August 23rd, 2019
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Cara and Trevor

Dear Birthmom,

As you read this we are going about our daily routine hoping to complete our family, and trying to imagine how monumental this moment must be for you. We are also feeling enormously grateful that you are considering us to raise your child as our own. The fact that you are considering adoption means you are someone of great compassion and grace, knowing that the timing is not right for you but will be nothing but pure magic for us. You are a blessing. Please know that whatever you choose to do, we already admire and commend you for making this gracious and no doubt challenging choice. If you decide that we are the right parents at this right time, we can assure you that we will dedicate our lives to providing your child with a life of unconditional love, kindness, sturdy support, guidance and direction. Your child will not want for the most important things in life, will learn the value of working to manifest dreams, and above all will embrace the importance of being kind in every way. Our entire family, from sister, grandparents, to aunts and uncles, to cousins, to a vast number of giddy nieces and nephews are poised and ready to welcome a new member to our family.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, our lives and families. We are grateful for you.


Trevor and Cara

How We Met…

We hope these brief stories help you understand who we are and what matters most to us. We currently live in Southern California. It took some time for us to meet, but on one Easter Sunday Trevor was feeling sentimental and longing for a family of his own. In a moment of inspiration, he loaded into his car with a few meaningful books tucked under his arm and drove to Ojai, California. Meanwhile, Cara was already there celebrating a friend’s birthday. After a long weekend of fun, she was bringing the weekend to a close by the pool. Trevor was also there and did his best to look cool (a mighty stretch) while Cara and her friends played in the water with a joyfulness that was hard not to notice (especially one beaming brunette). He found the courage to introduce himself. The conversation flowed from there and we haven’t been apart since.

We risk boring you with the story of our first meeting not because it is so exceptional or romantic, but because it is so simple, so driven by fate, chance, and circumstance. Imagine the many life choices along the way that led us to that perfect moment, and the sheer luck of it all. We know that same sense of fate will follow us on our journey to build a loving family and finding the right child to join us.

We were married just over a year after meeting. Since then we have been building a full life of family and friends, creating our true home, and are now ready to add your child to our life and be loving parents together.


Easter Sunday – We meet in Ojai

April – Trevor comes to Cara’s friend’s birthday and everyone including us knew we were forever (this picture and the text were sent to Cara that night)

May – Our first date and an epically long dinner where we talked for hours. Cara wore high heels and then pretended to be comfortable on our long after dinner walk.

August – We take our first trip away to Catalina and knew we were in love . . . but shhh, it’s still a secret

September – The first time we said I love you to each other – in Colorado!

January – Trevor proposes at midnight on Main Street in Telluride, Colorado where he spent many years of his youth

August – We got married surrounded by our family and closest friends and began the journey to live happily ever after… but were missing one thing . . .

NOW- An amazing woman (you) gives birth to her child and completes our family.

About Cara:

Then – I grew up in the suburbs of Boston with my older brother and my loving parents.  I had a childhood full of family trips to Vermont and Florida, horseback riding, field hockey, church, and a vibrant community of friends. My best friends to this day are from childhood (I have known two of my bridesmaids since I was 3-years old). In many ways, it was our collective families that raised all of us as we flowed so easily from one house to the other as if it was one.

Now – In my spare time, I love being in the outdoors with my husband and our dog, hosting friends for dinner and game nights, and doing all I can to see my niece (who was my matron of honor) or my parents. I also love to surprise people with my unexpected humor. I enjoy volunteering for a program here that helps foster youth make the transition into their adult life. Above all, I like to laugh and have fun in life, to be a loyal and true friend and family member, and to spend as much time as I can with the people I love most.

About Trevor:

Then – I was born and raised in Chicago’s family- friendly Lincoln Park neighborhood. Despite my parent’s divorce when I was 2-years-old, we were all very close (my Mom lived a block from my Dad growing up). I enjoyed a childhood rooted in a wonderful education and a loving extended family when my dad remarried. Early in life, I realized that spending time in the outdoors, connecting with others, and being creative were the things that made me the happiest.

Now – In my free time I love to hike, ski, travel, spend quality time in the outdoors with family and friends, and to have easy and loving time at home with my wife. I also love movies, from documentaries to more of the cheesy romantic comedies that I care to admit. Most of all, I love finding time to see my countless nieces and nephews around the country, especially my godchildren who live in Ontario Canada where we enjoy long summer days and cold fall adventures at our family farm. I am a family man first and excited more than words can say to create a family with my wife Cara and have our extended family grow yet again.

5 Things Trevor Loves About Cara

  1. She is loyal and truly shows up for the people in her life (not sure anyone has been a bridesmaid more than Cara, even for people we barely know!)
  2. She is uproariously funny
  3. She is a beautiful woman to be admired
  4. She is wildly capable (except in finding her keys which are almost always in her purse anyway!)
  5. She surprises me with her talents and ideas, which keeps life fun

5 Things Cara Loves About Trevor

  1. He’s an absolute goof – much like our puppy!
  2. He is always happy, upbeat and game for adventure
  3. He’s strong and smart
  4. He’s sensitive – he actually cries at almost all romantic comedies, and even some commercials!
  5. He’s makes me laugh- just please don’t tell him I secretly love his silly dad jokes…

Our Family:

Harper came to us through adoption in July 2018. We were there the moment she was born and have been together as a loving family ever since. She is curious, very active, and has a persistent smile. In fact, we are often asked as we walk with her, “is she always that happy?”  It sounds corny, but we love hearing it. We simply could not imagine a life without her, nor could her ecstatic grandparents, cousins, godparents, and extended family across the country.

One of our things we are most proud of in our life is the warm and loving extended family that we both have. From brothers and sisters to step-parents and in-laws, to nieces and nephews that span from coast to coast we have a vibrant and remarkably connected family … with room for more! We thought you’d want to meet a few of them here too.

About Bear:

I was born in Colorado but I have grown up in California with my parents. I’m almost 2 years old but I still act like a puppy. I’m always happy and love being around my family. I love everyone so much – I don’t have a mean bone in my body. My favorite activities are playing with other dogs and playing catch with my parents. I love waking my parents up in the morning at 6am (I am training them for when a baby arrives!).  I promise that I will protect and give lots of kisses to your baby.

Our Work Lives-


I am a producer and TV executive, which means that I create and oversee television shows. I absolutely love all the fascinating and talented people I get to work with. Each day is different and unpredictable. It is challenging and highly creative work, but it also provides a stable lifestyle that I enjoy, along with enough flexibility to spend time with my family around the country.


I am a business consultant and a documentary film producer.  I also founded a summer program for financially disadvantaged high school students that combined travel with an immersion in the documentary arts of film, photography, and writing. After more than 15 years of running this program, I can say without hesitation that this work has been my greatest source of professional pride and accomplishment.


Favorites List:

Favorite Food

C: Avocado

T: Pizza, I wish it wasn’t true, but, pizza!

Favorite Holiday

C: Halloween

T: Christmas

Favorite Movie

C: My Best Friend’s Wedding

T: Star Wars

Fun Facts:

Childhood Accomplishment

C: Performed in the Boston Ballet

T: Had the lead role in his high school musical

Adult Accomplishment

C: Won 2 Emmys

T: Had a film at Toronto Film Festival and helped 200 kids get into college

Our Home:

We live in a warm and welcoming home in Southern California with an open backyard that is waiting for a child to play in it. We are close to restaurants and shops, but also just a short drive to local hikes and the ocean. We enjoy taking our dog on hikes, going to sports events, movies and hosting dinner parties. While we are in a big city our neighborhood feels like a suburb where there are farmer’s markets, block parties, and interesting families all around. Everyone is looking out for one another and it’s a safe place to live and raise children.

We do enjoy living in the city, but we make sure to have a balance and travel quite a bit as being in nature is important to both of us. We cannot wait to take your child to some of the places we love most! We believe that travel and first-hand experiences are the best teacher the world has to offer.

Favorite Places to Travel:

Colorado-we go a couple times of year to see Trevor’s parents and ski

Florida-again to see family

Hawaii-when we need to relax and re-energize

South Africa-Safari is amazing!

Truthfully, we like to go anywhere in nature…

Top 5 Promises to your Child

  1. For him/her to feel unconditionally loved by us
  2. To teach boundaries and then let him/her make his/her own decisions – to be a leader
  3. To see the world with his/her own eyes and to be compassionate as a result
  4. To have a life where he/she can fully enjoy being a kid and have fun!
  5. For him/her to grow into a grounded and happy adult who helps make the world a better place

Thank You!

We are grateful for you for taking the time to learn about us and for making this decision. If you choose us, we can promise you that we will dedicate our lives to raising your child to be the best and happiest human being imaginable. He/she will certainly make us the happiest people imaginable.

With thanks,

Trevor & Cara