October 22nd, 2018
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Bill and Cassie


  • Favorite Hobby

    Bill: Anything Outdoors

    Cassie: Yoga

  • Favorite Movie

    Bill: It's a Wonderful Life

    Cassie: Suspense

  • Favorite Actor

    Bill: Angelina Jolie

    Cassie: Mark Wahlberg

  • Favorite Food

    Bill: Clam Cakes

    Cassie: Fried Chicken

  • Favorite Holiday

    Bill: Christmas

    Cassie: Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Animal

    Bill: Cat

    Cassie: Horses

  • Vacation Spot

    Bill: Australia

    Cassie: Australia

  • Favorite Band

    Bill: Guns n' Roses

    Cassie: Maroon 5

  • Favorite TV Show

    Bill: The Walking Dead

    Cassie: Modern Family

Welcome! We are Cassie & Bill from New England!


Words cannot express the respect and admiration that we have for you and the decision you are making. We’ve wanted a family for years but over time it’s become clear the path to being parents for us would come through adoption, not the old-fashioned way. We feel this is the perfect time to grow our family, and we would be honored if you chose us to raise your child. We know that we can provide a comfortable home to nurture a child.


As you flip through these pages, we hope you enjoy learning about us. Again, we are honored that you would consider us and hope you choose us to parent your child. Please know we can’t wait to meet you and we are ready to love your child wholeheartedly. We look forward to being parents and to the joys of having a family. We are both loving people and want to share our love with a child!


We Met By Chance, Written By Cassie: We met through a mutual friend one evening totally by chance. We almost missed each other, Bill was on his way out just as I had arrived. A few people in our groups knew each other and we all decided to join for the evening. After an evening of conversation, Bill and I exchanged numbers before heading home.


Shortly after we began dating, we very quickly realized that we had a lot in common and that our relationship was much more serious than casual dating. We were meant to be! After being together for five years, we were married. We will be hitting our two year anniversary in May. We can’t wait to adopt to share our common love for the outdoors, travel, family, and each other with a child.


Getting To Know US: One of the things that bound us was our mutual passion for traveling the world. Before, we met we both had traveled extensively and not just “vacationing” but exploring other cultures, learning about the history, and getting to know the people. Now we travel, explore and learn together! Every year we go somewhere different. Our motto is the world is too big to go to the same place twice.


Perhaps the thing that has bonded us the most over the years is our desire to spend time outdoors and be active. Kayaking, hiking, and biking are just a few activities that we enjoy. There is something special about connecting with nature that we are both drawn to.


We also share a love of family. Our nieces and nephews are our world and light our lives. We love babysitting for them, and particularly having them over for popcorn and movies or a campfire and s’mores depending on the season.




Meet Bill


About Bill, Told By Cassie: At times, Bill is truly is a twelve year old in a man’s body. He loves his old-school video games along with new ones. But the obvious sign is that kids run to him. They all know that Uncle Bill will play with them, and they can’t wait to engage him.


Although Bill loves to play, he is also a great provider. He takes his work as an attorney seriously and is very thoughtful in decisions about money and his career. He is very reliable. His friends and family turn to him when they need anything. They know they can count on Bill to show up.


That part of him was nurtured in the Navy. I believe it truly makes boys, men. The military was a part of him since he was little. His favorite toy was GI Joe and even now, he lights up like a child when he wears his uniform. He loves his country and it shows in the light in his eyes.


His true passion though is the outdoors, he tells me he feels more at peace surrounded by nature. He prides himself on his ability to survive on the land and loves to say that these skills will be important “when the zombie’s come,” with a wink and a smile.


Fitness in general is very important to Bill. He ran the Disney World Marathon a few years back. I was so proud of him and can’t believe how motivated he was to run that far! When he puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him.


He is also an animal lover, when I met him he had two cats. He admittedly says that he is their servant. When it comes to animals he loves all kinds. He plays with our neighbor’s dog endlessly, he could truly play fetch with her for hours.


Most of all, Bill wants to be a father. I can’t imagine anyone who is more ready or more suited to be a parent than Bill. He has always seen himself as a father and is excited for the day it happens.



Meet Cassie


About Cassie, Told By Bill: Cassie always sees the best in people. She likes to laugh as much as possible and doesn’t take life too seriously.


She works hard to achieve her goals. She recently graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and did it while working full time. As a result, she was able to shift her career to become a copywriter and fulfill her desire to be more creative in her work. I am so proud of her accomplishment.


I consider her the rock of our home. Her organizational abilities and high-energy makes our house a home. I love to come home to her cooking. The house is filled with comforting aromas and I can’t wait to eat her yummy food.


Volunteering is important to her. She gives her time regularly to various causes close to her heart. Including children’s reading programs, historical restoration, and the environment. Giving back is something she has always expressed wanting to share with a child someday.


One of the things I loved about her immediately is her active lifestyle. She likes to hike and bike, and loves to do yoga. She says she finds all activity soothing and rejuvenating. We enjoy working out together, particularly outdoors.


It is her caring nature and positive energy that would make her a great mother. I see her have so much fun interacting with children, and I can’t wait for the day she has her own.




Our Adventures and Dreams


Our Adventures: We love to blend our two favorite things – being outdoors and travel. It is the moments with share with others, not the items we accumulate that matter to us. It is connecting with people and nature that provides a true appreciation for life.


Perhaps our favorite adventure was Australia. We were so excited to go and enjoyed every minute. The different wildlife and amazing landscapes grabbed us and it will be with us forever. The people were very welcoming and fun, they made us feel right at home on the other side of the world.


It was very interesting to experience their daily life, they are a very active culture. It was inspiring. Perhaps, our favorite part was diving on the Great Barrier Reef. The diverse sea life and bright underwater colors were stunning and truly a memory we will treasure for a lifetime. We can’t wait to bring our future child back to Australia and travel the world with them!


Our Hopes and Dreams: We are very thankful for adoption and are excited to be starting our family this way. We have so much love in our hearts and we look forward to sharing our lives with a child.


Our values include acceptance of others, education, and experiencing life to the fullest, and we hope to show a child the importance of each.


Our family and friends join us in our excitement to bring a child home to share in their lives and their children’s lives as well. We look forward to the day when we can just be as a family and grow together.




Our Home


Home Sweet Home. Our home is cozy, colorful, simple and fun! We live in a small New England city that has a deep history, a charming character and endless activities. Our community is always alive with activity. There is a skating rink, a theater, and festivals that happen year round. Including a huge 4th of July celebration that we attend every year.


Perhaps the best thing about our home is our neighbors. We all look out for one another. We even do snow shoveling together. We all work as a team to get everyone shoveled out and even co-own a snow blower with one family. We throw joint parties and truly enjoy one another’s company.


Our home is a great place to raise a family, it is safe, active, and diverse. There is so much for families to do. We can’t wait to dive into the local activities as a complete family.


Our Furry Friends: We are both animal lovers and look forward to getting a puppy someday soon. We both grew up having dogs and cats in the household and can’t imagine our home without them.


Mookie is so cuddly, gentle, and friendly. She greets us at the door when we come home and always hangs out with us no matter what room we are in. Her nickname is princess, as she is always the proper lady. She loves to cuddle and lick. Yep, I said lick. She licks like a dog licks. Weird I know, but very cute.


Tigger is the opposite. He is such a boy cat. He is very active and independent. He loves to spend most of his time in the bedroom and really could care less when we get home. There are times he likes to cuddle but always on his terms. He particularly likes to joins us on the couch at night for his “pet me” time.