August 20th, 2019
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Aris and Lucy

Hello and Thank you

First of all, THANK YOU. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us and considering us for the joy of becoming parents. Because of you and your brave decision, we will be able to grow our family with our first child. Family has always been our top priority and we hope you see that. After being in a loving, stable marriage for 10 years and building successful careers, we are ready and excited to begin a family. We have so much love to share with a child, and we would be forever grateful to have our dream of becoming parents fulfilled.

To Know Us:

We began our relationship 17 years ago as college sweethearts, drawn together by our mutual sense of fun and curiosity about the world. In the years that we have been together, we have grown a great deal individually and as a couple.  We have kept our sense of adventure throughout. We were married in 2008 and have continued to develop a happy and healthy relationship that has been built on love, honesty, respect, empathy and humor. We love to travel around the world and explore different countries, cultures, food, music, etc.. We have a true and genuine love for one another and are looking forward to share that love with our future child.


Through Aris’ Eyes

I knew there was something special about Lucy the first time I laid eyes on her—she stole my heart. Lucy is the most caring and loving person I have ever met and I can’t wait to see her become a mom. She is incredibly compassionate and patient as a partner and I know she will be the same as a parent. I know that Lucy will be a very sweet, warm loving and fun mom.


Through Lucy’s Eyes

The same qualities that make Aris an amazing husband will also make him a wonderful DAD-he is funny, fun-loving, emotionally open, and endlessly devoted to those he loves. Kids are drawn to Aris because they can see immediately that he is a big kid at heart. He is also a hard worker and natural problem solver— always striving to make things better. Aris lights up a room and is the life of all family gatherings.  There are endless qualities that make Aris lovable— funny and kind are a few of many.

Five Things Aris loves about Lucy:

Lucy is:

  • Kind-hearted
  • ALWAYS there for her friends and family
  • Fun loving
  • Energetic and has positive energy
  • Reliable

Five Things Lucy loves about Aris

Aris is:

  • Caring
  • Funny/Good sense of humor
  • Respectful
  • Supportive
  • Friendly

Our Promise To You:

—Fill your life with joy, laughter and happiness

—Surround you with loving family and friends

—Provide you with guidance and support so that you can reach your goals

—Protect you

—Respect you

—Pick you up when you fall

—Fill your life with excitement and adventures

—Learn with you

—Celebrate your life—not only on your birthday, but all the time

—AND MOST IMPORTANTLY— love you unconditionally and make sure you ALWAYS feel loved

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our book. We hope that while taking a glimpse into our lives that you were able to see the loving, caring, and stable home the we will provide to your child. Not a day will pass where they won’t know how much they are loved and how beautiful adoption is.