April 21st, 2018
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Britt and Josh

Hello! We are Britt and Josh


Dear Birthmother: Thank you so much for considering us as potential parents. We respect the courage and strength you have, fueled by the love and hopes you have for your child. We have those hopes for your child too! More than anything we want you to understand the value we put into creating a loving and nurturing environment in  our home.

We have a family filled with love and inspiration from relatives, friends and of course our pets!  With open arms and hearts we welcome the opportunity to extend the reaches of our love. We know these are tough decisions, but look forward to meeting and discussing your dreams along with ours.


Our Story: Before we met, unbeknownst to us, we had many of the same friends — probably a pretty good sign. When fate finally put us in the same room together we locked eyes and smiles, years of chance misses evaporated and our love story began. We joke about how we could have met sooner, but are grateful it took that long because the timing was just right. We feel the same about adoption and believe this moment in our lives is the right time to start a family.

We both grew up in small towns in the Midwest and then made journeys through big cities before landing in sunny Los Angeles.  That city/country combo is one of the things that drew us together. We both love the opportunity and culture a city can provide, but just as much we love the country life of driving tractors and fishing in creeks. These two worlds are something we really want to share with our child.  Being parents were goals of ours even before we met. We’ve both been blessed with loving backgrounds and we can’t wait to shower a child with the love and consistency we both know.


Things We Love To Do:


  • Camping: We’re equally happy pulling an RV with the truck or pitching a tent near the beach
  • Traveling: A trip to New Zealand is probably our favorite and we’d love to take our family back there someday soon
  • Cooking: Britt is a fantastic cook and Josh is a pretty fantastic eater
  • Taking care of animals: Whether it’s our own crew of 2 dogs and a horse or volunteering with rescued animals
  • Gardening: We love growing our own veggies and Britt loves flipping through cookbooks for new ideas to make use of what  we grow



Meet Britt

About Britt: Britt grew up in the country, but had her eyes set on big cities once she started to crawl. She studied photography in Detroit which set her on a career path as a fashion stylist. While living in New York and working in fashion, Britt also nannied for a family for 6 years helping raise their two children from infancy.  Finally she headed out to Los Angeles to be closer to her sisters. It wasn’t long before Britt’s parents also made the move and settled out West, bringing the family back together.  Britt loves doting on her horse. If she’s not at the barn, she’s probably rescuing animals from our neighborhood and beyond. Our backyard has fostered chickens, ducks, a turkey, and even a baby lamb.  Britt is a freelance fashion stylist and costume designer. From a young age Britt loved dressing up and making costumes, so when she made the transition from photographer to fashion stylist no one was surprised. Britt loves her job because she gets to help people feel good about themselves. Her job is flexible and she makes her own schedule, which will allow her to be at home as much as possible with a little one.

About Britt by Josh: Britt drew me in with her independence and toughness and then I fell in love with her passion and tenderness. She’s one of the most giving & caring people and  also one of the hardest working people I know.   She’s the best with kids and happiest when they are around. Her snack plates are legendary. She’s shared her passion for music with me and loves to dance in the kitchen while she cooks. She has a great sense of humor and we are constantly cracking each other up.  She has an endless amount of love to give and will be an amazing mother.

What Makes Britt Happy

  • Spending time and cooking with friends and family
  • Seeing Josh’s sleepy face in the morning
  • Seeing our dogs smile
  • When my horse sees me and knickers at me



Meet Josh

About Josh: After a childhood growing up in rural Illinois, Josh is a county boy in the city. He’s found Los Angeles to be the perfect city for that combination with plenty to do outdoors with easy access to the mountains and the beaches to ski and surf. Josh studied journalism in college. A pretty big sports fan, he loves to go to games when his  teams are in town or get together with friends and spend an afternoon barbecuing and watching a game on TV.  Josh works for Nickelodeon, decorating sets for shows such as Henry Danger and Game shakers, which he loves because it allows him to be creative and hands on.

About Josh, by Britt: From the very first moment I met Josh I knew I would fall in love with him. I know it sounds cliche but it is absolutely true. I could see what a kind, genuine and gentle person he was.  I don’t know one person who could say a bad thing about him. As we got to know each other, I quickly also learned how fun, funny and easy to be around he is. He holds space for me to be exactly who I am. He is such a natural around kids and at a gathering you will usually find him off throwing a football around with the kids or getting buried in the sand by them. I truly feel like  I have a partner in crime and he is my best friend. I can say without a doubt he will be the most involved, loving father our child could wish for — I am so super lucky.

What Makes Josh Happy:

  • Britt
  • Britt’s cooking
  • Nature
  • Napping with our pups



Our Family & Friends


Blessed with family and friends like family. Love is our central theme and we love having friends and family over often.

Britt’s family is close with her two sisters and parents living here and we’ve found the most amazing crew of creative, talented and most importantly, kind people we call friends but consider them more like family here in Los Angeles.  We’ve become the  go-to babysitters to many of our friends’ children including our GodDaughter, Lady, who is one year old.

Although Josh’s family still lives in the Midwest we still get to spend time together when we visit often.  We love going to Illinois to watch Josh’s nephews play football and go on fishing trips. Both Britt’s sisters have started families and her younger sister and husband who live down the street just recently adopted a little girl. The entire family is overjoyed with the new addition and they’ve been a big help to us as we move forward with our plans for adoption.

Kind words from friends: Before my baby was even born I asked Britt and Josh to be her godparents simply because I could not imagine a better couple to exemplify a life of joy. I have known both for over a decade and have never ceased to be swept up in Britt’s laughter or Josh’s easy smiles. The home they create together makes you feel as though the sun is always shining and all are welcome and treated like family.

Britt and Josh laugh together, dance together, garden together and have created the most lovely community of friends and family along with a warm and cozy home.  They have a lot of love in their home.  Nothing is missing from what they have but there is this space for a child that is just waiting to be filled.



Our home, pets and final thoughts


Home Sweet Home: We live on a quiet street filled with young parents pushing strollers. At the end of our street is a park and two playgrounds. We have a  3 bedroom house and are looking forward to preparing a nursery for a little one.  Because of Britt’s incredible taste and decorating along with our back patio, our home has become the go-to place for events big and small.  But most often, we live for the quiet nights having dinner on the patio listening to the coyotes howl to one another on the hillsides. We have a small garden that we begrudgingly share with a huge grasshopper and a few kale chewing-mice (it’s LA, even the mice  eat kale).

Our Pets: We share our house with our two adorable pups, Wookie and Luna. Both are great with kids, especially Luna who loves attention and likes to show off with her high fives. Wookie loves chasing her tennis ball and her most famous trick is looking cute. Tally-Ho is the largest member of our family and lives at a beautiful horse property about ten minutes from our house. He’s a gentle giant who gives kisses, especially if you happen to be holding a carrot.


Thank You So Much:


We have learned that life does not always go as planned. But, we have also learned that its these unexpected paths that make us grow and they can lead to wonderful things.  Although our long journey to start a family has been difficult it has been our unwavering faith that has kept us moving forward to become parents and we know that God has a plan for us and our family.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and considering us to love and cherish your child. We are ready and excited to become parents.  Your child will be raised in a home with lots of love, laughter and adventure. We will ensure that your child understands the love and gift of adoption. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.