July 23rd, 2019
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Hello, I’m Brenda from Idaho!

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as an adoptive mother for your child. I greatly admire and respect your decision to consider adoption for your little one. While I can’t possibly know the feelings you are experiencing, I do know this step involved a great deal of love for your child and a hope for the life you want them to have.

I am so grateful for you taking the time to learn about my family. It’s important to me that you know how much respect I have for you and that I will forever know your decision was made out of selfless love and wanting only the best life for your child. My promise to you is that I will make sure your child will always know this as well.

I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom, but I didn’t always imagine it as a single mom. When Prince Charming didn’t show up, I decided to forge my own path which led to adopting my son Micah. Not having the traditional picture of motherhood, doesn’t mean I had to give up my dream. Marriage may happen in the future, but for now, my top priority is being the best mom I can be to my son and his future sibling. I know without the slightest doubt, I do not want to miss out on giving my love, support, and dedication to another child.  I am so ready to grow my family through the gift of adoption again, and become a family of 3!



A peek into my life

I was born and raised in Idaho. My dad was a farmer and worked with my uncles and grandpa on our family farm. My mom was blessed to be a stay-at-home and raise myself and my siblings (2 brothers and sister) My upbringing was filled with tractors, combines, bee pollinating, harvesting, irrigating the farm, vegetable gardens and learning how to preserve fruits and vegetables. My parents instilled in us the value of hard work and dedication. They wanted us to grow up with an appreciation for what we have and to dream BIG for what we want.

The values that my parents instilled in me have come about in my own parenting. Micah is aware of what happens when you work hard for a goal. He learned this summer how to plant a garden and LOVES to help pick the fruits and vegetables. It’s a great feeling that he understands where his food comes from and how it grows.  Not only has he planted a garden but he has also rode on a tractor!  I have many fond memories of vacations as a child and wanted to give the same experiences to Micah. His first big trip was to the Oregon Coast this summer.  He enjoyed playing in the water and finding sea shells. Our next big adventure will be a local aquarium.

Career or Chaos…you decide!

I have the great pleasure of calling 50 students my “kiddo’s” on a daily basis. I am a kindergarten teacher and LOVE what I do. I find great joy and pleasure in watching my students learn and grow. The best are the “light bulb” moments, when a kiddo just gets it. The looks on their faces in that moment are rare and precious.  My job is one of the best I could ask for. Not only do I watch my students grow, but I will be able to take Micah and my future child with me to work and make sure they get the best education the school district has to offer. Plus with summers off, the adventures and experiences become endless.  My Mom (a.k.a.) Nana has been Micah’s childcare provider since he was little. She said she will also watch the baby while I am at work. I couldn’t ask for a better mom and Grandma to my child and new baby.

5 Things that make me smile…

My son Micah: He is one of the most amazing (and stubborn) children I know

Gardening: I love watching as a seedling grows into a delicious fruit or vegetable.

Sunrises/Sunsets: It’s amazing how many colors can be found in one of those moments.

Cooking and Baking: My family and I mostly eat healthy meals made from scratch. I love to find healthier versions of a traditional dish and try it out.

Reading: Micah LOVES books and it’s a great time to snuggle.

“I can’t wait to grow my family and add more smiles to the mix!”

My Life with Micah

When I started the adoption process I was told to be patient and know it may be “awhile” because I was single. Well…Awhile ended up being 3 months! It was such a quick time that I remember getting the phone call and thinking…this really isn’t happening! After a sleepless night, and a plane ride across the country, I held and fell in love with my new son!

Micah is very energetic and will gladly play trucks or trains with his cousins, aunts and uncles.

He LOVES to read. We go to the library 2 times each week for new books. He also wants to be read to before going to bed every night (I have read up to 10 books a night at timesJ)

He has a really great memory! We went to a petting zoo and he talked about it for a full year before I finally gave in and took him again!

Micah is very excited about “his” new baby. He has decided to name the baby after his uncle.

Micah’s Favorites

Favorite food: Taquitos

Favorite Toy: Fire Engine

Favorite book: Berenstain Bears

Favorite TV Show: Dino Dan

Yes! It takes a village!

I am very close to my family. I‘ve had the joy of watching my nieces and nephews grow into amazing little people. I have been blessed with 2 nephews and 3 nieces who I get to see almost every day! I can honestly say, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t walk through the door and have one of them yell, “Auntie Brenda is home!” Thinking about life without my family is impossible because of how strong and deep our love for one another goes.

My mom and I have a very strong bond and we spend A LOT of time together. We do many activities together and I am always calling or texting her during the day commenting about funny things one of my students said or asking how Micah is doing.  My family and I have formed an even closer bond since the passing of my father. We lost him about 6 years ago to an accident. I will forever miss him! My brothers, Andrew and Lucas have taken on the role of my dad and have even said they will be a father figure for your child.  My family is very supportive of my decision to adopt again. They have all talked about how this little one will be a part of the family.

Home Sweet Home

I live in a very large house in Nampa, Idaho, with lots of room to run. I have been blessed to live in the same house I grew up in. Not only is the house big, so is the yard! Lots of room for running, swinging and sliding on a swing set, climbing trees, gardening, and exploring bugs found in the grass. I live a very short distance away from several parks, a duck pond, the zoo and a few museums. The city and surrounding suburbs have over 5 farmers markets and an abundance of local shops and goods. Our community is ranked in the top 10 of the nation for safety!

My Sponsored Children

I have the great pleasure of sponsoring two sweet boys through World Vision. The boys live in Africa and Indonesia where life is a struggleand the joy they find is few and sometimes very far in between. I feel a wonderful connection to them and was given the opportunity to meet one of those boys when I lived in Africa. The trip and festivities that followed when seeing him for the first time were so amazing. The entire village showed up to meet me! I will forever cherish those special moments in my heart.

Family & Friends!

I am fortunate to have some pretty beautiful friendships in my life. One of my closest friends, who has seen and been a part of the ups and downs of my life, is so excited for Micah to have a sibling. She and I have talked about everything from shots to diapering to sleep when it comes to the new addition to our friendship family. She and I are so close that Micah has started calling her Auntie Amber.

What friends say about me:

Watching Brenda with her son reaffirmed what I already knew would be true; Brenda is a natural Mommy. She is a loving, nurturing and conscientious parent without being overprotective. She is positive and encouraging in her interactions with Micah. I can say with confidence that as Brenda seeks to grow her family, she will continue to parent with grace and devotion. 

Brenda and Micah have more strength and courage than anyone I know. Anyone who gets to share in their lives is blessed beyond measure in so many ways. Together, they have taught those around them what it is to love unconditionally. 

My Sister is so dedicated…not only to her son, but her students as well.

Favorite Holiday Traditions:

Christmas: is always celebrated at my mom’s!

Easter: Sunrise Service and Family Dinner, Big Egg Hunt with lots of cousins

Thanksgiving: We always put a puzzle together

My Promise to you

I promise to provide a happy, stable, and loving home where your child would always feel loved, cherished, supported and safe. My goal is to give your child every opportunity to explore and pursue their dreams, along with an education that will give them independence, self worth and responsibility. I will ensure your child knows happiness and laughter, I promise to make sure they know how much love went into their adoption, from myself and most importantly, you.

There are no words strong enough to express the profound gratitude I would feel if you choose me as the adoptive parent to raise your child.