February 20th, 2019
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Augustin and Ryan

Dear Birthmother,

We are Augustin and Ryan from San Francisco. Having children together has been in our plans since our very first date, more than 6 years ago. We feel incredibly happy together and look forward to sharing our love with a little one!

We admire your courage as you consider placing your child for adoption. Hopefully this profile will get you a sense of who we are. Wherever you are, we look forward to meeting you and welcoming your child in our loving home.

Kind regards,

Augustin & Ryan



HAWAII and FRANCE come together in our home. We live a truly multi-cultural life and hope to transmit the best of both worlds to our children!

Ryan grew up in Hawaii and moved to San Francisco in 2006 to go to college. His parents and sister also moved to the mainland and now live in Seattle. The rest of the family is still in Hawaii, where we go multiple times a year!

Augustin grew up in the heart of Paris, France and moved to San Francisco in 2012 to live with Ryan. His family still lives in France, where we also go several times a year.

If you choose us as adoptive parents, your child will be an experienced traveler, that’s for sure! We would like our children to be fluent in French and English. We also want them to grow up in our international heritage: French baguette and Hawaiian pineapple on the menu!

We live a simple and happy life in our home in San Francisco. We both work in the Financial District, only a few blocks from each other. Augustin works as an executive in a bank and Ryan works in human resources at a technology company. We live in a lovely home, only 10 minute walk from the beach! We are lucky to have lovely neighbors and feel like we live in a village.

In our down time we love growing vegetables and flowers in our garden. We enjoy cooking healthy food and taking care of our home. We are also quite passionate about classical music and often go to the symphony, opera and ballet


Augustin was a semi-professional violinist as a teenager. Nowadays, you will often find him passionately listening to classical music, or singing in the shower! We have a piano in our home and I know Augustin will make it a point to transmit the love of music to our children.

Augustin also loves the outdoors. In the summer, we go to our family home on a small island off the coast of Brittany. We spend our days taking our boat out, fishing, and enjoying great meals with friends. In California, we often go hiking. There is nothing like a walk in the middle of nature to recharge and refresh!

Augustin is a very proud godfather of Joseph, 2 years old. It’s really cute to see him take care of this adorable little boy and a wonderful preview of how great he will be when he is a dad! I can’t think of a single person who would make a better father than Augustin. He is caring, generous, and fun — a genuine good person.


Ryan is calm, loving and tender. He is the sweetest person you have ever met! Everyone in my family and all of my friends immediately loved Ryan. Children (and adults!) love his witty sense of humor and playful character.

Ryan is a friend of the animals. From the tiniest ladybug to the gigantic whales, all animals have a special place in Ryan’s heart. He is very engaged in ocean conservation. Every time we go to the beach, Ryan is armed with a grabber and a trash bag to collect cups, plastic bottles and straws, which would otherwise end up in the water, bothering turtles and fishes. I told you he is the sweetest!

Ryan is also an amazing chef. He learnt from his dad who worked in a restaurant for several years. World cuisine has no secret for him, including his yummy French pot roast, Hawaiian fried rice, and Japanese soba noddle soup!

I can only imagine how great of a dad he will be! Ryan likes to make people around him happy.


We are lucky to live in a beautiful home on the west side of San Francisco. We enjoy a lot of space and a lovely fenced and sunny backyard, perfect for barbecues with friends and lazy afternoons! There is playground next door, which is an all-time favorite of the neighborhood children. There is also a great park and large beach nearby so we have plenty of options for weekend walks! Some of the best schools of the country are found within blocks of our home.



Both our families are very supportive of our plans to have children!

Ryan’s parents live in Seattle, together with Ryan’s sister and her boyfriend. They come visit often. Ryan’s mom and dad are very loving of both of us and they call very often. They are so excited that they may soon become grandparents! The rest of Ryan’s family lives in Hawaii. Ryan has 7 younger cousins who all adore him, especially little Jacie, 4 years old, who always wants to play with her RyRy.

Augustin’s dad lives in Paris, France. He came twice to California and said he will come again when we have a child! We go to France often to see Antoine, who loves Ryan as his own son. Sadly, Augustin’s mother died in 2009. Augustin’s sister, Delphine, lives in Brittany on the western coast of France. She comes visit every year for Thanksgiving and is very close to both Augustin and Ryan. Delphine already said that she can’t wait to come babysit in California. She has already knit a pair of baby slippers, which are patiently awaiting their future owner!


To LOVE you unconditionally

To care for you with TENDERNESS

To make sure you are in GOOD HEALTH

To help your development into a HAPPY and BALANCED life

To be a close parent, to SING you songs, PLAY with you, make you DREAM

To offer you EDUCATION in an open-minded, diverse and safe environment

To PASS ON to you the lessons of life we have learned

To respect your PERSONALITY and support you in the choices you make

To LEAD by example

To be your HOME rain or shine!



Augustin: Music, hiking, fishing

Ryan: Traveling, skiing, and airplane spotting



Augustin: Bourne Identity

Ryan: Something’s Gotta Give



Augustin: Matt Damon

Ryan: Meryl Streep



Augustin: Seafood!

Ryan: Too many to possibly make a decision



Both: Thanksgiving


Time of the day

Augustin: Last hour before sunset

Ryan: When the sun is about to rise and the air is crisp


Vacation Spot

Both: our house on the Island of Groix in France!



Augustin: Rachmaninov, Piano Concerto No. 2

Ryan: Celine Dion