August 20th, 2019
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Beth Anne and Jeremy

Dear Birthmother,

We are Jeremy and Beth Anne! We are a very happily-in-love married couple living in sunny Los Angeles, California! We are ready to give and share the fun-loving beautiful love and life we have together with a wonderful child.

We are so grateful and honored that you are taking the time to get to know us as adoptive parents. We admire the tremendous strength and courage it takes to consider adoption for your baby.

We promise to give your most precious gift a life filled with unconditional love, laughter, support and kindness. We are waiting with wide open arms – and big hearts!

Our Story

We met when Beth Anne’s friend (who is married to Jeremy’s cousin) planted a seed that we might “hit it off”. When we met there was an immediate spark!  We spoke every day and developed a deep friendship until Jeremy moved to California.  From that point on, we fell crazy in love!

We began building a life together in a cozy beach neighborhood in Marina Del Rey, CA. Two years later, Jeremy proposed at our favorite camping place – right on the ocean at sunset!

We were married near Beth Anne’s home town, in the unique and charming town of Saratoga Springs, New York.  It was a beautiful, romantic outdoor wedding with all of our friends and family gathered to celebrate with us. Jeremy joined the wedding band to sing a song he wrote for Beth Anne. It was a love fest!

Our life is filled with laughter and giggles. And lots of hugging and kissing. And cuddling. And adventures. And silliness. And music. And dancing. And LOVE. And being best friends. We feel incredibly lucky and blessed! We are overjoyed at the opportunity to raise a child together within this love.


Meet Beth Anne

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York and now I absolutely love California living! The sunshine, ocean air, plentiful opportunities and relaxed living is glorious!

I am a kindergarten teacher specializing in reading intervention. I have been teaching at the same school district in Inglewood, California for 12 years. I love working with children and finding their bright lights! I work close to home – and do enjoy my summers off!  I also plan on taking a leave of absence when I become a mother.

I enjoy vegetarian cooking, hiking and exercise, jewelry design, fashion, photography, dancing, and Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress relief and relaxation that promotes healing. I am a Reiki Master, and my dream is to be become a full-time jewelry designer with my own line of Reiki infused jewelry.

I have always wanted to be a mother. I have abundant love to give a beautiful soul. I feel like my whole life and experiences have led me right to YOU!

“Beth Anne is the sweetest, most loving, caring, honest person I have ever known in my life.  She is a radiantly beautiful person inside and out.  The way she makes every person she comes in contact with feel completely comfortable and at ease is remarkable and genuine.  I can’t wait to see her shine as a mother – she will be amazing. She has innate maternal instincts – a true nurturer. I love her to the moon – she is my best friend. I am the luckiest man in the world to have found her and spend every day and my life with her.” – Jeremy

~Moonshadow, our sweet kitty
~The beach
~Vintage jewelry and clothing
~French fries

Meet Jeremy

I am a freelance television producer. I love humor, and my career gives me a perfect outlet for that expression.  My schedule varies throughout the year and I am able to take time off between shows. I work locally in LA, and love my job.

I am a musician on the side. I sing, play guitar, piano and write my own music. I am in a local Los Angeles band called “Danger for Breakfast”. We have a blast – I just love music and love to sing. I have been performing on stage since my high school years.

I have always loved kids and wanted to be a father.  I am lucky to be a proud uncle to our adorable nieces and nephews.  I am so ready to be dad!

“Jeremy is the man of my dreams – the funniest, sweetest, most handsome, romantic, talented, charming, sweetheart I have ever met. He continues to sweep me off my feet with his charismatic fun-loving ways and keeps me giggling with his brilliant comedy and sweet silliness. He impresses one and all with his musical talents and his quick witted humor. He is my best friend. I am eternally grateful to have him as my partner in life and as we embark on raising a child together. Jeremy will make an amazing father. He makes every moment fun and special. Jeremy is thoughtful and kind. He takes care of me and Moonshadow with great love.” – Beth Anne

~Beth Anne
~Sparkling water (I love the bubbles!)
~The beach

Our Interests

We love outdoor activities – camping, biking, skiing and beach days. Last year for Beth Anne’s birthday we drove to the Grand Canyon and spent time camping and hiking.  We often camp at our favorite spot – El Capitan – which is just north of Santa Barbara, and the spot where Jeremy proposed! We love to go skiing at Big Bear Mountain, which is just a short drive from Los Angeles.

Another one of our favorite pastimes is live music. We have done lots of traveling to music festivals and to see our favorite music (Phish, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and MORE) perform in places all over the country. Music fills our souls!

We love to travel near and far. We had a very special honeymoon in Hawaii, enjoying and exploring the beautiful parts of the island of Kauai in a jeep. It was absolutely magical!  We have been on several Caribbean cruises with Jeremy’s family.  For Beth Anne’s birthday this year we drove down to Mexico to enjoy beach days and romantic sunsets in Baja.

We treasure our time at home together, too. We really enjoy cooking and creating meals together.  And games… we love games! Two of our favorites are Yahtzee and Sorry. Taking long walks after dinner is always fun – exercising and exploring our beautiful city! When it’s time to chill and recharge, we love relaxing together watching our favorite shows, football or a new movie or documentary (we love documentaries!)


Home Sweet Home

We live in a sunny, lovely apartment in a safe neighborhood. There are parks and schools all around. It is wonderful for long walks and exploring.

We love Los Angeles! Our home is an easy drive, walk, or bike ride to anywhere our amazing city offers: mountains, ocean, parks, shopping, restaurants, theaters and museums.

We are both crazy animal lovers. Our sweet, darling kitty Moonshadow is a true part of family, and makes us giggle everyday with his constant cuteness! He is a cuddle bug who loves all creatures big and small.

Our home is our sanctuary filled with comfort, music, creativity, good energy, good food and love. We love creating a wonderful space together and are excited to share it with a child.

Our Loved Ones

We have a wonderful support system – we are blessed with loving parents, family and friends!  We are both very close to our families, who are ecstatic to welcome and love our new addition!

Beth Anne’s family lives primarily in upstate New York. She is the oldest of three children and has four adorable nieces and nephews. Her kind, loving parents have been married for 50 happy years! They are the enjoying the life of retired teachers and visit us frequently.  Beth Anne is lucky enough to have her paternal grandparents alive, vibrant and loving in their 90’s.

Jeremy’s father and step-mother split their time between Florida and the enchanting mountain town of Highlands, North Carolina.  They also visit us frequently, and we try to visit them at least once a year in each of their hometowns.  His beautiful mother and sister live in Atlanta.  Jeremy’s sister is married and has two adorable young children – we visit them all as often as possible!

Jeremy’s cousin and wife, whom we are very close with, also live here in Los Angeles.  They are going to be parents soon, and we look forward to all raising our children together!

We are very thankful to be blessed with the sweetest friends near and far. We have a beautiful group of friends here in LA who we adore and are like family.

Thoughts on Parenting

We have always wanted a child together, but have not been able to have one naturally. Our dream of a family has inspired us to find a child through adoption. We know there is a tiny miracle out there for us!

We believe that unconditional love is the most powerful part of parenting. We will teach our child how to be a kind, brave, strong, empathetic person who loves their self, others, and our natural world.

We promise to provide your baby with a life that is filled with learning and creativity through a good education, daily reading, enriching experiences, family tradition, opportunities, self expression and the joy of everyday moments.

We will encourage your child to be a life long learner who is curious and dreams big! It is important to show children how working hard helps to achieve goals, and how having a sense of humor has its advantage when things get tough. Each child has their own personality, needs and gifts- we will give yours the kind of attention, opportunity and divine love he or she needs to develop their unique talents and pursue their interests.

We promise that your baby will be unconditionally loved and celebrated by us and our lovely community of family and friends.

If you have any questions for us, or if you are interested in us adopting your child, please contact your caseworker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999 toll free. We can’t wait to meet you!

With great love and gratitude,

Jeremy & Beth Anne Joel