June 20th, 2018
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Bonnie and Jason

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    J Outdoor activities

    B Arts and crafts

  • Favorite Movie

    J Raiders of the Lost Ark

    B The Sound of Music

  • Favorite Actor

    J Johnny Depp

    B Jessica Chastain

  • Favorite Food

    Both Pizza

  • Favorite Animal

    J Dog/All animals

    B Rabbit/All animals

  • Favorite TV Show

    J Ghost Adventures

    B Dancing With The Stars

  • Favorite Holiday

    Both Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation

    J Alaska

    B New England

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    J Journey

    B Christina Aguilera


Hello!  We are Jason and Bonnie …

Thank you for taking the time to visit our profile and for considering us as adoptive parents to your child.  We hope the pictures and information we share will help you learn about us and our lives together.

By the sea, one of our favorite places to be

About Bonnie by Jason …

Bonnie has the biggest heart and is the kindest person I have ever known.  She has a natural ability to put others at ease and just seems to make things better for those around her.

She is a perfect companion and there’s no one else I would ever want to share my life with.  She is supportive and considerate and always trying to keep life full of joy and love.  She is very funny and makes me laugh all the time.  We just ‘get’ each other and can say so much to one another with just a look and no words at all.  My perfect day is any day with her no matter what we are doing.  We have fun on trips, hanging out at home and even shopping for groceries together.

She is very talented and artistic.  She paints beautifully, is a fantastic photographer and makes amazing art pieces.  She also puts together the most beautiful and amazing home no matter where we go.  I can only imagine how awesome any child’s room we have will be.

She is the perfect woman to be a mom.  I truly can’t think of anyone better suited to loving and caring for a child.  Her patience, kindness and unconditional love will make any child lucky to have her and I can’t wait to see her as a mom.

After college, Bonnie worked as a special education teacher and found it very satisfying but wanted to be able to help people in a different way and put herself through nursing school.  Since that time, she has flourished as a nurse and loves to be able to provide comfort and compassionate care to all of her patients who often send her flowers and thank you cards after their hospital stay for the amazing care they receive from her.  Being a nurse is a perfect match for her personality.  This has made her a diverse and well-rounded person who is appreciative for her experiences and the small things in life.

Although Bonnie loves being a nurse, we plan for her to be a stay-at-home mom.  She will be taking a break until she can work part-time in the future when our child is of school age.

First use for new camera 022

Our Story by Bonnie …

We met eight years ago at a get together with mutual friends and it was love at first sight.  Neither one of us expected that our lives would be changed forever in such a wonderful way.  We felt an instant connection that has grown stronger with every passing day.

A few months after we met, Jason deployed overseas with the military.  It was tough being apart but he called every chance he had.  I sent Jason care packages filled with love that made his time away easier.  It was a very difficult year but one that brought us even closer together and helped us learn more about each other in a very unique and special way.  A year after Jason returned, he proposed to me by recreating our first date – a picnic at a lighthouse overlooking the ocean.  Ten months later, we had a beautiful outdoor wedding surrounded by family and friends.

We have a loving relationship and feel blessed to have found one another.  We are appreciative of each day together and we make a great team.  We are looking forward to raising a child together and expanding our family.

We complement each other perfectly and are both made stronger through our relationship as we bring balance to one another.  I am heartfelt and a dreamer and Jason is more practical and realistic.  I lead with my heart and Jason likes to consider all the facts.  We believe this balance will help us a raise a well-rounded and happy child.

We have always discussed and considered adoption as a possible path for us growing our family.  We believe that adoption is the right path for us as Bonnie is adopted and it has been a wonderful experience for her.  Jason has also had positive experiences through adopted relatives and his best friend growing up.  We think our unique perspectives would allow us to provide a supportive and understanding home to a child and surround them with love.

Bonnie shares her perspective …

“My own journey with adoption has been a gift to my life.  My adoptive parents always told me that I was adopted and that my birthmother loved me.  They have always told me just how special I am because I was chosen by them and that my birthmother was selfless because she wanted me to have all things wonderful in the world.  I am so thankful to my birthmother and my adoptive parents.  Because of my unique perspective, I believe I can also make a child that enters our lives feel how special and loved they truly are.”

First use for new camera 077

About Jason by Bonnie …

After college, Jason became an officer in the Navy and went to flight school.  He became a Navy Pilot and has been in the Navy ever since.  He has flown three different kinds of helicopters and three different kinds of airplanes so far.

His career has granted him the opportunity to live in eight different states, Puerto Rico, and four different countries.  He has seen the world and very much enjoyed his career so far but is looking forward to being a father and settling down to one place.  For being such a successful person in his career, he has an amazing balance of fun and silliness.

Jason has many wonderful qualities.  From the day I met him, I could see his integrity and strong morals, as well as his ability to make me laugh.  Over the years, I realize that he has all the qualities I could have ever wished for and a lot more.  He is strong and gentle all at the same time.  He impresses me so much both as an officer and pilot in the Navy and as a leader at work and in our family.  He has taught me not to fear new things and to be strong and live my best life.

I love that Jason is a great listener and I can talk to him about anything.  I have watched Jason make so many people’s lives better, as a role model at work and in his personal life.  I have seen how people that work for him truly look up to him and respect him.  He is a well-rounded man.

It has been a joy to watch Jason with our nieces and nephews and many of our friends’ children.  He is a big kid at heart and kids just gravitate towards him.  I hope that one day I may be able to see my amazing husband as the incredible father I just know he will be.

Visiting one of the oldest ships in the US

Our Home …

We live in a spacious, comfortable and beautiful home in Virginia.  Bonnie loves to decorate, paint, do photography and collect special items from travel and nature to add to the décor.  She also loves flea market finds that can be updated and given a new look.  Jason is handy and likes to do home improvement projects, working outdoors and almost anything with tools.  We would enjoy doing these things with a child and would find teaching them how to do things fun and exciting.

With Jason in the military, we have a unique opportunity to experience new places, meet amazing people and learn about different cultures.  Every new place has special things to discover and explore and it is very exciting.  We feel so lucky to have our lives enriched in this way.  In the future we will save our major travels and adventures for the summers when school is out.

Our neighborhood is very pleasant, safe and child friendly.  Our home is centrally located with many parks, restaurants and outdoor attractions that we frequently walk to.  Each season brings different festivals, such as concerts in the park in the warmer months and pumpkin picking in the Fall.

We admire you for your courage, selflessness and strength as you make this amazing and difficult decision.   We hope you find the perfect fit for you and we send you wishes for peace and comfort in the decision you reach.