April 21st, 2018
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Augustin and Ryan

Dear Birthmother,

We want to warmly thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents.  We respect the difficult decision you are considering and admire your courage and compassion by choosing adoption. Hopefully, our story will give you a better sense of who we are as individuals and a family as well as a glimpse of the future that lies ahead for your child.

We are excited to embark on this next chapter of our lives – becoming dads! We look forward to welcoming your child into our lives and providing them with a warm and loving home in which they can grow and flourish.

Warmest regards,

Augustin & Ryan


Favorite Things:

HobbyAugustin: Dance & Outdoors

Ryan: Cooking & Music

MovieAugustin: Bourne Identity

Ryan: Something’s Gotta Give

ActorAugustin: Matt Damon

Ryan: Meryl Streep

FoodAugustin: Seafood!

Ryan: Too many to possibly make a decision

HolidayAugustin: Thanksgiving

Ryan: Thanksgiving

Vacation spotAugustin: Our beach house in France.

Ryan: Same!

MusicAugustin: Rachmaninov, Piano Concerto No 2

Ryan: Celine Dion

SportAugustin: Ballet

Ryan: Tennis

ColorAugustin: Blue

Ryan: Blue

Time of the dayAugustin: Last hour before sunset

Ryan: Dawn



Two sides of the world come together in our home. Although we may hail from very different parts of the world, it is our love, respect of our individuality and interest in discovering our differences that knits together the fabric of our family.

We met almost five years ago by complete chance while Augustin was in San Francisco on a business trip. We caught each other’s glance outside a bar and struck up a conversation that would change our lives. Luckily, that business trip was 10 weeks long and many other conversations during that time quickly led us to realize we had both met someone incredibly special and that our journey together was just beginning. Life soon brought us even closer together when Augustin was offered an opportunity to move from Paris to San Francisco. Fast forward to July of 2014 where we celebrated our love in Napa with 100 of our closest friends and family.

By profession, Augustin is a bank executive and Ryan is a human resources professional. In our down time we enjoy traveling. Whether it’s a road trips across California, summers at our country house in France or visiting Ryan’s family in Hawaii; our love for travel means no friend or family lives too far to visit. We also enjoy great food – trying to eat as locally, sustainably and organically as possible. We are also quite passionate about classical music, especially Augustin who was a semi-professional violinist before becoming a banker. We enjoy going to the symphony, opera or ballet. Or simply going down to the water for walks along the bay and watching the boats sail by or the pelicans gracefully fly in a line in and out of the bay.


Meet Augustin (by Ryan)

I can’t think of a single person who would make a better father than Augustin. He is caring, loyal, generous, honest, organized, smart — a genuine good person. When you meet Augustin, he taps into who you are as an individual and makes you feel a sense of comfort and familiarity. He loves music, especially classical music and having been a semi-professional violinist as a teenager he really lives in the music whenever we listen to a symphony or go to the opera or ballet. His other passions include taking his boat out and fishing when we are at our country house in France, being surrounded by nature, traveling, and learning. Always looking to expand his mind and challenge what he already knows, Augustin recently completed a prestigious Executive MBA program with honors at the Wharton School of Business. Now that the MBA is finished and looking to incorporate more exercise and creativity in his life, he has started learning to dance ballet. I can just imagine him helping our kids learn how to budget their allowance and tune their instruments. Augustin is a very proud godfather and seeing his excitement and commitment to being present for his godson is a wonderful preview of how great he will be when he is a dad.

Augustin grew up in Paris, France and was raised by his parents. His sister, Delphine, is 16 years older and had gone off to university when he was 2 years old, but they remain very close. Growing up, he spent a lot of time with his godmother, Marina, and her family, who are really a part of our family. Augustin is a connector, he brings people together and loves spending time with our friends and family and they all love being around him.


Meet Ryan (by Augustin)

When you meet Ryan, you will recognize right away that he grew up in Hawaii! He is calm, loving, tender. I can only imagine how great of a dad he will be! Ryan likes to make people around him happy. He is an incredibly good cook (having learnt with his father who was a chef), he is very nurturing and always pays attention to those around him. He is patient and a very good listener. All of my friends and family members love Ryan! He has several very close friends, whom he grew up with and/or went to school with. Ryan has a younger sister, who lives in Seattle with his parents, and, being the oldest in the family, he also has 5 younger cousins, all in Hawaii! Ryan works as in Human Resources for the Lending Club, a financial technology firm, in Downtown San Francisco.

Our Home

We are lucky to live in a beautiful home on the hills of San Francisco, just a few blocks from the beach. What we love the most: a small south-facing deck where we grow tomatoes in the summer and take our breakfasts, and a charming backyard, which never fails to make kids very happy! Some of the best schools of the country are found within blocks of our home.

Our families

Both our families are far geographically but very close to our hearts!

Ryan’s parents live in Seattle, together with Ryan’s sister and her boyfriend. They come visit often and we go to Seattle several times a year as well. Ryan’s mom and dad are very loving of both of us and they call very often. They are so excited that they may soon become grandparents! The rest of Ryan’s family lives in Hawaii. We are very close to Ryan’s grandmother, as well as his grandfather, and aunts, uncles, and cousins! We go to Hawaii at least twice a year to visit. Ryan’s mother

Augustin’s dad lives in Paris, France. He came to California twice, for our wedding and for Augustin’s MBA graduation. We go to France often and always see Antoine, who loves both of us very much and always tries to help with whatever we may need. Sadly, Augustin’s mother died in 2009. Augustin’s sister, Delphine, lives in London, UK. She comes to visit every year for Thanksgiving and is very close to both Augustin and Ryan. Delphine and Augustin talk over the phone multiple times a week. Delphine already said that she can’t wait to come babysit in California!


Our pledge to our future child:

  • To LOVE you unconditionally
  • To care for you with TENDERNESS
  • To make sure you are in GOOD HEALTH
  • To help your development into a HAPPY and BALANCED life
  • To be a close parent, to SING you songs, PLAY with you, make you DREAM
  • To offer you EDUCATION in an open-minded, diverse and safe environment
  • To PASS ON to you the lessons of life we have learned
  • To respect your PERSONALITY and support you in the choices you make
  • To LEAD by example
  • To be your HOME, rain or shine!