August 20th, 2019
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Brendan and Mia

Dear Birthmother

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for taking time to read a little bit about us. We have great respect for the courageous choice you are considering. We know your decision is based on love for your baby and wanting the best for them.  If given the privilege of raising your child, you will have our respect and compassion.We will ensure your child is aware of the courageous and loving choice you made on their behalf.

Adopting our son has been incredible and we are excited to welcome a second child into our  loving family. We have a great relationship with Declan’s birthmother. If you so desire, we will respect and fulfill your wishes for ongoing contact.

We hope this profile offers you a feel for our family. We are easy to talk with, and to hope connect with you soon.


Mia and Brendan

Our Story:

Hello! We are Brendan and Mia. We met in 2005 and have been happily married since 2008. We love family, books, music, and spending time together with our friends. We enjoy snowboarding and skiing, days at the beach, attending outdoor concerts and taking walks. We love hosting family and friends for Sunday night dinners and theme parties. We love trying new restaurants, seeing movies, volunteering, and taking on home projects.

We are the family that dresses in themed outfits for various occasions. Brendan knew he found something special in Mia when she once picked him up at the airport dressed as a pirate. Once, with a group of 20 friends, we paraded through downtown dressed in matching Where’s Waldo outfits!

Since September 2014, our favorite activity has become parenting Declan. Mia, our family organizer, keeps a calendar of our activities schedule online, in print and on a kitchen chalk board. Now our lives include swim lessons, Chuck E. Cheese, bounce house birthday parties, and finding ways for the three of us to dress in a theme.  Last Halloween we dressed as two bananas and Declan as a monkey.

Meet Declan – The Big Brother To Be:

Declan is loving, curious, and high-energy. He makes us laugh daily. He loves music, singing, reading, playing with toys, and dancing. Declan always greets us with a huge hug. He thinks he is good at hide and seek but he’s actually terrible, we find him every time.  His laugh is infectious and he fills each day with smiles, hugs, and kisses.

Declan enjoys time with us at the zoo, local parks, parades, the beach, and the airport to watch planes. He loves weekend trips to Travel Town to explore and ride trains. His favorite things include apple sauce, bath time, singing “wheels on the bus”, and playing with his trucks.

Declan has been taking swim lessons since he was a year old.  Today he is fearless and becoming more and more of a fish every time he gets in the pool. We love to see his confidence and abilities grow.

Declan loves babies. We believe his sweet demeanor and willingness to help will make him a great big brother and have started talking to him about his future sibling.

About Mia – By Brendan:

Mia was born in San Jose, went to high school and college in Florida, and moved back to California to begin her career. Mia is Greek, which means she can cook! Mia puts the shine in sunshine and not just because she loves cleaning. Mia is hilarious, caring, organized and my very best friend. Mia has found time to volunteer for animal and homeless shelters. Mia squeezes 25 hours out of a day whether that includes baking treats featuring her special butter cream icing, or doing arts and crafts projects with Declan and friends. She makes friends and strangers laugh. It’s a blessing to be Mia’s husband and I am proud to be her partner in life.

Mia is Declan’s favorite singer, frequently making up songs to keep him entertained and dancing. I LOVE SEEING THE TWO OF THEM CUDDLING AND READING BOOKS TOGETHER.

Mia knows all of Declan’s tickle spots and can get huge belly laughs. Mia has captured most of Declan’s life on film. She’s active in his toddler program, and serves as his social coordinator. Mia is Declan’s alarm clock and enjoys snuggling with him in bed before she gets him ready for school each day. Mia always likes to make sure that Declan is wearing a cool pair of socks. She closes each day with “Spa Mama” where she gives Declan some soothing skin lotion and reads his favorite classics, Cat in the Hat or Goodnight Moon.

Mia works as a certified meeting planner, has a flexible schedule and is able to attend Declan’s swim lessons, school activities, and special events. Mia has the ability to extend her time away from work when a second child is placed with our family.


About Brendan – by Mia:

Brendan was born and raised in Boston. He lived in New York City where he pursued a career in Stand-Up Comedy. His years as a comedian have translated to lots of laughter in our home. Today, Brendan is a Certified Financial Planner.

Brendan is the best man I know. I am so thankful that he is my best friend, and partner. His upbeat personality, and positive attitude have anchored our home with love, and warmth.

Brendan comes from an Irish-Catholic family that loves to laugh and hug. He’s a family guy and it’s evident in how he cares for Declan and I. After work, Brendan frequently gets down on the floor without changing out of his suit to play with Declan, look at his cars, or read him a story.

Brendan and I spent six years as a couple traveling the world, growing our careers, designing our home, going on dates, and spending tons of time with family and friends.

The morning that Declan was placed in Brendan’s arms was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. HE COULDN’T LOVE DECLAN ANY MORE.

When there is a little extra time, Brendan also enjoys playing the drums and tries to keep up with the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox.

Family and Friends:

Our combined families live in San Jose, Boston, Chicago, Greece, India, Mexico, England and Ireland. Love, marriage, babies, adoption, and friends that have become family, have lended to a blend of cultures and personalities with our large family. Mia has two younger brothers, while Brendan has one older brother. ALL the brothers take their title of  “uncle” very seriously and spend hours of time working to entertain Declan.

Warm, welcoming and tight-knit, we are a family that is always in close contact, vacationing together as a large group, having a blast at sporting events, and keeping the ongoing tradition alive of a Thanksgiving “talent show”.  We’ve also been blessed to form close friendships with other adoptive families.

We have two dogs, Tug Boat and Taxi, Tug Boat is a Puggle. He’s got lots of personality and spends the morning barking at Pearl the Squirrel (a visitor in our backyard). He enjoys “people food”, belly rubs, and snuggling. He frequently waits for Declan to drop table scraps. He’s 8 years old and when we leave the house we say, “Tug Boat, you’re in charge!”

We rescued Taxi in 2014, a sweet shepherd mix. She loves to play with Tug Boat, have her ears rubbed, will sit right next to you (or on top of you), and is always gentle around Declan.

Our Home:

We live on a quiet street in Los Angeles. Our city is diverse and our cozy home is surrounded by schools and parks. Mia loves decorating and has created an environment that is warm and welcoming. We enjoy playing in the yard, eating dinner together, laughing and discussing our day. If we don’t cook, it’s fortunate our favorite Thai restaurant is right up the street! We know most of our neighbors by name and they often stop over if they see us blowing bubbles on the front porch or making chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

We love entertaining and have hosted Super Bowl parties, pumpkin decorating parties, cooking challenges, and game nights. We have a large living room with a big cozy couch where we curl up to read books, watch movies, and take naps. You can also frequently find us in our big backyard throwing balls back and forth across the lawn.

Declan attends toddler school Monday-Friday mornings at our church, one mile from home. We have seen him grow and thrive with children his own age in an educational setting. Our very loving nanny, Alejandrina, (who has been with us since early 2015) picks Declan up from school and ensures he naps, and plays with him until we get home. Alejandrina speaks Spanish to Declan and we will work toward him being fluent in English, Spanish, and Greek.

When we’re not at home. . . Southern California weather allows us to be outdoors most of the year.

Many nights a week we take Declan on walks to our local market (where the staff gives him stickers) or through the quiet neighborhood streets. We’re a short drive to farmers’ markets, museums, concert venues, and the beach where we love taking a picnic, and building sandcastles. We hope to include a second child in special memories of Travel Town, Disneyland, The Zoo, and The Children’s Museum.

Our Values and Promise to You:

We Promise to:

We value each other respect education, laughter, communication, hard work, and resiliency. We will devote the love, time, talents, and resources we have to help your child achieve all that they possibly can. We believe a child must feel loved, welcome, and have great self-confidence. 

–              Provide a loving, warm, stable, and organized home
–              Make them laugh daily
–              Fill their lives with an accepting and diverse family and friends
–              Decorate the house for the holidays and create a festive environment filled with family traditions
–              Teach them compassion
–              Encourage them to try new things, follow their heart, and discover their unique talents
–              Travel the world with them
–              Instill the importance of education and discovery of their academic and social strengths
–              Foster an awareness of the world and the “good” that surrounds them
–              Love them unconditionally, with all our hearts, for all of our days

Our Thanks:

We will love your child with all our hearts, and provide them with opportunity and security. We will work our hardest to help them accomplish their dreams. We will surround your child with positive influences and experiences. Declan’s birthmother is never far from our thoughts in any decision we make concerning his well-being. We promise to always keep you at the forefront of our minds. We look forward to growing a relationship with you. Thank you for considering us. May you find peace in your decision and a sense of security when you identify the ideal match for you and your child.

With gratitude,   Brendan, Mia, and Declan

If you have any questions for us or would like to speak to us about adopting your child, please contact your case worker at ADOPTHELP by calling 1-800-637-7999, toll, free.