August 17th, 2018
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BobbiJo and Brian

Fun Facts

  • Favorite TV show

    BJ Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    B Big Break

  • Favorite food

    BJ Italian

    B Mexican food

  • Favorite store

    BJ Macy's

    B Home Depot

  • Holiday tradition

    BJ holiday hats/presents

    B Decorating

  • Favorite snack

    BJ Swedish Fish

    B Reese's Pieces

  • Sports team

    BJ Philadelphia Eagles

    B San Francisco 49ers

  • Favorite game

    BJ Trivia

    B Poker/Spades

  • Vacation spot

    BJ beach

    B anyplace I can golf

  • Fave movie/genre

    BJ Action

    B Western/Martial Arts

  • Favorite actor

    BJ Elizabeth Banks

    B Ryan Reynolds

Dear Birth mother,

We are honored that you are considering us to love and raise your child. We can only imagine how difficult this is for you in choosing an adoption plan. Know that you have more courage and inner strength than most people.

Our names are Brian and BobbiJo. We are a fun and adventurous married couple living in sunny Los Angeles. Our motto is “work hard but play hard”. We are a fun and loving family of three who can’t wait to grow. We believe in unconditional love and raising our children to become free thinking individuals who respect themselves and others. We want to give our children the tools and support to pursue their interests, goals and dreams to become the best people they can be. By reading our story, we hope to give you comfort in knowing that your child will be loved, protected, and cared for by people who have your baby’s interest above all else. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.


About us,

We met online through eHarmony. After a month of emailing and talking on the phone, we decided it was time to meet. Our first date was a lunch date. We never actually got to eat lunch though because we spent the entire time talking. From the moment we met we had an instant connection. From that point on we were partners. We played on the same softball and flag football teams. Every weekend we would hike, play golf, ride our bikes at the beach, or visit fairs around the area. We spent the first years together traveling, meeting each other’s friends and family and learning more about each other. It didn’t take long before we fell in love with each other. It was on a trip to Cancun that the proposal happened; complete with ring and bended knee. We got married in December of 2011. Then in October of 2012, we welcomed our daughter Amelia into our life. Since then our love has continued to grow and deepen. Due to some medical issues after the pregnancy, we decided the best way to grow our family is to adopt.


Meet BobbiJo by Brian

BobbiJo is hands down my best friend. From our first lunch date, we have been an amazing pair. BobbiJo is one of the most honest, loving, funny and beautiful person I’ve ever known. She is one of the most generous people I know. She is also the “funny one” in our family, second only to Amelia. BobbiJo is also the idea maker in our family. She comes up with great things to do and I get to figure out how to make it happen.

My love, respect and admiration for her have continued to grow. BobbiJo is an amazing mom that always puts our family first. She will sing songs with Amelia even when she has to make something up when she forgets the words. None of the children’s songs are safe from her free verse. She is not afraid to act silly with her no matter where she is. And she loves her special trips to the park, zoo and aquarium with just her and Amelia.

Since being matched with BobbiJo on eHarmony everything about us seems to match up in every way. Whether it’s how we are feeling, what we think about a situation or what we want to do, we always end up on the same page. That’s not to say we never disagree, but when we do, there’s always an understanding of what each of us believe.

About BobbiJo’s Career

BobbiJo worked her way through college and is now a very successful business woman working in commercial insurance. It may sound boring but she enjoys her job and loves the people she works with. BobbiJo works very hard but her priority is her family.


Meet Brian by BobbiJo

Brian is a true life partner. I knew from our first date that Brian was the man I would marry. He has a generous nature, easy going personality and is quick to laugh and finds the humor in any situation. From the day we met, we have made decisions together and I am really lucky to have found a great partner in life.

Brian is a natural care giver and was born to be a father. As an only child, Brian always wanted siblings as he would observe the close bond between his cousins and friends with siblings. He loves being a dad and can’t wait to add to our family. Kids love to be around Brian. When Brian picks up Amelia from school, all the kids run up to him and want to play.

Brian is a gadget junkie and loves all things technology which is lucky for our family as I can’t even set up the DVD player! Brian is very creative and he loves to design and build things. Brian built a storage shed in our back yard so that we could turn our garage into a play room.

About Brian’s Career

Brian is a successful network systems engineer. He works on large computer systems for the military. Brian learned his craft when he served in the Air Force for eight years. He still enjoys his job because there is always something new and challenging happening. Brian works 15 minutes from our house and Amelia’s school so he has drop off and pick up duty most weekdays. Brian loves his rides to and from school with Amelia where they get to spend quality time together.

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Some of our adventures…

Both BobbiJo and Brian have been fortunate to live and travel in multiple states and countries. BobbiJo lived in Italy for a semester during college. She’s been able to travel to Canada, Germany, England, Ireland, Czech Republic, France and Austria. She has also traveled extensively throughout the US.

Brian lived in South Korea for a year and a half while serving in the Air Force. He’s been able to travel to Japan, Okinawa, Puerto Rico and Peru. He’s also lived and visited every state along the west, gulf and east coast as well as Hawaii.

Some of our favorite vacation spots include New Orleans and Las Vegas. But one of our favorite places to visit is definitely Cancun, Mexico. It holds a special place for both of us, since it’s where we got engaged.

Now, we love to take trips to see the mountains in Big Bear, CA, camping trips in central California (strictly RVing, BobbiJo doesn’t do tents), or just spending a night at Disneyland or visiting the beach on a Sunday afternoon. From our traveling together before we were married to our family trips with Amelia, our time together has been full of adventure.


Meet Amelia

Amelia is an amazing little girl and will be a great big sister! She is sweet and affectionate and loves her “huggy time”, tickle kisses from Daddy, and playing endless games of hide and seek under the blankets. She is an adventurous girl and sometimes a little bossy (she gets that from Mom!). Amelia loves music, dancing, drawing, playing with cars, and bath time. She especially loves traveling in anything that moves: cars, trains, bikes or airplanes! Amelia is learning how to think for herself and express how she feels. Every day is an adventure and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Our life

We live in a family friendly neighbor near the beach in Los Angeles, California. There are many families with young children and we visit each other’s houses weekly to allow the kids to play.   We have the “Halloween” block in our neighborhood and we have hundreds of kids visiting us every year. We go a little overboard in decorations and turn our house into a spooky castle every year.

We are also members of the local YMCA down the street from our house where Amelia takes swim lessons and will be signing up for her first gymnastic class this year. There are a lot of family friendly activities at the center from fall festivals and summer fun days.

We spend most of our weekends visiting family or friends, taking Amelia to the park, or hanging at home together. We have annual passes to Disneyland, the Zoo, and the Aquarium so we take family trips to one of those locations for a mini-vacation every month.


Our families

BobbiJo grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with two sisters and a brother. We are a close family and take family vacations together every year. BobbiJo has a very large extended family as her mother has 6 siblings and her father had 17 (yes, they had 18 kids total!). We travel to the east coast at least three times a year to see our many cousins, nieces and nephews. BobbiJo’s family comes to visit many times a year. Our house is always filled with family visiting every few months. BobbiJo’s mom, better known as “mommom”, comes to visit every other month and we video chat weekly with her. She can’t wait to have another grandchild!

Brian grew up in southern California, the son of an LAPD officer (now retired) and a sales representative. Because of his parents’ divorces when he was young, he moved a lot growing up. Living in cities from Long Beach to South Lake Tahoe gave him a deep appreciation for maintaining a stable home life. All of Brian’s family lives close enough that family visits are a regular occurrence. Most of our holidays are celebrated with Brian’s family. Amelia loves to visit since they have a playhouse and lots of toys to play with.

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Thank you!

We thank you for spending the time to get to know us a little bit better. We want you to know that if you decide we are the right family we will raise your child with unconditional love, lots of laughs and family adventures. We promise to be supportive parents and to help give your child all the tools to make him or her the best person they can be.

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child please contact one of our Adoption Advisors at AdoptHelp toll free at 1-800-637-7999.