June 18th, 2019
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Bob and Majandra

Hello! We are Bob and Majandra (Mah-haun-dra)!

Thanks for taking time to get to know us! We think you are so loving and brave for making this courageous decision for you and your child.

Dear Birth Mother,

Our greatest wish is to bring a child into our lives to share all the love and happiness that we are so lucky to have. So, we are sending all our hopes and dreams out into the world, hoping to find the special person that will share her most amazing gift with us.


We met through a mutual friend on a day at the park, riding bikes and flying kites. As the months passed, we became good friends and created great memories (like backyard move nights and slip & slide parties). Before we knew it, we were falling in love. For the last ten years, we have grown strong together through beautiful and challenging experiences. We had an amazing wedding day with the people we love and danced in the summer rain. A couple years ago, we experienced the unexpected loss of Bob’s dad, the BOBFATHER. Before he passed, he was excited about our plans to grow our little family. We have a lovely home, close to friends and family in beautiful, sunny Southern California we share with our fluffy cat, Pippi. We live close to shops, a museum, the library, parks, schools, and hiking trails. On weekends we love to explore our neighborhood (after Bob makes pancakes!).


  • Disneyland adventures
  • Making dinner together
  • Spontaneous living room dance parties
  • Going on road trips
  • Walks around the neighborhood (especially at Halloween & Christmas!)



From the first time we talked about becoming a family we decided adoption would be our path to parenthood. In our marriage and through our connections with loved ones, we have learned that family is built through shared experiences and commitment to one another. We are not only biologically connected but connected by the love in our heart.


  • A peaceful, safe, and happy home
  • Encouragement to learn, play, and explore the world
  • Guidance and support through life’s challenges
  • Laughter, cuddles, and unconditional love



My Job: I love going to work every day. I teach middle school kids with special needs how to be independent and take care of themselves. They teach me to see the potential in everyone and never take life for granted.

My Music: I come from a musical family. Someone was always practicing music at home when I was a kid. Since then I have been a part of a few bands. We’ve written songs, performed live and even recorded a couple albums (mostly for friends). Lately, I’ve been jamming on my ukulele!

WHY I LOVE BOB, by Majandra

Bob is loving, compassionate, open-minded and hardworking. I admire his self-discipline and determination (like going to the gym at 4 am!). At home, Bob keeps busy preparing meals, doing things around the house, or practicing his music. I love coming home to his guitar and beautiful voice. Bob is going to be an amazing dad! He has an endless capacity for love and acceptance. He is kind, supportive and patient while challenging you to be your best. Bob is everything I need in my partner for life.

What About Bob?

  • I <3 cats!
  • Christmas is my favorite!
  • I like going to the gym super early. (No really. I like it.)
  • I am the family grill master
  • Saturday morning pancakes are my specialty!


My Job: I am a middle school science teacher! It is a challenge, but I love what I do and there is never a dull moment. I especially like doing projects and experiments that make science cool and interesting for my students! Being a teacher is the most rewarding job I’ve had.

My Travels: I love traveling and have seen some amazing places! I’ve gotten to see Mayan temples in Guatemala, backpacked in Europe, been on safari in Kenya and road tripped all over the U.S.


Majandra is the most generous and loving person. From the day we met, I knew we would be lifelong partners. I love how Majandra takes me out of my comfort zone by showing me new and exciting things in our journey together (like always wanting to take the “scenic route” on road trips, even if it takes an extra hour). Most of all, I admire her abundance of love for her family and others. It helps me be the best person possible. I know Majandra is going to be a wonderful mother!


  • My nickname is Mo
  • I love planning and hosting parties
  • I used to play softball
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite! Family, friends & food!
  • I chaperoned an 8th grade D.C./East Coast trip
  • I drove my sis & her CAT to Wisconsin from California


We have a cozy home in an amazing neighborhood. We can walk to the grocery store, restaurants and the library. Our favorite thing about our neighborhood is that everyone gets the spirit for all the holidays. There are kids trick or treating on Halloween, block parties on the 4th of July, and tons of lights to see for the Holidays. Best of all, Majandra’s sisters and many of our friends are all walking distance from us and Bob’s mom is a short drive away. Family & friends are always close!


Majandra: I was born in Guatemala and raised in Southern California. I have three younger sisters who are my best friends. One of my sisters lives in Wisconsin, but the other two and my folks are minutes away! I love having my family over especially because I get to hang out with my niece and nephews who I spoil with love!

Bob: Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I am the middle of three sons. My older brother, Tim lives a couple hours’ drive away with his family. Dave, my little brother, recently moved to Colorado to start his family. My mom lives close by and is eagerly waiting for our newest family member!


  • Father’s Day BBQs
  • Cooking Mother’s Day brunch for all the mamas
  • Beach camping & egg hunt on Easter weekend
  • A GIANT family Thanksgiving
  • Trick or Treating with our niece and nephew
  • Making Guatemalan tamales for Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day brunch and cookies all day with Bob’s family


We have a great community of friends. Several are close by so we get together lots. We are walking distance to restaurants, coffee shops, the farmer’s market, and galleries where we support our talented friends and local artists!


We rescued our fluffy-tailed cat, Pippi from a box of kittens. As soon as Bob saw her he knew she was ours. She likes to sleep and get cuddled but, like most cats, only on her own terms. She likes to hang out when people are around. We can usually find her sitting in front of the TV when our friends are over.


It is our promise to you, your child, and ourselves to teach to acknowledge and value diversity, to walk in life with pride for who they are while always having empathy for others. We will teach through example to live with love, resilience, and compassion. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us. We sincerely hope you find strength, comfort, and peace while making this important decision for you and your child.

With Gratitude and Respect,

Bob & Majandra