July 16th, 2019
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Austin and Hugo

Dear Birth Mother,

Hi! We are Hugo and Austin – a couple creating wonderful memories since 2008 when we met in Richmond, Virginia. We live with 2 loving dogs: Panzee, who already lived with Austin when we met, and Maddie which we rescued in 2011. We got married in 2012 and we moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2015.

We are a bit of an explorer couple: we like to go travel and go new places, try new types of foods and restaurants (we have a weak spot for ice cream!) and explore our own city.

About Us

One of the biggest things we have in common is our passion for travel and trying different things. We have traveled extensively internationally and we always try to go to a new place every year. We have been to over 25 countries (and counting). We like living like the locals, and trying all different kinds of food and traditions.

Being relatively new to Philadelphia we also like to explore the city – the birthplace of America is a great walkable city, with a lot of interesting neighbourhoods to visit. We also enjoy quite a bit the local food scene, with a lot of diverse cuisines.

In our down time we enjoy each other’s company, spending sometime at home either watching TV or doing some cooking together. We like playing card games, and sometimes making our own fun. We also share a passion for dogs and all other animals.

Family is very important to us as well. We both have large extended families, who we like to visit and take vacations with as often as possible. We have family that lives close to us in the United States and family in Europe.

A Little Bit About Austin – written by Austin

I was born and raised in West Virginia by an adoring extended family. I grew up in a close family – everyone lived within a 3-mile radius. I am still very close to my family, keeping in touch daily with everyone and we visit as often as possible.

My friends describe me as a fun person – always with a smile on my face and a great outlook on life. It’s not unusual to find me in a circle of friends laughing and telling a joke.

In my free time, I like to garden and explore my “green thumb”. When the weather does not cooperate for gardening I enjoy spending some time at home binge watching a TV series or a good movie.

I went to school in West Virginia and studied for a vocation degree in information technology. I worked in IT for a logistics company and moved to Richmond, Virginia for a job promotion. Later, I left the logistics company and started our own business. I currently work from home managing the day to day operations of our business. This give me the flexibility to be a stay at home parent during the first years of our future child’s life, which is important to us for the development of the baby both academically and physically.

Quick Facts about Austin:

  • Has lived in 3 states
  • He loves sunshine
  • Loves Ice Cream
  • Likes to stay fit and walks daily
  • Guilty pleasure is binge watching TV shows on Netflix
  • Youngest Sibling in his family
  • Enjoys exploring thrift stores
  • Giving back to the community is important to him

A Little bit about Hugo – written by Hugo

I was born and raised in Portugal. I moved to the United States in 2003. In my spare time I like to exercise (especially play tennis), do photography and a bit of astronomy, which involves planning trips around the next solar eclipse!

My friends describe me as someone very patient and perseverant. I am especially caring about the environment, always thinking about recycling, donating and new uses we can give to things. For example, twice a year I go thro our closet and fill out a couple boxes with things we haven’t used for a while and donate them to one of our favorite charities.

One of the things that I really enjoy is playing card and board games – I love a good evening at home playing games with friends and family. On occasion, I have also been spotted playing some video games with my nephews!

I moved from Portugal to Cleveland to complete graduate school and a few years later moved to Richmond, Virginia for a job relocation. I have pursued a career in analytics and marketing, which led me and Austin to move to Philadelphia.

Quick Facts about Hugo:

  • Has lived in 4 States and was born in Portugal
  • He is an avid chocolate lover
  • Enjoys puzzles and playing cards
  • Likes being active and playing tennis
  • Always knows about the latest and greatest gadgets because he’s a technology guru
  • He chooses to walk to and from work
  • Knows the best restaurants in town


Our Home:

We currently live in one of America’s oldest and historical cities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We live in a 3-story brick brownstone that we love. Our House is located in a quiet one-way street with no thru traffic. Even in the city we have a bit of an outdoor space, where we can enjoy afternoons and evening after a long day. We are very centrally located in the city which makes it easy to walk everywhere – local stores, restaurants and parks.

We have modern furniture with an old-world twist. We also bring something back from our trips that we incorporate into our place. Our home evolves as we evolve and at the same time represents the wonderful memories that we had together. We can’t wait to see how our home evolves with the addition of a little one!