August 23rd, 2019
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Things That Make Me Happy!

  • 1. My dog Sammy
  • 2. Floating in the pool
  • 3. Morning Coffee
  • 4. Kids Giggling
  • 5. Watching The Price Is Right

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello! I’m Rebecca from Southern California– most people call me Becca. Thank you for reading my profile and learning a little about me. I have always known adoption was going to be part of how I created my family and I’m excited and ready to begin the journey of parenthood.

I cannot begin to image the various emotions you’re probably experiencing but know my wish for you is continued strength as you make really difficult and important decisions. I look forward to getting to know you and welcome any questions you have about me, my life and my family.

About My Life

I grew up in the Midwest, in Minnesota and Michigan, then moved to California 18 years ago and absolutely love it here. I recently made the move from Los Angeles to Palm Springs where I’m surrounded by mountains, sunshine, palm trees and pools…all of which are my happy things! Most of my family lives in Minnesota but they come out to visit several times a year and I make a trip there, usually at least once a year. I’m close with all of my family – I have two brothers and a sister, two nephews and three nieces.

I work as a marriage and family therapist in a private practice setting, which is great because I can set my own hours and I have a lot of flexibility. In my free time, I like to do pottery, hike, listen to podcasts, sew, travel, bake, and hang out with friends and family. I also love to volunteer. My most rewarding volunteer position so far has been serving as a mentor to a young woman who was 14 years old when I first met her and now she is 22. It has been an honor to be part of her life for these past eight years and I’ve enjoyed helping her navigate the difficult challenges as she has stepped into adulthood.

A Few of my Favorite Things:

Children’s book – Fox in Socks

Movie – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Children’s Movie – Aladdin

Activity – Shopping – even grocery shopping!

TV Show – The Price is Right

Food – Chips and salsa

Dessert – Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles

Hobby – Pottery

Relaxation – Lounging by the pool

My Family & Friends

 My favorite thing about my family is our sense of humor. We’re always laughing and joking around with each other – we always have fun when we’re together.  We love playing board and card games and although at times we can be competitive, it is always in a fun loving spirit. Growing up, both my parents were very involved in our activities and I look forward to being involved and support my child’s interests in the same way. One of my favorite family memories are the Christmas scavenger hunts my parents would set up for us…we would run around, both inside the house and outside in the snow looking, for our gifts! It was a little unusual but always proved to bring about laughs and good memories.

Although my family lives in Minnesota, we make efforts to stay close. My sister, Katie, is one of my best friends and we talk or FaceTime almost daily. My parents leave the Minnesota winters and come for a visit for a few weeks in the Palm Springs area and I look forward to having them here every year. And, my nieces and nephews look forward to coming out here for visits and hanging with me at the pool.

I also have people in my life who I refer to as my “chosen family.” My best friends Mark and Brendhan and Brendhan’s parents, Craig and Roxann, all live near Palm Springs and are much more than just friends to me – they’re family. We get together for dinners, vintage flea markets, hikes, and of course pool time! They’re my support system and we’re always helping each other out. I know they will be a big part of my child’s life and they’re excited for me. 

Insights From My Nieces and Nephews

“She’s great with children. She’s a child at heart. She plays with her food! She makes us try new foods and she listens to us.” Jacob, age 10

“She cares about us and thinks of us on our birthdays. She is funny. She is really nice and won’t hustle (rush) us. She goes on fun adventures with us.” Haley, age 7

“She has a pool. She is funny. She treats everybody the same and is protective.” Blake, age 8

“She is talkative and nice. She acts pretty funny. She lets us go golfing with her on the golfing court (course). She is sweet and cooperative.” Ava, age 6

Top 5 Activities I Look Forward To Doing with my Future Child

  1. Reading
  2. Spending Christmas in Minnesota with my family
  3. Traveling and experiencing other cultures
  4. Art and creative activities
  5. Enjoying and supporting their activities

Meet Sammy

My dog Sammy came into my life in 2013 as a 6-year-old rescue dog. He is the perfect mix of sweet and demanding.  He isn’t the best with commands and will do tricks only when he wants to – not on demand – but he is very well behaved. He loves belly rubs, walks, and playing with his kong (dog toy).  He’s great with kids and loves snuggling up to my nieces and nephews when they visit. 

My Home

I live in Palm Springs, California in a beautiful three-bedroom house with mid-century style architecture (my fave). My home is light and bright and big enough to host friends and family yet small enough to have a cozy feel. I have a pool in my backyard and a fire pit in the front yard and both get a lot of use!

I recently moved here from Los Angeles so I’m still getting to know my neighbors but so far the people I’ve met are very welcoming. There are kids in the neighborhood and I live just a few blocks from a park with a playground, a dog park, bike paths, and ball fields.

My office is just a short drive from my home, which will make it easy for me to run home on breaks between my clients. I plan on having a nanny for childcare but I have a flexible schedule and will be able to come home throughout the day to play, cuddle and spend time with my future child.

I Love Traveling

I usually go on several trips in the US each year – typically to Minnesota to see family and somewhere near California with friends, such as Oregon, Northern California, Las Vegas or Arizona. But I really enjoy traveling outside of the US and learning about other cultures. My favorite trip was to Africa where I spent three weeks volunteering as a teacher in a rural community and going on a safari. I was able to visit South Africa, Botswana and Zambia and met the most amazing kids through my teaching.

In graduate school I was fortunate to have been a part of a study abroad class in Phuket, Thailand where I learned about Eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation practices. Most recently I went to La Paz, Mexico where I fell in love with the artistic, colorful community. I look forward to traveling with my future child and introducing them to the beauty in other cultures.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little bit about me as you make your decisions. I promise to offer your child unending guidance, patience, understanding, fun, and most importantly, unconditional love as they grow into the person they are meant to be.