have ever met.  I found my soul mate that is the love of my life. He is very kind, responsible, very romantic and a fun person to be around.  He is very supportive and understanding; never gives up or panics, very optimistic, smart and intelligent. Shervin is very positive; he believes that every problem has a solution.  Very respectful to adults; for him family is everything.  In his presence I feel like a princess, because he treats me like one.   If I am tired in the evening and feeling like a Cinderella, his warm smile and help lifts my spirit.

Every winter we go family ski

Anna is the best mom you can ask for. Not only is she always full of delight and happiness but she’s someone that you can count on. Such a hard working woman that never gives up until the task is done. Time is no issue for her; she’s willing to put all effort into anything whether its work, cleaning, teaching, or cooking, this high energy mother is ready to take on anything. I’m so happy to have her by my side today. I wouldn’t be nearly the hard worker I am today if it wasn’t for her. I am so happy to call her my mom.


Shervin is a phenomenal dad who I definitely enjoy more than ever to be around with. He’s always looking on the brighter side, full of joy and excitement. To have him raise me and also be my mentor really set me on the right direction in life and I am proud to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for his support.


The relationship between the two is perfect. They are always laughing, and having a good time like a newly-weds.  They’re always there for you in case of any emergency regardless of what time it is.  I’m a happy person due to the way that I was raised. Being with them is always relaxing, fun, and exciting because there’s always some sort of adventure down to the road that they plan.  I would never want them to change anything about themselves.

About Family by Sonya (Anna’s niece, daughter of Anna’s brother Vladimir)

I’m so happy for Anna and Shervin, and I’m so happily looking forward to meeting the future new member of our loving and beautiful family. They’re absolutely incredible, loving, caring, compassionate, supportive of each other and others in every way, and kind as both individuals and as a couple. They complete each other in so many ways. On behalf of both Anna’s side of the Family and Shervin’s side of the Family, the news of the adoption came as joy and happiness beyond words. Both Anna and Shervin love children so much and they’ll be fantastic parents.

Marina 2015


Spending time together

Family and friends gathering at our house

Singing Karaoke together


Walking on the beach

Camping and BBQ with friends by the lake


Having education in Natural Medicine and trying to help people around me, I realize that the best way is to heal the world is if the Healthy lifestyle and healthy mind starts developing at the early age.   To find myself in what I do for living, took an exciting journey: from a hobby to education and from education to passion, from passion to my job, and from my job to unconditional love to children.   My job is my passion, and my passion is my children who I love so much.  They make my world!  I teach them, and they teach me; we grow together!  Both Shervin and I are so excited about taking this journey and we will do all in our power in being great parents to our little one.

If you have any questions for us or if you would like for us to adopt your child, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999 toll free.


Anna and Shervin