October 22nd, 2018
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Annie and Jonathan


Hello, we are Annie & Jonathan, a happily married couple from San Francisco, California. Thank you for checking out our profile!

We know the decision ahead of you is not an easy one, and we admire your strength in making it. Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents — we hope we can make your decision a bit easier by promising to do everything we can to give your child the best life possible.

Our own extended families have grown and been completed thanks to open adoption, and we are excited to grow our family in a similar way.

We invite you to read and learn a little more about us.

Our Story

We met in early 2013 — at a bar in San Francisco — though we didn’t start dating until much later. Jonathan & his friend ordered a strange drink, which sparked a conversation as Annie had to pass it back to them.

We covered several important topics that night: running, Pope Francis, and Annie’s dog, Luca.

Jonathan promised to get in touch, which he did…eight months later. Annie was on vacation at the time, and couldn’t quite believe she was hearing from this random dude. But eventually, we started dating, and the rest is a beautiful romance story that continues to be written.

For both of us, family is key, and having one of our own was something we discussed very early in our relationship.

We got married in May of 2015 and had a very fun wedding with our friends and family. We soon after tried to start a family; unfortunately we learned our pregnancy was not viable and resulted in complications that make it difficult for us to have a biological child together.

From the start, we talked about the possibility of adoption, which we are excited to pursue today. Annie has several adopted cousins, and a very close friend who was adopted as a baby, and has seen the magic in completing a family this way. To us, the most important thing was creating a family together…life can take many twists and turns, but the end goal was always to parent.

About Jonathan, by Annie

It is hard to describe Jonathan without smiling. He has a playfulness about him that comes alive in many situations, but especially when with our dog, and with the kids in our family.

It was the first time I saw him with my young cousins that I knew he was my ideal partner for raising a family.

Jonathan is from a small town in New Jersey, the oldest of two brothers, and a sister. He also has a large extended family — all nearby in New Jersey — and grew up playing with his cousins, and spending time at the family’s cabin in Lake George.

He has an adventurous spirit — so after graduating college he headed out west, and, lucky for me, he landed in San Francisco, where he’s stayed ever since!

He is a very generous person, giving his time to help his friends, family, and even those he doesn’t know. During the school year, he helps lead the law academy at a local high school, leading them through valuable job skills, like how to manage a project or write a resume. When we run into his students on the street, they are always excited to see him and tell him about their next steps — to college and beyond.

He also spends several Saturdays a year volunteering at a free law clinic, offering legal advice to those who may not be able to afford a lawyer.

As perfect as he may sound, he is human…he really doesn’t like losing (especially to me!), and is a fan of the San Francisco Giants. All of this is easily forgiven, however, with a quick smile and a promise not to root against my beloved A’s.

I am excited for the father I know Jonathan will be. I’ve watched him with my family — he is energetic, patient with the kids, and answers all their questions — even the tough ones — honestly. With our own child, I know he will be a loving father, and offer guidance without judgment.

About Annie, by Jonathan

Annie is an extraordinary person. She has endless amounts of love and she shares it with her family and friends. She makes the time to go out to dinner, organize a March Madness charity pool, and to stop by people’s homes just to catch up.

Annie is going to be a wonderful mother. She adores her nephews and all the other kids in our family and they — especially our nephews Cruz and Gio — adore her too. She is patient and kind with the kids and knows how to stop being an adult and connect with them on their level.

Annie is really smart, so she is a great teammate for trivia and a fearsome opponent for Trivial Pursuit. She has an attention to detail which has been an invaluable skill when designing our wedding invitations, adoption materials, and even helping me with my resume. She will be a great homework helper for our child.

I enjoy sharing my life with Annie because she makes every day better. She makes me smile every morning when I wake up and every night when she tells me she loves me right before we go to sleep.

Whenever I am having a bad day, she always knows how to cheer me up. Sometimes it’s with a hug, other times with a coffee, and all other times by handing me our best friend (dog) Luca for some pets and treats.

I am very lucky to have Annie as my wife, and I am excited to see her be a great mom.

Our Home

We live in a condo in the Japantown area of San Francisco. This is a quiet, safe area right in the center of the city, very close to several parks with fun playgrounds. We’ve been preparing our home to welcome a new resident — it may be small in size but it is big in love.

We spend a lot of our time hanging out with our dog, Luca. He’s been Annie’s constant companion for over ten years, and has become the same to Jonathan. He is a small terrier mix, almost 17 pounds full of love. He makes us smile each day, even when he’s gone through the closets and pulled out everything we have stored in there, or stolen a whole block of cheese from the table.

Our home is full of “music” and dancing — usually by Annie, who has a song for everything (none of it is sung well). Jonathan likes to ask her to please stop singing, and turns to his remote control drones & little planes when she won’t. Occasionally, Annie gets to watch sports (Go A’s!), but Jonathan prefers instead to watch The Simpsons or Family Guy.

We enjoy cooking at home — Jonathan is usually the main chef as he was lucky enough to have learned under a great French chef. Annie can cook, but she really enjoys watching Jonathan do the work while she supervises (she does other work later, when she washes the dishes). We can’t wait to have a small step stool in our kitchen where our child can measure and stir alongside us — we’ll save the dish washing until they are a little older.

We also spend a lot of time at our cabin on the Russian River. The cabin is situated in a special park in upper Sonoma County. Annie spent every summer of her life camping up there, and a few years ago Annie’s mom bought a cabin so we can enjoy it year round.

It sits under the redwoods and offers a fun escape from the city, with lots of room to run around, play, swim, fly remote control airplanes, and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. There is a lifetime of best friends, first crushes, silly secrets, and maybe a bit of troublemaking just waiting for our child.

Fun Facts

* Both Annie & Jonathan grew up with large families — Annie in the East Bay of San Francisco and Jonathan in Eastern New Jersey.

* Annie works as a leader in technology; Jonathan is an aviation attorney. Jonathan’s work stories are much more interesting.

* Jonathan loves candy — he has it with him at almost all times; Annie prefers French fries (not as easy to carry in your pocket!).

* Annie is an avid photographer, and can’t wait to capture our child’s special moments.

* Jonathan loves old cars, and looks forward to rebuilding one with our child.

Thank You

Thank you again for considering us as parents for your child.

We cannot promise to be perfect, but we can promise that we will do everything we can to provide a great life, to help them learn right from wrong, to be kind and to be brave, and to know that they are loved every day of their lives.

If you would like more information about us, or to get in touch, please use the contact information listed here.

We are excited to get to know you better, and navigating this journey together.

Annie & Jonathan