August 20th, 2019
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Brad and Kathleen


We are so grateful for your courage and strength as you consider open adoption and are honored that you have taken the time to get to know us.  We have built our life together and are looking to grow our family.  We would love to connect with you and have you as part of our family to whatever extent you are comfortable with.

About Us

We first met online through and immediately clicked.  On our first date we stayed out late talking at Starbucks and  within six months we were cruising through the Panama Canal with Brad’s family!  We married about  two years later and had a wonderful honeymoon touring the Mediterranean, visiting sites such as the Colosseum in Rome and the Acropolis in Athens. Our relationship has grown strong over the years that we have been together and have prepared ourselves to become parents and build our family. Spending time together – whether it is reading a book before bed or hiking at the monastery close to our home – is a priority for both of us and we would love to share this special family time with our new child.  Both of us are active Catholics and we look forward to raising our new child in the church. We were overjoyed to have Savannah as our first child and would love to welcome another child into our family.


About Kathleen written by Brad

When Kathleen and I first met I was attracted by her beautiful smile and her passion for everything that she does in life. As we continue our life together I am constantly amazed by Kathleen’s caring for people which permeates her entire life from her choice of career to her interactions with family, friends, and people we meet. She is always thinking about how she can make Savannah’s and my lives richer and more fulfilling and makes spending time with us her absolute priority. Kathleen is an amazing partner to me and mother to Savannah and has been dreaming about expanding our family.

About Brad written by Kathleen

Brad is the kindest man I have ever met. He is a loving husband and doting father. He is never too busy to make time for his family and he loves to spend quality time together, whether it is talking about our day, going for a bike ride, or singing a song to our daughter, Savannah. Brad is also extremely helpful around the house and usually does the cooking and laundry without any prompting!  I feel so fortunate and blessed to have him in my life.


Meet Big Sister Savannah

Savannah has been such a blessing in our lives, and we cannot imagine life without her. She is good-natured, kind, always happy, and so curious about everything she sees. Savannah loves playing with other children and we believe she would be an awesome big sister. She enjoys gymnastics, dance classes, and arts & crafts. Savannah also loves playing outside and was fascinated by the first snow she saw here in Georgia (we couldn’t get her to come back inside!).

Our Careers

We are both fortunate to have jobs close to home that allows us to spend quality family time together.  Kathleen is a doctor who cares for and treats patients with cancer and blood disorders. She would love to teach our child to listen to his or her heartbeat with her stethoscope and perhaps uncover a passion for using science to help others.   Brad is a manufacturing manager leading a team that produces life saving medicines at a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility near our home in Georgia.  Working with people and using science to solve complex problems are what Brad enjoys about his career.  He looks forward to helping our child solve those difficult math problems at our kitchen table after dinner.


Our Thoughts on Parenting and Adoption

Providing our children an excellent and diverse education is a top priority for us including exposure to arts, music, sports and recreational activities.  We have been able to take Savannah to the symphony, gymnastics and art classes near our home. Our nanny who watches Savannah is a wonderful caretaker and works on educational and fun activities with Savannah throughout the day. She is truly like another member of our family.

Adoption has been a part of both of our lives as one of Brad’s cousins was  adopted and Kathleen’s sister has a son who was adopted.  Through our families we have seen the joy that open adoption can bring to a family and we look forward to this special relationship as well.

Where We Call Home

Soon after getting married we relocated from North Carolina to the Atlanta area for Brad’s job and are proud to call the Atlanta metro area home. Our home that we share with Savannah and our two cats Luke and Leia is on a lake within our subdivision. We love living in this diverse community and can’t wait to take our new child to the Georgia International Horse Park for horseback riding lessons or a round a golf at the golf course.  We also would love to introduce our child to Atlanta and all that this wonderful city has to offer such as the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, the Children’s Museum and the Fernbank Science Center.


Our Favorite Activities

Traveling and exploring new places and cultures is a passion of ours whether it is horseback riding in the Caribbean, skiing in Utah, or ziplining across the jungle in Costa Rica.  One of our favorite discussions is where will we go next for vacation and it would be great to have another child’s opinion to help us decide!  Both Kathleen and Brad also love to cook vegetarian Italian food and will enjoy seeing our new child get our favorite homemade pasta sauce all over his/her face!  Brad is a die hard Indianapolis Colts fan and would love to high five our little Colts fan when they win the Super Bowl! Kathleen loves to run and recently completed her first marathon in Disney World!

Our Family/Friends

We have moved from our original hometowns but our bonds with our families are still very strong and we visit with them as often as possible.  Our new family member will have eight first cousins to get in trouble with including two here in the Atlanta area.  Our parents would love a new grandchild to spoil during their visits to our home or our visits to see them in New Jersey and Florida!   We look forward to taking our new child to see the beautiful architecture of Chicago when we visit one of Brad’s brothers and family and sipping a hot chocolate while walking in the small towns in New Jersey when we get together with Kathleen’s sister and her family.


Our Promise

We believe that we are called to be parents and will ensure that our child has opportunities to succeed and pursue his or her passion in life.  We will instill in our child the core values of respect for others, hard work, honesty, volunteerism and the value of education.  Foremost we will always love our child and the special person that allowed him or her to come into our lives. We look forward to getting to know you and building an ongoing relationship that you that makes you comfortable. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter and we hope to hear from you soon!