August 17th, 2018
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Bryan and Kelly


We are Bryan and Kelly and we are thrilled that you are taking the time to get to know us!

Thank you so much for your courageous, selfless choice and for considering giving the most precious gift imaginable to a family like ours. Your baby will be such a cherished blessing! We will always treasure your decision with the utmost respect and love by ensuring your baby will know you loved him or her unconditionally from the very start.

We hope that this letter will give you a glimpse into our lives- the people we are, the love we share, the family we have built, and why we are so eager to grow our family through adoption.


Our Story

We met in the Emergency Room if you can believe that! It’s not as crazy as it sounds because I was actually at work (as a nurse) an Bryan (a paramedic) was too. We met in 2004, but didn’t actually start dating until 2007. After that, we were pretty inseparable! We both have very flexible schedules so we spent a lot of time together traveling and enjoying each others company.

In 2009, we got married on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii surrounded by 30 of our closest friends and family members. We honeymooned in the Cook Islands and then came home to start our beautiful life together.

Our Work

Kelly went to College/Nursing School straight out of HIgh School and has worked at the same Hospital since 1992. Originally working in Maternity for the first 12 years, the curiosity of the incoming ambulances and all the action n the Emergency Room got the best of me! In 2003, I made the transition to the ER and have been there ever since.

As much as I enjoy nursing and caring for other people, being a Mom is the job I always wanted. I now have the best of both worlds! I work 2 days a week at the hospital and spend the rest of my time rediscovering the world with our son, Grant.

Bryan knew he wanted to help people as well as be adventurous, so he decided to join the US Forrest Service as a Wild Land Firefighter. After a few years of hard labor and traveling the US putting fires out most of the summer months he decided that he wanted more of a stable work schedule. He went back to school and finished the Fire Academy as well as Paramedic school. Soon after, Bryan started working for a city Fire Department outside of Los Angeles where her goes on 991 calls to all kinds of emergencies, gives tours of the station, teaches children fire safety, cooks lunches and dinners and sleeps when he can!

Bryan has been with the same department for 11 years and loves his career.. He has made lifelong friendships which have turned into extensions or our family.

Meet Kelly  (by Bryan)


Kelly is an amazing woman! I first noticed her at work in the Emergency Room. As one of the top nurses I noticed how people respected her for the her caring nature, devotion and genuine kindness towards everyone around her.

Seven years later, I truly realize how lucky my son and I are to her in our lives. Kelly is a warm, patient and loving wife and mother.  She loves playing with Grant, doing puzzles, hide and seek, going to the park and just ablaut anything that makes him smile. She always makes us look our best (because you know guys don’t match their clothes very well).

She has opened our eyes to travel and adventure. I would see a picture in a magazine and say how nice it would be to go there and magically, she makes it happen. She truly gets joy on fulfilling our happiness, dreams and together time. I am blessed to have such a loving, caring wife and a fantastic mom for our son.

Fun Facts about Kelly

* I was born and raised in Southern California

*I love the smell of fresh baked cookies

* I am the youngest child

* Favorite foods: Italian & Mexican

* I love to bake! My specialties are cookies and cupcakes.

* I am a scrapbooker

* I was a Cheerleader

* Favorite Holiday: Christmas

* I am an animal lover

* I love hugs!

* I am a Notre Dame Football fan

* Favorite color: green or pink?

* I make the best cake pops!

* I did gymnastics for many years

* I love to travel

Meet Bryan (by Kelly)


 The first thing I noticed about Bryan is that he smiles with his eyes. He has a way of making you feel like you’ve known him forever. He is an amazing man and I admire his loyalty to his friends, family and especially me. He is a hands-on Dad. and you’ll always find him changing diapers, giving baths, reading books or just “playing”. He is sweet and adventurous, social and dependable and very, very resourceful!! He loves to fix things or build them from the ground up. One of his hobbies is collecting tools I think!

He is a people person and truely cares which shows in every aspect of his life including his job. He loves to laugh and he loves life!  His family values are undeniable which I attribute to his wonderful parents and a great upbringing.

He is my best friend and the love of my life and I am so lucky to have him as my husband.

Fun Facts about Bryan

* I have an older sister

* I like to surf

* I love eating Kelly’s baked goods

* I like to travel

* I worked at Disneyland on the Jungle Cruise

* I am a dog lover

* I like to work on stuff in the garage like my sand car, or building    Grants play house/sand box and even a custom fire engine bed.

* I like camping and fishing

* I love being a Dad and an uncle

* We grow our own vegetables

* I like to wakeboard

* I’ve slept in the sand and surfed at sunrise

* I’ve surfed beaches from the Washington coast to the back roads of Mexico and in between

* I’m the cook in our family

* If i weren’t a Firefighter, I’d be a fighter pilot

Meet Grant

playing with friends at the park

We both always wanted at least two children. Our siblings are our best friends and we want our kids to have the same. After struggling to conceive, we were blesses with our son, Grant.

Grant is a three year old who loves to climb, swim, jump, ride his bike, play with his cousins and look for snails! He is 110% BOY. Hs favorite toys are: trucks, trains, tractors or anything he can take apart and put back together. He loves to be outside. He is adventurous and curious! He can’t wait to be a big brother, and we cannot wait to grow our family through adoption.

We want out children to learn the lessons of partnership and compromise that sharing with a sibling can teach. Most of all, we want them to be lifelong friends and teammates. Adoption feels like the perfect way to grow our family.

Being parents has given us so much joy and we would love the opportunity to love your child unconditionally and give him or her a safe and happy home.

We are so excited to have another little one around the house!

Our Home

We live in a beautiful neighborhood in Southern California, nestled in the hills. It has many hiking trails and horse trails, bike paths, tennis courts and best of all, lots of parks!

The city hosts great community events including, concerts in the park, an old fashion 4th of July parade & picnic, a “snow day” and even boat parade. Our home is a happy one, full of lots of love and laughter. It is a great place to raise a family.

Meet Mac

Mac loves to swim and look for fish and leaves floating by

 Mac is out 7 year old yellow lab. He loves kids! He is Grants best friend and playmate and he goes everywhere with us. He loves the water, whether he’s at the river or in the pool, he can’t get enough, even if that means playing in his water bowl!

Our Family

Family time in Flagstaff AZ


Great Grandmas visit from New York


We are blessed with two amazing families… We love spending as much time as possible with family and good friends. We are both fortunate enough to have all of our parents still with us. Both of our families are close by so we get to spend lots of time together.

Bryans parents have a vacation home in Flagstaff, Az.  where we like to spend one week in the summer and one in the winter.. snow yay!

Kellys parents have a place on the Colorado river where we send many weekends boating and jet skiing.

We love spending time with our niece and nephews and making lots of new memories and new family traditions.

Our Family likes to Play

We love being together and we love being outdoors, whether its swimming, gardening, camping or boating. We spend our fall and winter weekends in the Glamis Sand Dunes playing in the dirt, and our summer weekends camping at the beach, boating or at the river.

We also like to take family vacations anywhere that is sunny and tropical. A few of our favorite places are: Hawaii, the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Domincan Republic and Turks and Caicos

Thank you

We thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for you child.. The strength and courage it takes for you to make this decision will never be forgotten by our family, and neither will you.

We promise to teach your baby early on about you , so your baby grows up knowing how strong, loving and courageous you have been.

We promise to give tour baby a life full of love, stability, adventures and fun. He or she will have every dream nurtured and supported and will be surrounded by a family that loves unconditionally.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love, Bryan, Kelly & Grant


If you would like to speak to us about adopting your child or have any questions for us, please contact one of our Adoption Advisors at Adopthelp by calling 1-800-637-7999