April 22nd, 2018
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Brian and Stephanie

Hello! We are Brian & Stephanie from Atlanta, Georgia!

We are incredibly honored that you chose to read our profile and are so grateful that you have chosen adoption for your baby. We know that whatever adoptive family you choose, you and your baby will be blessed because of your decision.  We understand your choice came as a result of your courage, love and selflessness. We hope that our profile will give you a glimpse into our lives, personalities, relationship, and commitment to creating a loving family. Although we have not been able to conceive our own child, we have never given  up our dream of building a family and we are elated to build our family through adoption.

About Us: Our relationship started in 2012 after meeting on eHarmony. Our first date was on a rainy, Southern, summer night, where we both arrived a little late and drenched! We had a great conversation and connection while enjoying a terrific dinner. We continued seeing each other until early fall when our relationship became more serious leading to a wedding a little more than a year later! We are both originally from the Midwest; Brian is from Kansas and Stephanie grew up in Iowa.  Our Midwestern roots have given us a strong work ethic, values, respect for humanity, loyalty and family. Our values are evident in who we are as individuals and a couple.

Things we love to do together: Exploring cities like New York. Playing in our backyard with our dog, Manning. Hanging out at home watching movies. Entertaining our friends in our home. Spending time outside around our fire pit, listening to music. Talking walks in our neighborhood and on nearby trails. Cheering on our favorite sports teams – University of Kansas, Kansas City Royals, and the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as our local favorite Atlanta teams.


Meet Brian

Written by Brian: I grew up mere blocks from the University of Kansas, just west of Kansas City as the oldest of 3 children. We remain as close today as any siblings could possibly be. My hobbies include playing golf, working out at the gym, landscaping, building, and going for walks with Stephanie and our dog Manning.

More About Brian by Stephanie: One of the characteristics that drew me to Brian was his love for family and his loyalty to his friends. He talks to his family and friends regularly and texts daily…he’s in constant contact. One of the reasons I love the idea of starting a family with Brian is because of this devotion and love that he has for his family.

What Stephanie Loves About Brian: He is a great storyteller – One of my favorite things to do is listen to him tell stories about his family, siblings, growing up, and his hometown. He has a heart for animals and adores our dog Manning, whom we rescued 2 years ago. He is an individualist and has a strong sense of who he is. He is a great encourager and builds me up to be confident, strong, and be resilient to negativity brought on by others. He has a centered sense of principles, faith in God, respect for tradition, and isn’t easily swayed or influenced by others.

My Career: I am fortunate to work from home as an account executive for an advertising company. My position gives me tremendous flexibility to set my own schedule which would be a great help in raising a child. I can’t wait to help our child achieve their dream, whatever that may be.


Meet Stephanie

Written by Stephanie: I have wanted to be a mother and create a loving home for my family as long as I can remember and I am so excited knowing that through adoption someday my dream will come true.   My hobbies are very similar today to what they were growing up. They include singing in my church choir, reading, interior design, and shopping for antiques.

More About Stephanie by Brian: Stephanie is the single most beautiful, talented, loyal, considerate and selfless person that has entered my life, making me an unbelievably lucky man. She is a truly remarkable person; tender, caring, loving, strong, committed and thoughtful.

What Brian Loves About Stephanie: She encourages me to chase my dreams. She is a born nurturer; she is an absolute natural with our nieces and nephews. She will be a phenomenal mother and I have no doubt she will care for your child with love, empathy, encouragement, patience, warmth, strength and so much more. She does so much for us. There is nobody in the world that I could imagine raising your child in a more loving, nurturing, compassionate way than Stephanie.

My Career: I work close to home for a company providing corporate support to retail stores. I work with a great team and my company offers flexible hours. This flexibility will allow me to be present whenever needed to support our future child. Brian and I will be there for all these events whether it’s doctors’ appointments or school plays.



Our Family & Friends

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such a wonderful support system. Brian’s family primarily lives in Kansas and Washington, and Stephanie’s family lives in Iowa, Minnesota, and Connecticut. Even though we have family in many places we are fortunate to be able to spend time visiting them throughout the year and hosting them when they come to Georgia. Even though we don’t live in the same city as our parents or siblings, our future child will be welcomed lovingly and feel the closeness across the miles.   We have an extended group of friends in our community that we know from college, church, group associations, and work. Some of these friends Stephanie has known for over 25 years. Our friends in Georgia are our family away from home so our child will be getting an even larger family of “aunts and uncles,” and “cousins.”

Our favorite holiday traditions: Taking a big trip at Christmas to Kansas and Iowa. Seeing the Plaza lights in Kansas City at Christmastime. Easter Sunday at our church in Atlanta and then brunch. Staying in for New Year’s and sharing a special meal. Thanksgiving in Atlanta with friends.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: Our home is in a beautiful, mature 1950’s era neighborhood of Georgia’s largest city, Atlanta! We are situated on a hillside near a small lake, several parks, walking trails and even walking distance from some of the metro’s best schools. We venture out with Manning for frequent walks through the neighborhood and always bump into neighbors with a smile on their face or out playing with their children.

Meet Our Dog Manning: Our “big” 2 year old puppy Manning, is named after Kansas basketball great Danny Manning. This follows Brian’s childhood tradition of naming his dogs after favorite Kansas players. He is two years old now, rescued from a shelter as a 3 month old puppy. Every day we are in wonderment with his intelligence – he’s learned around 40 voice commands and hand signals!

Closing Thoughts: We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you have chosen to place your child for adoption and consider us the family worthy of raising your child. Our profile gives you a glimpse into us, our lives, our marriage and our values. We hope to meet you soon and tell you more about ourselves!