August 20th, 2019
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Candice and Garrett

Things that make us happy

  • 1. Iced tea on hot days
  • 2. The sound of waves
  • 3. Mountains in the fall
  • 4. Going to new places
  • 1. Exploring mountains
  • 2. Cuddles with the dogs
  • 3. Carving Pumpkis
  • 4. Working on cars

It’s Nice to Meet You!

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you a little about our lives, our family, our goals and our dreams. We feel honored that you would consider us as adoptive parents, and hope that you feel the pride that should come with such a tremendous act of love. Should you choose us, we promise to provide a loving, supportive home filled with encouragement, laughter, and generosity.

Thank you for considering us in your search for a loving home for your child.

How We Became Us

How We Became Us

Our story begins when we both came home to our roots in Colorado. Garrett had returned from completing his service in the Army, and Candice had spent many years living in Hawaii before deciding to come back to their mutual hometown. Despite having both lived in the same town growing up, it wasn’t until we had both returned from our adventures that we were destined to meet and fall in love. After dating for 2 years, we were married in Maui in a small ceremony with close family and friends. It’s been 5 loving and adventure filled years since that day, and we are proud to say that we have built a wonderful life together. We truly are each others best friend.

We have always known in our hearts that we would adopt a child. We talked about adoption nearly the moment we were married. Candice’s infertility only validated what we already knew in our souls, we are meant to embark upon this amazing journey! We look forward to opening to our hearts and home unconditionally and fully to a child.

Meet Candice

Meet Candice, By Garrett

The first time I laid my eyes upon Candy, my heart fell to the floor.  Her smile lights up a room and anyone who meets her can instantly see how much heart and love she has in her. She completes me as my wife and friend. She makes my life exciting; full of fun, laughter, and love that carries me through each day.

Her friends and family are very close to her, and she enjoys being a part of their lives. Even though she works harder than most people I know, she’s always goes the extra mile to help with birthdays, babysitting, or simply to lend an ear.  She is a true friend.  Candice will always make time for her mother, her father, or her sister, along with my large family. She is the glue that holds us all together.

Although we live quite comfortably, at times our lives can be fast paced with work and life in general. Candice’s attention to detail amazes me. She always keeps our life in check and has a play-by-play plan for almost every scenario. I feel safe and happy knowing that, as a team, we can accomplish or overcome anything thrown at us.

I am very excited to start a family with Candice, so that we can give our hearts to a son or daughter. We feel it’s important to instill family values and teach them everything it takes to be a part of this big world.  Loving them, supporting them the best way we can, turning us from a happy couple into a happy family.

5 Things You Might Be Surprised to Learn About Candice

  1. She has a “forever box” with all her keepsakes
  2. She has walked the Great Wall of China
  3. She can ride a horse bareback
  4. She is afraid if flying (but does it all the time)
  5. She can’t drive a stick-shift

Meet Garrett

Meet Garrett, By Candice

Garrett is truly everything one could ask for in a Husband and Father. He’s compassionate, kind, generous, and also happens to be the funniest person I know! He’s always the first to lend a hand to those in need and can be relied upon to come to my rescue on any bad day.  His positivity is simply amazing, and he always makes the best of any situation. I believe Garrett has helped me learn not to take life too seriously, and to just ride the waves as they come.

His respect for family shows clearly what he values. Small things like checking in on his grandparents, and always ending his calls with “I Love You, Mom” told me that he was the person I wanted to grow old with. He’s never judgmental and always finds the best in people.

Garrett is playful and adores nothing more than to spend a day goofing around. He loves trains and planes, and of course, cars. He’s a busy-body and always has a fun side project going, like restoring an old bicycle or planting new stuff in the garden.

I dream of the day I see him hold a newborn baby. I can just picture the overwhelming joy on his face. We have always known we wanted to offer our hearts and homes to a little girl or boy and can’t wait to the opportunity to be a family.

5 Things You Might Be Surprised to Learn About Garrett

  1. He has restored over a dozen classic cars
  2. He loves trains and planes
  3. He’s afraid of mice and needles!
  4. He can use a chainsaw really well
  5. He volunteered at an orphanage in Korea

Our Hobbies

Our Hobbies

We share a love of the outdoors and adventure. Our summers are spent out gold panning, fishing, boating, picnicking, and exploring. There’s nothing better than spending a summer day enjoying the cool mountain air and unplugging from the world. We have a small cabin in the mountains and try to make it up as often as we can.

We also enjoy travelling, both near and far from home. We take weekend trips to the local hot springs, old Indian ruins, and ghost towns.  We’ve been lucky enough to see many parts of the world, from Asia to Europe and a little bit in between. We keep an adventure box that holds treasurers from our journeys like neat rocks, arrowheads, or ticket stubs. We can’t wait to keep adding memories with a new little family member!

Working Away

We are blessed to have the opportunity to both live, play, and work together!  As real estate investors, we buy, remodel and sell homes together. Garrett does the heavy lifting and Candice does the interior design and bookkeeping. It’s a really fun career and is very rewarding. There’s really nothing more enjoyable than seeing our hard work and dedication transform a house into a home! We have a completely flexible schedule, which will be perfect when it’s our time to have a family.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home Is Where the Heart Is

We find ourselves lucky to live in a small town, near all sorts of recreation. We have all the comforts of a big city, a great hospital, good schools, nice parks, and community centers, but are still close to the mountains, river, and desert.  Our home is minutes from great schools and playgrounds, and only a block away from the hospital.

We are proud to have remodeled our home ourselves. It was built in 1895 and is one of the first houses ever built in our town. We love the history of the house; it was originally a cherry orchard and we still have one cherry tree left! We have a great patio for BBQ’s and having an acre and a half has allowed us to create some fantastic gardens. We have over 40 rose bushes, a lily pond, and a wrap around deck. While it’s not a mansion, it truly is our dream home.

Family and Friends

Family and Friends

We are fortunate enough to have friends and family very close by. Both of our moms and dads, Garrett’s two brothers, as well as Grandpa and Grandma live within 10 minutes of our home!  Candice also has a sister who lives in Dallas and enjoys travelling to visit. Everyone is excited for us to become parents and loves our plan to adopt. Our close friends all have children ready and waiting to have a playmate!

A couple years back we were handed the torch, by grandma of course, to hold family holidays at our house. We feel honored to be able to have everyone over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have a lovely kitchen and everyone enjoys talking, laughing, and overeating. At Christmas we hold an annual “Gingerbread Off” where we all compete to build the best gingerbread house.

Our Furry Friends

Our Furry Friends

Animals are a passion of ours and always have been. Candice grew up going to her Grandmas farm in Oklahoma over the summers where she milked goats, rode horses, and collected the eggs. She even once had a pet baby raccoon. Garrett grew up with dogs, cats, chickens and a pig.

It’s really no wonder that we both decided to open our home to rescue animals. When someone finds an abandoned or injured animal, we are the first people they call! We’re more than happy to take them in, love them, and find them a perfect home. We are proud to have a couple of permanent residents as well! Winston and Cherokee are two of kind and love visiting the mountains with us. Our kitties, Skittles and Molly prefer our laps of course!

Fun Fact: Garrett once gave mouth-to-bill resuscitation to an injured ducky

Hopes and Dreams

Hopes & Dreams

We would love nothing more than to share our lives with a child. We look forward to offering someone the incredible gift of having two full time parents.  We hope to share our values of honesty, hard work, compassion, and unconditional love.  We want to be there to offer support and encouragement for all of life’s events, from a child’s first day of school to their college graduation. Our child will always have our support and understanding, and we will always be here to cheer them on and offer them our guidance.  We look forward to building many memories and having great adventures, as well as laughing, playing, and loving together.

A Special Message to You

We wish you strength, courage, and peace as you move forward in this amazing journey. We know that you will find the right adoptive family, and we would be honored if we were the best fit. We hope that we have given you a glimpse of our lives and the love, caring, and security that we hope to provide to our future child. Whatever your decision, we wish you much happiness, fulfillment, and all the best in your life ahead.