June 16th, 2019
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Brendan and Chris

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Chris
  • 2. My students
  • 3. “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”
  • 4. Sarah Silverman
  • 5. Kimmy Schmidt
  • 1. Brendan’s funny voices
  • 2. Walking by the river
  • 3. Really good iced coffee
  • 4. Mediocre iced coffee
  • 5. Trying new food

Hi! We’re Chris and Brendan.

It’s been said we have two families: the one we’re born into, and the one that we make for ourselves. We’re fortunate to have both- families who love and support us just the way we are, and a second family of close friends who have supported us in every step of this journey. We promise that as parents we’ll cherish, support and unconditionally love our child no matter what challenges they might face, or what opportunities they seek. We will be their biggest fans and their soft place to fall. We’re so glad you’re considering us as parents for your unborn child, and we promise we’re here to support you in your journey as well!

Getting to Know Us

When Brendan turned 20, he said to his friend from school that he’d be single forever because he was totally “un-dateable”. His friend said, “That’s so funny, my roommate Chris says the same thing. Maybe I should fix you up!” Soon after we met for a blind date, which even now is one of the best nights of our lives. We both thought the other was out of his league, but we clicked. We stayed up all night walking around, talking about our families, favorite movies, goals, and dreams for the future. What we didn’t know then was that that night was the first step in building a future together and that our hopes and dreams would lead us to adoption and to you.

We’ve been married for five years and finally bought our dream home four years ago in a city full of diversity and culture. Our life together now is one full of family, friends, and passion for new things. We love exploring and visiting new places, like canyons in Sedona or the street food of San Francisco. And our house is always full of music from new bands and the smell of new recipes as we cook together. As our families have grown with nieces and our nephew and our love for each has deepened, we’ve decided to share our lives by starting our own family.  We’re excited to have this opportunity and to meet our future child!All About Chris

I have two big passions – art and recreational sports. I am a trained designer with a focus on furniture design. I love to design new pieces, and occasionally will bring one of them to life. I love working with reclaimed and untraditional materials, like old wood pallets or a vintage street lamp. I’m also a novice with a sewing machine, and I’m talented with a hammer and drill around the house. A piece of art doesn’t need to be something you hang on the wall – as long as it’s made with passion, there’s something to love. While my league sports are behind me, I do love activities that have me out exploring nature. We live near a big state forest, where I take my bike to explore trails. I’m starting to get Brendan into disc golf too. It’s relaxing, just a little competitive, and often setup in picturesque wooded areas. I also have a HUGE passion for kayaking. I bought my first kayak last year and went out nearly every weekend with friends. We love exploring different lakes and day dreaming about buying the expensive houses. My career is as a performance manager with a large technology company. I’m responsible for understanding the educational needs of my team members and putting together learning opportunities. I’m very much in my zone when I’m working to provide others with what they need to be successful.All About Brendan

While Chris is outdoorsy, my passions tend to be more cultural. One of those passions is movies, which I think are the great art of the 20th century. After becoming interested in film, particularly old movies, in high school, I majored in film studies in college. Most of my first dates with Chris consisted of dragging him to weird movies and then talking his ear off about them. When I proposed to him, it was after a new 35mm print of one of my favorite movies, Taxi Driver with Robert DeNiro. Another serious love affair of mine is with music. I have music playing all the time and have a very wide taste; you’re just as likely to hear me listening to SZA as you are Neil Young or Nirvana. I love exploring new artists and going to shows to see the bands I love. Some of my other hobbies include building Legos, knitting, and playing board games with friends, but probably the most significant other passion of my life is my job. I have worked for the past ten years as an 8th grade English teacher. My love of books and writing brought me to this job, but it’s my love of the kids that keeps me there. In the city where I work, almost all of my students are Hispanic, many of them are new immigrants to this country, and some of them struggle with poverty. My students inspire me every day to be the best teacher I can be and to help them achieve the goals they aspire to accomplish.What We Love to Do

We are really passionate about a lot of different things. We’ve even been accused of having too many hobbies! We’re both culture vultures, always going to check out a new band concert or seeing the latest horror movie. We have friends over to play board games all the time, and we also (still) love playing Pokemon Go together! We love hosting barbecues and dinner parties, as well as trying out new food and beer, whether in our own kitchen or in a new restaurant or brewery. We go camping every summer and skiing every winter, activities that are always better with a big group of friends!

Where We Live

We live in a New England community that is full of diversity and life. Our town is a former mill town, that’s going through a revitalization. It makes for a great mix of old architecture, artists spaces, and beautiful parks. Our town hosts many activities all year long, from music and food festivals to boat races along the river. There are so many opportunities to find fun things to do on the weekends. Our home is full of our eclectic style, with lots of shelf space devoted to silly toys and knickknacks amongst all the books. We have a kitchen that is just perfect for all our kitchen gear, from our pasta maker to our Dutch Oven. Chris loves working in the garden outside and Brendan loves picking out new art for the walls. The only thing that would make our home truly perfect is a baby.

Our Loving Family

We both come from big families of four kids. Brendan has three younger sisters, so he learned early on how to braid hair. One of his sisters is a nurse, another just got her PhD in Psychology and recently got engaged, and another just celebrated the first birthday of her daughter, Hope! All three are admirable, impressive, hard-working, funny, and kind. Their significant others are all amazing men in their own right. Brendan’s parents are retired from teaching and nursing and have a beautiful house close by. Brendan’s family is very tight-knit and we spend a lot of time honoring family traditions as well as making new memories.

Chris’s family is just as big! His older brother just bought a house five minutes from us and recently got engaged, too! His older sister and her husband have two daughters, Morgan and Gwen, and she’s an amazing mom. His younger sister also has two kids, our nephew Dax, who’s 9, and our niece Mila, who just turned 3. Chris’s mom is also a nurse who works in the nursery at a local hospital and his dad is retired. Chris’s family loves to make new memories together, going on trips and exploring new places together.

Meet Ginny & Margot

We didn’t think we would wind up cat people — especially since all of our friends have dogs! But we’re happy we wound up with our two furry lovebugs. We’ve had Ginny for ten years. She is amazingly soft and loves cuddling with us when we’re reading before bedtime. We rescued Margot from a neglectful family. She’s very old, but still craves a lot of affection. Margot has recently started to go blind, so she needs some help finding her food, but has no trouble finding a warm lap when she wants some loving.Our Promise to You

We’re really excited to begin building our family. As parents, we vow to provide a home that is full of happiness and music, a support network of loving family and friends, and an environment that fosters a love of learning, teaches empathy and kindness through example, instills a curiosity about the world, and provides opportunities for our child to blossom. We hope our love and passion will create a happy childhood full of meaningful experiences.

One Last Thank You

We know the decision you face is a daunting one, but we know that you will make the right decision when choosing parents for your child. We hope to be those parents and are grateful that you’re considering us and impressed by your bravery. We’ve dreamt about having children for years and are ready to provide the childhood that everyone deserves.