August 23rd, 2019
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Ben and John

Hello! We are Ben, John and Izzy from Massachusetts!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our story with you. We hugely respect your decision to consider adoption and are humbled that you are taking the time to learn about us. We are excited to continue growing our family through adoption and are dedicated to being the best possible dads. We hope that the next few pages will give you a sense of who we are, how much love we have to give, and how enthusiastic we are about adding your child to our family.

Who We Are
We have spent 12 years learning about each other traveling, exploring new cuisines and countries. Readying ourselves to become loving, grounded and supportive parents. We both grew up along the New York border and went to the same coffee shop during high school and college, but didn’t meet until 2006 when we entered law school in Boston. We exchanged glances during the first week of school and, after a romantic date at a Thai restaurant near campus, we haven’t looked back. When we first met we both lived in very student-friendly parts of Boston. Since then we have moved several times and now live in a home in a beach community along Massachusetts’ north shore. We have enjoyed each new home, sought out new friends, and have become involved in each community. We are now in our long-term home, have become involved in local organizations, and are exploring all the restaurants, parks, and activities our town has to offer. Whether we are walking the beach, visiting the local ice cream shop, or simply enjoying the playground, we enjoy spending time together as a family and can’t wait to share our love with another child.

Meet John

About John, by John: Having grown up in a close family I can’t wait to expand our own and introduce our child to all of their extended family. I grew up in New York and am the oldest of four boys. Even though my family didn’t have much money, my parents made sure that my brothers and I had everything that we needed, which made me appreciate my family and the small pleasures in life. Coming from a predominately Italian family, food was a central feature in my childhood and big family meals are a tradition I plan to continue. I love cooking, baking and using my collection of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks to experiment with new dishes. I also enjoy taking trips with my family (whether it’s competing in the Tough Mudder or traveling to my uncle’s lake house in North Carolina), or traveling with Ben and Izzy around New England or across Europe. After graduating from college with a degree in business, I went on to law school and began my career as an attorney. Ben and I both have the flexibility to work from home when needed, which not only lets us spend more time together as a family but also comes in handy when daycare is closed. Just like when we adopted Izzy, we are both planning to take time off when our family grows again!

A Little About John, through Ben’s Eyes: John is without question the most amazing and family-focused person I know. He has the ability to balance home and work, always making the time to consider all of our family’s needs and feelings. Whether it is a cute text message during the day, coming home with a gift for Izzy, or cooking us an amazing dinner, he is forever thinking of each member of the family. I have never been in doubt that John cares deeply for us and truly values a close relationship with his family. John has talked about children since we first began dating (long before any of our friends had children) and I can see the spark in his eyes when he plays with Izzy, gets her to laugh, or to sees her accomplish a milestone. John is a truly wonderful dad and I’m looking forward to raising another child with him!

Meet Ben

About Ben, by Ben: I love meeting new people, digging into projects and helping those around me. I was born in England and grew up in Illinois and Connecticut as the second of three sons. My parents prioritized raising us in a healthy and happy environment, with family dinners and activities from cub scout campouts to YMCA swim classes. I currently work as a professional development manager for a mid-size law firm. I have worked and volunteered in local government, am on the board of a regional civil rights charity, and feel strongly that I have a duty to help improve my community. I also make time to have dinner with friends, work on our home and garden, and exercise. I like to travel and have trekked around countries in Europe, Africa, and South America. I plan to show our children all that New England and the world have to offer!

About Ben, through John’s Eyes: Ben is my best friend, one of my biggest supporters and one of the most outgoing people I know. Ben’s outgoing nature has definitely helped me to come out of my shell and be more outgoing and adventurous. Ben’s patience with my kitchen “experiments” and Izzy’s art projects is endless (even when it results in about twenty dirty dishes or markers and crayons all over the place) and will serve him well as we add to our family. Ben is the more task-oriented of the two of us. Without him I’d probably still be lost somewhere on our honeymoon without any idea where our hotel is or how to get to the airport. Even though Ben is very task-oriented and driven in his career and life, he’s also still just a giant kid at heart (including being endlessly amused by corny “dad” jokes), which always make Izzy laugh.   Ben is an amazing dad. He always makes time for Izzy, regardless of how busy he is, has an endless well of patience, is funny (don’t tell him I said that), calm, supportive and protective. I honestly can’t imagine my life without Ben and know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

Our Loving Families

Meet Izzy, Big Sister To Be! We were blessed by the birth and adoption of our daughter Izzy. Over the past two years she has given us more joy and things to be thankful for than we ever thought possible. It’s been an amazing experience watching Izzy grow and learn new things, with every day bringing something new (though her discovery of gravity by dropping her milk cups has been especially messy)! Izzy has a healthy appetite, not only for food, but for books, crafts, sports and any new adventure she can rope us into. Izzy is also great with babies (often telling adults that they need to be quiet around them) and we know in our hearts that she will be a gentle, kind, loving and fun big sister.

Our Family and Friends: We are incredibly lucky to have most of our family within driving distance of our home. While we fly to England to see Ben’s extended family, we drive to see his parents in Connecticut and his younger brother and his wife live just down the street from them with their dog. Ben’s older brother, his wife and their two young children are even closer. Ben’s family is close and living near the beach has made our home a destination so we see them even more frequently now! John’s parents live just 20 miles from Ben’s parents, so we often visit both sets of parents in the same day or the same weekend. John’s father and mother are loving grandparents and have been thrilled to entertain, babysit, and spoil Izzy. They are both very silly with her, and love to make her laugh. Izzy is still working on saying grandma, but calls John’s dad “pop-pop.” Our family is so excited for us to grow our family through adoption again, and welcomes another child!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We live in a large victorian home on the north shore of Massachusetts that has lots of character and plenty of nooks and crannies for kids to explore. We enjoy small projects around the house and have worked hard to turn it from a house into a home. Our home is located half a block from the excellent elementary school that Izzy and her siblings will attend, and the beach and town hall lawn – the site of the summer Strawberry Festival and a winter ice rink – are just a few minutes walk. Our quiet, tree-lined street is home to a number of children that Izzy loves playing with at the park, including her best friend (and neighbor) who is only a few months younger than her. We are happy to have neighbors from a variety of backgrounds and are especially lucky to have neighbors and friends who have also adopted children.

Thank You: Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us, our family, and our lives. We are excited to grow our family, continue family traditions, and give your child our love, attention, and affection. We promise to be the best possible dads and to fill your child’s life with fun, education, and adventure!