April 21st, 2018
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Autumn and Josh

Warmest Aloha! We are Josh & Autumn, we have 3 girls, Morgan, Bailey and Ember!


We are so excited about adding another child to our family! Autumn was raised in a large family with five siblings and can’t say enough about all of the fun and adventure their whole clan had growing up together.  We just want you to know how brave and loving we think you are. We feel honored to be considered and want so much for you to have peace and joy in your heart when you’ve found the very best home for your child to be a part of. We would be overjoyed if you chose us! We are overwhelmed with your willingness to put others before yourself and will always make sure your child knows about your selfless love. You are both are in our thoughts and prayers throughout this journey.

Our Story: Faith, prayer, grace, forgiveness, patience, & a heartfelt love for God and for others… Those things are the backbone of our family. We both love animals. Our family always jokes that we have a farm because there’s always a stray animal or two that are getting doctored up at our house. So, it’s fitting that we met at the Humane Society. Josh was working and Autumn (a nurse) was volunteering there with her handicapped patient. Josh helped Autumn get the wheelchair and a scruffy little dog out to the play yard and when she started talking about her adventures as a missionary in Afghanistan, he was hooked… the rest is history. We’ve been married for four years and neither of us has stopped bringing home animals that need a little extra love. We’ve had everything from a wild piglet to kittens that we bottle fed, and our biggest dog (we have 4) couldn’t even walk when we found him!  We have three daughters (Autumn had two daughters before we were married) and have so much fun together as a family. Little Ember (1) is our miracle. We are so thankful that the doctor’s helped us overcome infertility. We are all so in love with her, it’s crazy! Our new child will be another miracle that joins our family in their own unique way.




Meet Autumn

About Autumn, By Josh: When Autumn walked into the Humane Society my jaw dropped because she was so beautiful! When I started talking to her and she shared her stories I knew I’d never met someone with such courage, faith, devotion, and love. She’s an amazing woman, a fantastic mother, and an incredible wife.  I knew for sure that Autumn was “the one” after we did a backpacking trip together. I packed too much and my bag was so heavy, by the end of the first day it was bruising my shoulders. Autumn realized I was struggling and offered to trade packs with me! When she carried my pack (which weighed about half of what she does), she carried my heart away with it and it has been hers ever since. I Love that Autumn is beautiful but doesn’t mind getting dirty!  Autumn is an amazing mom! Our older daughters are both really close to her and call her their best friend. Her connection with Ember is magical. She’s also a total goofball and loves to laugh. I can’t wait to see her with our new child! She’s energetic and enthusiastic and is always finding fun adventures for the whole family.

My Work: I always wanted to be a nurse and love that I get to do something for a living that makes such a big difference in people’s lives! Home health is my favorite type of nursing because I get to spend more time with my patients and develop meaningful and lasting relationships with them and their families. I have been working with the same patient, Skipp, for the last 8 years. We converted our garage into an apartment for him and he lives with us during the week and goes home to see his parents on the weekends. My job allows me to be home with our kids, while earning a living, which is the only way I’d have it. Skipp comes with us everywhere and has honestly become a part of our family.




Meet Josh

About Josh, By Autumn: Josh is the kindest man I have ever known. When I first met him, I was with my handicapped patient, Skipp. Skipp is in a wheelchair and a lot of people stare at him or just ignore him. Josh did neither. He bent down, took Skipp’s hand, and spoke directly to him with his gentle, deep voice and a smile on his face. Skipp’s smile lit up the room and I fell in love almost instantly.  Josh is my rock and I love him with all my heart! My older daughters never really had a dad before we got married and Josh has been such a great father to them! He is my breath of fresh air and my best friend and he has a great sense of humor! He takes silly pictures of himself and secretly puts them as his profile picture on my phone, so when he calls I see his crossed eyes and tongue hanging out and can’t help but burst out laughing!  Josh truly loves to help others (animals and people alike). He just cannot walk away if someone needs help. I am so proud to be his wife.

I am tall, but he makes me feel little (in the best way). He is big and strong and protective, but also very affectionate, with a surprisingly gentle touch. I love to see him bottle feeding a tiny kitten that is so, so tiny, yet so secure in his big strong hands. He is absolutely amazing with Ember! She gets so excited when he comes home from work and just loves to ride on his shoulders, where she towers over everyone. He is the best Daddy and husband in the whole wide world!

My Work: I love to work with my hands. I am a finish carpenter and am currently working on beach front homes. I remodeled our garage and turned it into an awesome apartment for Skipp. My dream is to build our next family home from scratch. I can’t wait to create a custom home, built specifically with each person in our family in mind, (including our new baby). I’ve also started to make plans for Ember’s first doll house. It will be such a fun gift to give her and I can’t wait to see her playing with it!




Meet the Sisters, Our Home

Morgan (20) is our butterfly. Morgan is attending college majoring in psychology. She is gentle and sweet and very loving. She loves to read and has the hugest collection of Disney movies ever. She can’t wait to watch them all with Ember and the new baby.  Ember (1) is our joy-bug. She is such a happy little girl and her giggles and squeals fill our home with joy! She loves our cats and dogs, her stuffed animals, and other kids; she is constantly giving them all hugs and kisses. We can’t wait to give her a lifelong buddy in her new sibling.  Bailey (18) is our firecracker. Bailey is excited to be out on her own and has dreams to be a nurse like her mom. She is spunky and adventurous and passionate. She is super fun to be around and her outgoing personality makes her the life of the party.  We live in paradise, literally. Our home is on the beautiful island of Hawaii. We have a spectacular view of the ocean, where we eat dinner as a family as we watch the sunset and where Autumn often checks the waves before she heads out to surf. We have a sprawling lawn, fruit trees, and a huge vegetable garden.

Hawaii is a great place to raise children. The weather is perfect for being outside all year long! We have almost every climate in the world wrapped up in our little island. We have taken our truck up to go sledding at the top of the snowy mountain, filled the bed with snow, and driven down to the beach that same day for a snowball fight in the sand!  Whether it’s hiking to the waterfalls in the back of the valleys, paddle boarding out to where the whales and dolphins are playing, snorkeling with turtles, or just enjoying some good old family time in the sun and sand at the beach, we absolutely love all that Hawaii has to offer our kids.




Our Loving Ohana and Final Thoughts

Autumn’s Family: My family is big, rambunctious, and fun! I have 3 sisters, two that live close. My mom and dad both live on our property (separately) and although they are no longer married, they remain friends and have taught our family much about grace, forgiveness, and making the best out of difficult situations. Our girls really love having their grandparents so close and my mom and my dad can’t wait to meet their newest grandbaby! I have 8 nieces and nephews living close by and I absolutely love spending time with family; BBQ’s, camping, surfing, and playing games together are some of our favorite family activities. Our new baby will have 5 nieces and nephews under the age of 5 to play with!

Josh’s Family: I am the youngest of 3 children. My brother and sister both live in California and they visit Hawaii whenever they can. My parents were married for 50 years. My mom is such a sweet and kind woman and she absolutely loves being a grandma! She visits us at least once a year. My dad was my best friend and, although he passed away 4 years ago, I am so thankful that he showed me how to be a man of good character, to put others before myself, and to be a loving father. One of my favorite memories is riding on the front of his motorcycle with the wind in my hair! I absolutely love being a dad and making memories with my kids, like my dad did with me.

Our Furry Family: Roxy is a Shih Tzu and loves kids! We also have two of her babies, Tucker and Minnie. Tucker is 5 and is a trained service dog. He goes everywhere with us, even on our trips out of state. He loves to dance standing on his hind legs and is often mistaken for a living mop! Minnie is 3 and loves to play fetch. She is teaching Ember how to throw a ball! We will breed her next year and can’t wait to have puppies again! Leo (the Lion) is our rescue dog. He was skin and bones when we got him, but is over 100lbs now! He is a mastiff and our gentle giant (he takes after Josh). He loves to play with the “Littles” (Autumn’s nickname for all the little Shih Tzus). We think he knows he’s big because he’s so careful with the Littles, even when they are roughhousing, and he is incredibly tender with our little Ember.  We also have 3 rescued cats, Twixie, Jazzy, & Nailah. Twixie spends the most time in the house and loves to rub up on Ember, which makes Ember giggle.

In Admiration of You: Although we don’t know you yet, the fact that you’re taking the time to read through these profiles so that you can find the very best family for your child says so much about the kind of person that you are. We are in awe of your love and your strength. We think you have a remarkable heart and want you to know that we will always make sure your child knows how special you are. Our greatest hope is that you find an amazing family for your child… so that when you think of them you smile. We hope the family you choose gives you a feeling of joy and security. If we are chosen as your child’s family, we promise to love and care for him/her with all of our hearts, always. And we want you to know that you will never be out of our thoughts and prayers.