June 18th, 2019
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Ashley and Chris

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    Ashley: Crafts

    Chris: Sports

  • Favorite Food

    Ashley: Steak and Potatoes

    Chris: Pizza

  • Favorite Holiday

    Ashley: Christmas

    Chris: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    Ashley: Titanic

    Chris: Lion King

  • Favorite Animal

    Ashley: Dog

    Chris: Giraffe

  • Favorite Vacation

    Ashley: Hawaii

    Chris: Hawaii

  • Favorite Actor

    Ashley: Leonardo DiCaprio

    Chris: Jean Claude Van Dam

  • Favorite Show

    Ashley: Parks and Recreation

    Chris: Friends

  • Favorite Band

    Ashley: Maroon 5

    Chris: Linkin Park

We are Chris and Ashley from California!

Dear Birthmother: Thank you for taking the time to read about our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so thankful for you and your amazing courage, and selflessness love you have for your child. We have been together for over 6 years and happily married for almost 3 years. Both of us have always had a strong desire to have children.  Through our trials and tribulations of infertility, it has strengthened our marriage and we know that no matter where life takes us we will always have each other.

We have wanted a child for a very long time and are ready to open our hearts to this new adventure. We are ready to love a child unconditionally, through laughter and tears. We will teach your child things that will make his or her life successful, safe and happy. We want your child to grow up to be independent, caring and to know how much they are loved not only by us but by you as well.  Should you choose us, please know that your child will be surrounded by a wonderful support system. Both of our families have been involved in our road to adoption and are over-joyed with the thought of a new child coming into our lives. Whatever decision you make, know that we are so amazed by the love and strength you have already brought to this world.

Tale As Old As Time: We met in 2010 on a dating website, and after a few months we finally met in person, and from there on out we were inseparable.  Chris proposed two years later at our most favorite place in the world – Disneyland! He surprised Ashley by asking her parents and his parents to be there when it happened! It was such a magical day for all of us!

Later surrounded by our family and friends we were married in a our beautiful community clubhouse. We are best friends and enjoy doing as many activities together as possible. We have two beautiful dogs named Jack and Bella. Our marriage is based on unconditional love, respect and supporting each other in everything we do. We cannot wait to be parents and welcome our first child into our family!



Meet Ashley

By Ashley: I grew up with my mom, Barbara as a single parent for the first thirteen years of my life up until she met my step-dad, Randy. My mother is my best friend and we are extremely close. My childhood was quiet; I spent a lot of time reading, writing and doing crafts with my mom (and I still love doing these things).  I am excited to introduce my future child to new adventures; like hiking, museums, fairs and so much more. I am overwhelmed with the joyous thoughts of holidays! Holidays in our family are always such an extravagant time, Christmas being our favorite. But the one thing I am the most excited about is encouraging our child to follow their passions and dreams by showing them unconditional love and support.

My Career: I currently work at a big medical group in Southern California, as a medical assistant. I love my job, I am always moving around in the group and getting to learn new things.

Through Chris’ Eyes: Ashley is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. She is always going out of her way to make her loved ones (or anyone) feel special. She remembers everyone’s birthday and special occasions and makes a point to celebrate them. Ashley is an amazing cook! She loves trying out new recipes (which is a bonus for me because I love to eat). She has such a big heart full of love for everyone and everything. Her relationship with her mother is like none I have ever known. They are best friends and share everything with each other. When Ashley has a child I know she will have this relationship with them and it will be amazing. I know Ashley will make a great mother and will constantly shower our child with love and compassion. Ashley always sees the best in people and brings it out of them. She is the smartest, most organized person I know so appointments and school planning will be a breeze and if there was one thing in the world Ashley was meant to be, it’s a mother.



Meet Chris

By Chris: I grew up in Southern California and I have one brother and one sister. As a child I was always outside playing with my friends and siblings not having much care other than having fun with a smile on my face.   I cannot wait to be a dad and be able to roll around on the floor with our child and watch them grow and discover new things. I can’t wait to go to the park behind our house and play with them on the jungle gym and throw a baseball around. More than that always being there for them to pick them up when they fall, supporting them throughout their life in every way possible and making sure they are always loved.

My Career: I graduated from college and currently work at a casino as a shift manager. I love my job and one of the best parts about it is the flexibility it offers which will be great in the future.

Through Ashley’s Eyes: Children gravitate towards Chris. Whenever we are our around our friends children or family, he is the one on the floor wrestling, playing with them and making them laugh! He is one of the most amazing people I know, he is extremely kind, lovable and will help anyone who needs it. Chris has a smile that lights up the whole room, and this is one of the many reason’s I fell in love with him. He has such a big heart, he’s always willing to help people when they need it. Chris is my best friend, the one person in this world who I feel completely comfortable and safe with. He always knows how to cheer me up and make my day better. Chris loves sports, playing and watching, he cannot wait to have a child so he can teach them just the way his dad did. He will be a wonderful father, and I can’t wait for the day he is given that chance!



Our Family

Our Family: When we met and got married, our families blended so easy together. Since all of Ashley’s family and most of Chris’ family live close we always have family dinners, and celebrate the holidays and birthday’s together.  Some of our family traditions are going up to Chris’ Grandma Ellie’s home in Northern California for Thanksgiving (we love this because all of Chris’ family comes and we get to see relatives we don’t see often). Ashley’s parents, Barbara and Randy host Christmas Eve with half of our family and Christmas Day is spent with the other half and Chris’ family. However, with the addition of a child we cannot wait to host more family celebrations! Ashley’s parents are excited to become grandparents for the very first time. There will be many family dinners, backyard BBQs and summers spent swimming in the pool at Grandma and Grandpas house. Chris’ dad lives about thirty minutes away is also excited to be a grandpa for the first time. Jodee, Chris’ mother, lives in Idaho but is excited to have more grandchildren to spoil when she comes into town.

Chris has one brother, Jarrett, who is looking forward to having a niece or nephew close by. And although she lives in Colorado, Chris’ sister Kristi is excited at the idea of having her first niece or nephew. Our future child will not lack in the extended family part of life! We look forward to many trips to visit Ashley and Chris’ aunts, uncles and cousins who live all over California.

Our life is very rich with friends we have from all parts of our lives – high school, college, work and so much more. We are excited to introduce our future child to them. They are all so very excited for us to become parents and when we talk about our adoption plans they say that we will be wonderful parents.



Our Home and Thoughts on Parenting

Our Home and Community: We live in a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Southern California. During the day, our neighborhood is quiet but in the later day when all the neighborhood kids get home you can hear them playing together in their yards or racing down the “big hill” on their bikes. In our city there are many parks (even one right behind our home) that we like to go to with our dogs. Also, our city holds so many family oriented events, like craft fairs (which Ashley likes to participate in) concerts in the park, movie night, county fairs and so much more! We truly believe our home, neighborhood and city would be a wonderful place to raise a child.

Our Pets: Jack is our four year old Yorkie-Poo whom we adopted when he was 8 weeks old. Jack is our “old man” of the house, he loves laying on the couch and watching the world go by. He loves running through tall grass and his favorite food in the world is popcorn!!  Bella is our two year old Havashire (half yorkie, half havanese,) we adopted her around 12 weeks old. She is our feisty girl!! She loves to play, although she’s not the greatest at fetch. Bella is a snuggle bug, she loves curling up on people’s laps and getting all the love.  Ace is actually Ashley’s parents’ dog, but he grew up with Jack and Bella and he’s a part of our family. Ace is a 3 year old very unique poodle because he’s all black except for all 4 paws and his chest are white. Ace loves food and he is one of the biggest cuddler ever. Ace and Bella are always playing together and sleeping on top of each other.  All three of our dogs are unique and wonderful, they bring so much joy and happiness to our lives and we know they will do the same to a child.

Our Promise to You and Your Child: We will shower your baby with love, kisses and laughter every day! Make time for the small things in life; like dance parties, forts, singing silly songs, playing with the dogs in the park, playing catch and just being together as family. We will kiss every boo-boo, check for monsters under the bed and scare them away. We will read stories, learn something new and make life an adventure every day. We will surround your child with loving family and friends. We will teach them to love, respect and be kind to everyone they meet. We will always be there their biggest fans, cheerleaders and support them in anything they want to do. And we promise that we will always respect you and honor your decision, we will always speak of you with the respect and admiration that you deserve.

From Our Heart To Yours: THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about us. We are honored and humbled that you would consider us to raise and love your child. We have so much in our lives, but nothing would compare to the privilege of being parents and will work every day for the rest of our lives to be worthy of that honor.