August 23rd, 2019
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Brent and Keoni

Hi & Hello from Brent & Keoni in San Diego,California!

We appreciate you for taking the time to read our story. We admire your courage as you you consider adoption as part of your story. We hope there is something here that allows you to find comfort in us both as individuals and as a team.


About Us

We met at college party when Brent was visiting San Diego for the weekend. Brent mustered the courage to ask for his phone number and the next day, we went on our first date. Eventually, we figured out we liked each other A LOT. Although we were long distance for the first four years, technology helped us feel close. We tried to see each other as much as possible and always made sure to say goodnight at the end of each day.

While visiting Keoni’s family in Seattle, Brent snuck away to ask Keoni’s parents’ permission to marry him. Of course, they gave him permission and later that weekend, Brent proposed to Keoni on the mountain slopes where Keoni grew up snowboarding. After a couple years of adventure-seeking and planning a wedding, we tied the knot on May of 2017. On that perfect day, tears of joy were rivaled with roars of laughter with 200 of our family and friends. We were even featured in a Buzzfeed article about marriage equality!

Now, we feel we are at the best place in our lives to start our own family. We have achieved amazing success in our own careers, recently just bought our first house together, and have enjoyed traveling the world. We have so much love for each other that we are ready to take the next step for our future family. We can’t wait to continue the adventures with our own little explorer.

About Keoni (by Brent)

When you meet Keoni in his element, he is someone you never forget. Usually it’s because he’ll have you laughing your face off, but more than that it’s because he never fails to leave an impression. His spontaneity and regard for adventure, he always has you expecting the unexpected and living in the moment. Through his compassion and thoughtfulness, he always remembers the small gestures that mean the most. And through his love and resolve, he never stops fighting for people who mean the most to him.

With all this, I know I have yet to see the best of him. I’ve never met anyone more designed for fatherhood than Keoni. First and foremost, Keoni has gotten really good at his dad jokes in the past couple years, and on top of that he’s managed to become quite the baby whisperer with kids of our family and friends. But in all seriousness, he stands to be a tremendous example to our future child. From his ambition and work ethic to his passion and sense of humor, he embodies all the characteristics I could hope for in our future child.


About Brent (by Keoni)

Even though I am very excited to be a father, I am more excited to have a life partner that feels the same. He is intelligent but humble, caring but courageous, adventurous, and has a bright smile that lets you know that everything will be alright—all of which are the best traits for being a father. Throughout the 9 years we have been together, he has loved me unconditionally while still encouraging me to be the best version of myself. He continually inspires me to work hard and believe in the good in people. Plus, he laughs at all my jokes (what a keeper right?). His friends and family are lucky to have someone like him in their lives, and we are all excited to see him as a father.

I could go on about how wonderful my husband is, but I would rather people experience this for themselves. He is the perfect teammate to start the journey of parenthood together. He is more than capable of being an outstanding dad.


Our Friends and Family

Keoni comes from a family of six, which includes a lovely upbringing with two older sisters and one younger brother in Seattle. Although his parents and brother still live in Seattle while he and his sisters live in San Diego, they remain a tight-knit family across opposite ends of the country. His sisters each have their own baby boys, making the family eager for more cousins/grandchildren to spoil with love and affection.

Brent grew up with his parents and younger sister in a suburb of Los Angeles. Being only two hours away, they always make it a point to celebrate important occasions together, including trips with aunts, uncles, and cousins to share in the festivities. Within his own extended family, Brent has cousins that were adopted and loved the same as the rest of the family.

Similar family backgrounds have provided us with the love and support of being who we are today. Together, one of our favorite things to do is spend quality time with each other’s family. We love showing our loved ones how much we care and appreciate them. As were both taught RESPECT and DEDICATION within our immediate families, we know we can continue the same within our own future family. Even both our huge extended families (tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins) are eager to welcome more children into the mix!

Our Home and Community

We have a spacious open-concept communal area perfect for preparing dinners in our dream kitchen while having dance contests in our living room. We have a sprawling backyard prime for our fruit, vegetable and herb gardens, for our future Labradors to roam freely and for an outdoor patio to enjoy evenings with friends and family. Since moving here, we’ve already become the favored choice for hosting holidays and special occasions. We are fortunate to have found our FOREVER HOME before starting our family.

Centrally located, our community Tierrasanta feels like it has it all. First, we’re a tight-knit suburban community with distinguished schools and outstanding parks and hiking trails. We’re only six houses away from the elementary school and we can’t wait to walk our kid to school! We’re also only a few minutes away from urban San Diego, which is rich in diversity and culture, as well as the stunning California coastline, perfect for family beach days and bonfire nights.

With love, thank you from the both of us.

We are very grateful that you are taking the time to read our profile. Regardless of the journey that has led to placing your child up for adoption, we respect and admire your decision to do so. We feel in our hearts that we are meant for fatherhood together. We hope you will see the LOVE,
DEDICATION and STABILITY that we can offer as parents.