June 18th, 2019
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Aubrey and Eric


We are honored that you are reading our story.  We deeply admire your courage and strength, and the love you have for your child that has led you to consider adoption.

We hope our profile gives you a sense of who we are and the love we have to share. We are fortunate to have loving families and friends, and to have been given many opportunities.  We have also faced challenges that have taught us “not to sweat the small stuff,” and to instead choose happiness, laughter, and appreciation every day.

We promise to use all we’ve learned to guide your child through the joys and difficulties of life, and to provide your child with unconditional love and support.

Thank you again for considering us as potential adoptive parents. We hope to have the chance to learn more about your story and the hopes and dreams you have for your child.

Aubrey & Eric


We met through mutual friends while we were both in graduate school in North Carolina, and it was attraction at first dance move. While Aubrey was immediately drawn to Eric’s goofy personality and endless positivity and Eric to Aubrey’s wit and intelligence, we were friends for a few years before our friendship grew into love.  We moved to California in 2013 and were married just over a year later in a grove of redwood trees surrounded by family and friends.

We love the vibrant culture of cities and the beauty of the outdoors.  On most weekends we can be found on a hiking trail, checking out a cool local neighborhood, or relaxing at the beach.  Our friends are a big part of our lives, and our home is often the gathering place for brunches, barbeques, and dinners.  We both love to explore new places and are each other’s favorite travel companion. Our motto is “squeeze a little more life in there,” and we do so by seeking out new experiences and always making time for loved ones.

In our nearly four years of marriage, we’ve built a loving relationship based on admiration, trust, and communication, and are ready to start the next chapter by welcoming a child into our lives.


Aubrey will always claim to be a bad dancer, but she loves to dance, in fact, her preferred way of moving around our house is by bopping and singing along to songs.  When she doesn’t know the lyrics to a song, she just makes up her own, which might actually be better!  Aubrey’s sense of humor and joy for life are infectious, and they inspire me every day.

She is the most empathetic and intuitive person I know, and she always seems to figure things out a few steps before everyone else – this is especially problematic (for me) during board games, where her natural intuition gives her a huge unfair advantage.  While Aubrey is naturally quiet and will never turn down a hike in the woods, a yoga class, or a sunny afternoon with a good book, she also loves spending hours talking and laughing with friends and loved ones.

Aubrey is an incredibly kind person who is deeply committed to having a positive impact on the world.  She values education enormously, and leads a research team at an education non-profit, focused on improving educational opportunities for children across the country.  I know her passion for education will encourage our child to develop their own love of learning.


Eric is one of the most naturally curious people I have ever met. He regularly reads random Wikipedia articles for fun and often won’t walk away from a puzzle until he’s figured it out. As a result, he knows an incredible amount of trivia and can find something to talk about with every person he meets.

Eric is funny, goofy, and easy-going. He especially enjoys telling “dad jokes” and making up puns – something I’m sure our child will find incredibly embarrassing! He is an optimist who sees the best in everyone. He is patient and calm, and does whatever he can to ensure those he loves are happy and feel supported. I know these qualities, combined with his childlike curiosity and sense of humor, will make Eric an incredible father.

Finally, Eric LOVES bikes – riding bikes, fixing bikes, reading and writing about bikes. One of his favorite things to do on weekends is ride bikes with his friends.  I’m especially looking forward to watching him teach our child how to fix bikes in the garage.

When he’s not telling jokes or riding bikes, Eric works as a Data Scientist at an education company. He loves that his job allows him to use his skills to build tools that help students graduate from college and find jobs.



  • Traveling & Exploring: We love learning about new countries and cultures together. After each trip, we scratch off where we’ve been on our world map. We look forward to traveling as a family!
  • Cooking & Entertaining: Whether trying out a new recipe for a weekday dinner or hosting a barbecue, we love creating delicious meals and sharing them with friends. Aubrey’s pizzas are always a big hit!
  • Hiking & Being Outdoors: Almost every weekend, we can be found on the trails near our home. On lazier weekends, we opt for watching the waves crash into the sea cliffs at our favorite hidden beach.


A little over a year ago, we bought a cozy home with two big, bright bedrooms. Our home is in an ethnically diverse neighborhood full of young families and within walking distance of two beautiful parks with playgrounds. We love spending time in our backyard relaxing in the hammock, grilling out with friends, or picking fruits from our fruit trees, which we’ve name Fiona the fig tree, Myrtle the Meyer lemon tree, and Octavia the orange tree. Our backyard has a built-in sandbox and several large raised garden beds, perfect for spending an afternoon with a little one, playing and tending to the vegetable garden!



Our relationships with our family and friends are extremely important to us, and we prioritize spending as much quality time with them as possible.

Aubrey’s parents have been married for 34 years and live in northern Florida. Aubrey is the middle of three girls and is very close with her two sisters. Although her family lives on the east coast, we chat daily and visit each other a few times per year. We have many Christmas traditions, including making “Aunt Marian’s Cookies” – a recipe that’s been passed from generation to generation – and our Secret Santa gift exchange. Everyone wants to pick Eric since he’s the most fun person to buy for!

Eric immigrated to America from China in 1990. His parents live in Ohio, but we’re excited that they plan to soon move to the west coast. Eric is an only child and is very close to his parents; they talk frequently and video chat every weekend. Eric’s mom is an amazing cook, and has been teaching Aubrey to make her famous Chinese dumplings and dan dan noodles.

We are fortunate to have an amazing group of friends who are like family to us – some we’ve known for more than a decade and others we’ve met since moving to California. Many of our local friends have young children and we look forward to the many potlucks and birthday parties to come!



Our 10-year-old cat Bella loves snuggling, playing with her toys, and, more than anything, kibble. She is less enthusiastic about being Aubrey’s dance partner! Bella is a gentle and loving cat, and is wonderful around the many small children who frequently visit our home.


  • To provide unconditional love and support
  • To show them how to be grateful for all they have, and how to find happiness and joy every day
  • To encourage them to step outside their comfort zone, explore other cultures, and try new things
  • To give them every opportunity to find their own path, including allowing them to make mistakes
  • To teach them to be kind to everyone, and to celebrate people of different backgrounds, ideas, and opinions
  • To help them embrace the parts of their personality that make them unique
  • To share with them our admiration and respect for you, and to make sure they know that your unconditional love and courage is what led you to choosing adoption



If there is one thing we’re sure of, it’s that the ‘big stuff’ in life is nearly impossible to predict. We couldn’t have known our desire to be parents would have led us here, but we are sure adoption is the right path for us, and we are excited to start this journey. We admire your courage and selflessness and are grateful to you for considering us as potential adoptive parents.  We hope this profile has given you a glimpse into our lives, and that you share the same dreams for your child as we do. We look forward to meeting you and to taking the next steps together.