July 23rd, 2019
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Anne and David

Dear Birth Mother:

Your choice to share the gift of adoption with us is one we greatly respect and admire. We have been a couple for eighteen years, married for eleven, and have a nine-year-old daughter, Vivian. We always planned to have a second child but had three years of infertility struggles. For us, adoption feels like the way we are meant to complete our family.  Vivian literally started jumping up and down on the couch in glee when we told her about pursuing adoption. She told us, “I will love this baby my entire life, including when we are all grown up.”

About Us:

Our story together began eighteen years ago thanks to the early days of online dating.  Our first date was spent watching a live taping of a show at a San Francisco theater and going out for blueberry pancakes.  We quickly realized how much we shared similar values and made one another laugh.  After some bad diner food, ur second date ended with sharing shots of antacid instead of a kiss.  Thankfully we were both still eager to see each other again.  In 2006, after seven years together, we got engaged at the top of the London Eye ferris wheel in England.  And a year later we were married surrounded by the people we love, great food, and soulful music.  We soon adopted a six-month-old hound puppy who we named “Memphis” after Anne’s birth town and settled into enjoying being married and living in the heart of San Francisco.  In December 2009, our daughter Vivian Naima was born and life was made even better.  Three years ago we moved to Denver, Co to buy a house and to put down roots in a community where it would be great to raise a family.  We love it here!  The city is vibrant, and our neighborhood is filled with young families and children.  The move has allowed David to work from home, and Anne to focus on motherhood and preparing to welcome another child into our family.

Fave Family Activities:

  • Baking
  • Playing Board Games
  • Going to art festivals, farmers’ markets, museums
  • Live concerts & musicals
  • Travel
  • Reading
  • Sampling new ice cream shops

About David:

I’m very close with my family, including my older brother, younger sister, and my five nieces and nephews. Afer college, I landed a dream job in California designing electronic music instruments, founded a snowboarding gear company, and spent six incredibly fun years inventing educational products for kids.  Ten years ago I started a small software company that took off and has allowed me to work full-time from home or the nearest café.  A highlight of each day is being home when Vivian returns from school, as she races into my home office to share her latest artwork, discovery or whatever sparked a smile that day. I love snowboarding, playing drums and spending as much time as possible with Vivian (and soon with baby-to-be) – whether it’s playing dolls with her, having lightsaber battles, going ice skating, designing paper airplanes, or researching together why falling cats land on their feet.

  • People always say… I’m thoughtful
  • Favorite foods… Pesto tortellini, Naan bread
  • Favorite kids Books… Goodnight Moon, Flags of the World
  • Best vacation… back packIng through Europe
  • On my playlist… Muse, RadIohead, Arcade FIre, SIlversun PIckups
  • Little known personal fact… All-city bronze – 6th grade ping Pong
  • Favorite tv shows… the Walking Dead, the Daily Show, Stand-up comedy


A Note From Anne About David:

David is truly my best friendOver eighteen years we have only grown more connected.  He comforted me through the loss of my mom. He makes me laugh so hard I have to catch my breath.  He challenges me to try new things and makes them fun; even when a simple hike turns into a three mile “detour.”About Anne:

I have a very blended family of close siblings—two full sisters, one stepsister, and a half sister and half brother. I knew from an early age that I wanted to help kids talk about their feelings. After getting a doctorate in clinical psychology, my entire professional life has focused on working with children and their families—doing child therapy, parent coaching, and assessing kids for learning challenges. When Vivian was born I began working part time to concentrate on caring for and enriching her life as much as possible.  Since moving to Denver, I’ve been a full time mom, and will continue to do so until the kids are older so I can give our second child the same start in life as Vivian. I love doing art, baking, dancing around the house, going to the zoo and playing in the park with Vivian. In my free me I volunteer in Vivian’s classroom, spend me with friends, read, enjoying watching HGTV, and am learning to sew.

  • People always say… I give good advice
  • Favorite foods… Sushi, Blueberry pancakes
  • Favorite kids Movies… Mary Poppins, The Princess Bride
  • Best vacation… Trips to Hawaii, Paris, and Seville, Spain
  • On my playlist… Kelly Clarkson, Jason Mraz, Little Big Town, Pentatonix, Pink
  • Little known personal fact… Performed Shakespeare in Japan and China
  • Favorite tv shows… So You Think You Can Dance, Friends, This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy


A Note From David About Anne:

Anne is an endless source of calm, patience, and compassion.  She approaches life with great humor, openness, and a heart-meltingly-beautiful smile that wins me over anew each day.  As a father, I draw so much strength from her; seeing daily how she navigates the challenges of parenting with poise, confidence, and great empathy.  One morning Vivian woke up feeling blue and I came downstairs to find she and Anne giggling and dancing around the living room to shake off the sadness before heading to school.Meet Vivian:

Vivian is our charismatic, bright, sensitive, hilarious, and determined nine-year-old. She loves math, Golden State Warriors basketball, Star Wars, graphic novels, and anything having to do with the arts including drawing and dancing.

  • People always say… I’m really, really kind
  • Favorite foods… Sushi and Ice cream
  • Favorite kids Books… anything American Girl, 5 Worlds graphic novels, Harry Potter
  • Best vacation… Honolulu, Hawaii and Paris, France
  • On my playlist… Imagine Dragons, The Greatest Showman  and High School Musical Soundtracks
  • Little known personal fact… I just acted in my first musical, Alice in Wonderland
  • Favorite tv shows… Master Chef Junior, So You Think You Can Dance, Bunked


Family Values:

  • Speak to others with kindness and respect
  • Honor what makes you unique
  • Treat the world with thoughtfulness and compassion
  • Take responsibility for your needs
  • Effort and attitude over outcome
  • Be an authentic individual
  • Learning and creativity are invaluable


Our Home:

We live in a modern, four-bedroom house in Denver, Co, with a small park and playground right across the street.  We regularly get together with neighbors for dinner, playdates, and holiday parades.  The schools in our neighborhood are some of the best in Denver.  Vivian’s public elementary school is at the end of our street, allowing us to join up with other families walking to and from school each day. Our happiest and most memorable moments as a family happen around simple things like a spontaneous dance party in the basement playroom that ends in laughter, or a pajama day spent playing board games, reading, building an indoor fort or watching a movie snuggled up close.  Most nights we eat together as a family and spend the evening in the playroom downstairs, practicing piano, going for a bike ride or playing across the street in the park. Both of us take turns putting Vivian to bed, including reading from a chapter book and talking about the highlights of her day. Our extended families are hugely important to us.  We regularly travel to Tennessee and Wisconsin to spend time with our parents, siblings, and a growing flock of nieces and nephews. Recently Anne’s stepfather moved down the street from us in order to be closer in retirement and one of Anne’s sisters accepted a librarian job in Denver in order to set down roots nearby.  Every member of our extended family is eagerly awaiting the chance to welcome another child with unwavering love.

  • Making Birthday slideshows set to music
  • Breakfast for dinner is always yummy
  • Inviting friends over for Hanukkah candle lighting and Potato Pancakes
  • Writing handmade cards for those we love
  • Hosting Passover seder for extended family
  • Keeping a journal of good things and a memory Box
  • Writing each other “I love you because…” notes each day during February


Thank You:

Thank you for your brave and loving choice, and for taking time to consider our family as an option for your baby. We appreciate that this must be one of the biggest decisions of your life, and hope that you find a match that brings you a sense of comfort and confidence in your decision. Should you choose us, we assure you this baby will be welcomed into the world with boundless love and the most eager and open hearts.

Our Promise to You:

  • We promise to love and take care of this baby with our whole hearts.
  • We promise to nurture this child to be confident, take risks, and follow their dreams.
  • We promise to raise a child who is proud of who they are and where they came from (including their adoption story).
  • We promise to support this baby with a lifetime of learning and a world rich with experiences.