April 27th, 2018
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Bianca and John


We truly want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the incredibly courageous and loving decision to choose adoption. You are going to be such an amazing blessing to whoever you choose! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are a loving couple and we want to share that tremendous love with your baby.



We first met through a website called Match.com and we were both ready to meet that special someone, fall in love and settle down. From the very beginning we have been finishing each other’s sentences, laughing and joking about pretty much everything.

We had a beautiful wedding on a private beach with just the two us in Kauai. We have since gone back to enjoy the island and all it has to offer. For us, Kauai will always be a special place and hold some of our fondest memories.

We are all about the adventure! That is why we sold our house and moved to Texas to start up a business. We love the fact that we get to work together. We are truly each-others best friends.

We have been married for about three and a half years. For us, the process of trying to have a child has been a painful one. We struggled with infertility for three years and went through the whole gamut of treatment options. We are so excited for this journey and the steps we are taking toward adoption to become parents. Bianca has experienced the blessings of adoption on her side of the family too. Her grandmother, on her mom’s side, was adopted and it opened our eyes to the beauty of what it can do for a family. Without the loving act of adoption Bianca’s family would not exist today.


Bianca has been the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I didn’t realize how blessed I could be until God brought her into my life. I scored the lottery and married up at least 5 points! She has dreamed of being a mother since she was a little girl. She would pray every night for her baby doll, Tinkerbell, to become a real baby so she could care for her like a mother would. Seeing how she is today and hearing about how she would do these things as a young girl has really blown me away. She wants to be a mom, in every sense of the word. She wants to care for a baby and help raise the child into a person who loves and cares for others the same way she does. There is no doubt in my mind that she is going to be the best mother ever.

Beyond her desire to be a mother, Bianca also has the most amazing traits. She has sponsored hungry children in other countries for years, even during times when she didn’t have much herself. She always puts others first and is genuinely concerned for the well-being of others. People gravitate toward her as someone they are willing to open up to. She is so skilled at striking up a conversation with practically anyone anywhere and getting to know them. We could be at the grocery store and I turn around and she’s chatting it up with a random woman she’s never met before.

I admire her in so many ways and she helps give me the drive to be a better man and husband. I thank God for bringing her into my life. There’s nothing I’d change about her because she is perfect for me.



John is the most caring and loving man you will ever meet. He is always looking for ways to bring a smile to your face. Everyone in his life will tell you he is one of the most easy going people and that he is always looking to have fun. He is all about the adventure and adrenaline! One of his passions is racing motorcycles. In fact, our second date was at the race track. One of his favorite sayings for just about anything in his life is “High speed low drag”….. he’s all about the speed and excitement of life.

He is very passionate about his responsibility as a husband and soon to be father.  He is determined to give his family everything that they desire. He is truly the most selfless man I know.  John will be a wonderful father. One of the most endearing things about John is how tenderhearted he is.

In my mind, John can fix just about anything! Whenever there is a dilemma or something needs to be fixed John is right there to make things right. He is quite the handy man! For instance, as a child my family never hung Christmas lights on our house and it was something I had always wanted. Well, one day I came home from work only to find that John had spent the whole afternoon hanging Christmas lights on our beach bungalow for me. He now hangs Christmas lights for me every year.

What I want you to know the most is that John is a loving and wonderful man. He loves The Lord, his wife, his doggies, his country, his family and his friends.  He is so excited to become a Daddy.



  • Ice climbing
  • Hiking
  • Movies
  • Play with our doggies
  • Hang out with friends
  • Travel
  • Building computers
  • Running


  • Travel
  • Hang out with friends
  • Play with our doggies
  • Movies
  • Pottery painting
  • Learning to crochet (I have been attempting to make a baby blanket for over a year)
  • Reading
  • Trying new recipes to test out on John



We are self-employed. We own an insurance business that focuses on working with seniors. We truly love what we do because we get to help so many people.  Since we are self-employed and we work from home we are able to set our own hours. We can take vacations whenever we want and ultimately are pretty free with our schedules. Once we bring our precious little baby home, John will become the primary provider and Bianca will be a stay at home mom to our baby. She will help out with the business from time to time and during our busy season.


We just moved to Texas from California. We sold our house in San Diego and decided to head to Texas. We live in an area called The Woodlands. It is truly a beautiful community. There are paths and trails with towering trees everywhere you look. Some of the trails even lead to little lakes and ponds. Also, The Woodlands is known to have the best schools in Texas.

One of our favorite things to do in our town is to head to the outdoor pavilion for a picnic and listen to live music playing in the background. The Woodlands is very family oriented and hosts many family fun events throughout the year.

While at home, John likes to work on his computer in the office or tinker around in the garage. Bianca likes to bake banana bread or try out her latest concoction in the kitchen.  We are also a little bit addicted to Netflix.

Over all, our home is filled with love, laughter and some doggie barks.



We are so blessed to have such wonderful families and friends. John comes from a family of four kids and Bianca comes from a family of five kids. John’s parents currently live in Minnesota. His mother is a flight attendant and his dad travels all over the country ministering to different people. His mom even has her own fruit and vegetable garden that she grows every year. Bianca’s parents currently live in Washington but are planning to make the move to Texas in the next year or so. Both of Bianca’s parents are in the same insurance business as we are. Bianca’s dad has been doing prison ministry for the past 20 years. Bianca’s mom is a very funny and loving lady. She has already started buying things for our baby. Our parents are thrilled at the idea of becoming grandparents again!

Our siblings are spread out all over the country. As you can imagine, there is a lot of traveling to see family throughout the year. Between the two of us we have six nieces and two nephews.

We also have a strong group of friends in our lives. Some of these friends go all the way back to childhood. We have two sets of friends that live in The Woodlands as well. We love getting together with them for dinner and game nights. One set of our friends even have two little doggies that are related to two of our doggies…..we are one big family. Our friends have been such a tremendous blessing in our lives. They have been with us through the good and the bad in life. They always make us laugh. They are so excited to meet our new addition.


We are Christians that believe Christ died for us and rose on the 3rd day. Our faith is the cornerstone of our marriage and family. We look to God for guidance in our lives. We attend church on Sunday’s and before we moved to Texas we hosted a Bible Study group in our home for 3 years. It was a great time to get together with friends for food and fellowship. We have both experienced God’s immense love in our lives and we look forward to sharing that with our children to come.


We love and adore our three pups. They have some amazing personalities and each one has their own distinct traits.

Bitsy is our youngest, she is our little guard dog. She is a two-year old black and white Peekapoo. She will stare into the yard and look for any squirrels or neighborhood cats roaming around. Bitsy is very loving and protective of children.

Buster is our eldest. Buster has been with Bianca the longest. He’s a 10 year-old Pomeranian and he is a creature of habit. He has this ritual each night where he crawls out from under the bed, jumps up on top of the bed and comes straight to lick our faces. He just has to do this each night. We think it’s his way of tucking us into bed every night.

Then there’s Coco, our middle pup who is also a Peekapoo and is four years old. She is the reason John loves dogs now.  She just looks at us like we’re the most important thing in her universe. She has been a fantastic addition to our home.



We promise to love our baby unconditionally, to treasure and protect our child for the rest of our lives. We will take pride in raising our baby into the man or woman that God would be proud of. We will always be there for our child no matter what life throws at us. We hope to pass down our love for The Lord and our passions in life. It is our desire that our child will look back at his or her youth and have nothing but fond memories. We will raise our children in a Christian home with God and love as the foundation of all parenting decisions.

As parents we look forward to teaching them to ride a bike, attending little league games, dance recitals, parent/teacher days at school, family vacations, camping, building a tree house, climbing trees (Bianca’s favorite), hearing all about Sunday school, slumber parties, homecoming dances, and everything else that raising a child will bring our way.

We cannot wait to welcome our baby into our family and introduce them to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and the doggies!

We know adoption is the direction God is leading us and we are excited beyond measure to be on this journey.


We, again, want to extend our utmost gratitude to you for making the brave and loving decision to place your child for adoption. In our eyes you are an angel sent from heaven and we promise to love your baby with everything that we have. Your gift to us will be the greatest blessing we have ever received. You will always be the special lady who helped make our dreams of a family come true. You will forever be in our hearts and our prayers.

Thank you!


John & Bianca