August 20th, 2019
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Cassie and Casey

Hello! We are Cassie & Casey.

Hello and Thank You! We appreciate you considering us as a potential family. We understand what an incredible selfless act adoption is and truly admire your strength. We know this first hand, because Cassie is adopted, and we recognize what a gift of love it truly is. We were able to have one biological miracle baby, and now are looking to grow our family with a miracle baby through adoption. We hope that as you continue to read our profile you will have a good understanding of our family and feel in your heart if we are a good match for you. WE WISH YOU THE BEST on your journey and hope you find the perfect family you envision for your child.

Why Adopt?

Before we even got married, adoption was something we both talked about wanting to do to complete our family. Casey’s father and Aunt were adopted from birth and so was Cassie. We were both raised with the idea that family is created through bonds and love rather than blood. We want to instill this idea with our children and create a home of inclusiveness, love, and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone’s journey.

How We Met

WE MET AT A COFFEE SHOP in Los Angeles in 2011 and instantly knew that it was the real deal. In fact, Cassie e-mailed her best friend that night with the subject line of, “Btw…I just met my future husband”. Two days after meeting, we met up for a friendly match of tennis in the early afternoon and then ended with dinner where we discovered red velvet pancakes. We still celebrate big events with red velvet desserts as our own special tradition. After a year and a half of enjoying concerts, surf trips, tennis games, and movies, we got engaged while hiking in Malibu before heading to a concert.

Life Today

We have now been married for 6 years and live in Sacramento with our three-year-old son, Will, and 6-year-old Beagle, Buster. We are also surrounded by family and friends, which makes our community so great. We love that Sacramento offers nature, sports, culture, and a family friendly lifestyle. We enjoy taking advantage of hikes and going to the river with our dog as well as catching a movie or a concert.

Just For Fun:

  • We have traveled to Sweden, Bali, Mexico, and Canada together
  • Our family goal is to travel to all 30 of the Major League Baseball Stadiums. We’re at 11 right now!
  • We have gone to 29 Dave Matthews Band concerts together
  • Casey’s mom hosts an Oscar party every year and we compete to guess all the awarded movies. Casey has won every year!

Meet Casey

My childhood is filled with memories of playing sports, skiing in Tahoe, and riding my bike with friends. I studied Political Science and Theatre in college and then received two masters degrees in Business and Criminal Justice. I joined the Army after college and was stationed all throughout the U.S. and around the world. Now, I work as an Emergency Services Coordinator for the State of California. In my free time I enjoy playing the guitar, writing, running, and most importantly spending time with my family. I love being a dad and I’m looking forward to having another child. I want to raise our kids be the best people they can be. Every kid is an adventure and I can’t wait to do it again!

By Cassie: I was initially drawn to Casey because of his humor, intellect, and sense of adventure. After getting to know him I realized that in addition to these qualities, he also was a man of compassion, strength, and love. He is always the first person to donate to a friend’s fundraiser, help a buddy move, and volunteer in the community. Casey’s also a huge comic book nerd and movie buff and loves sharing this passion with others. I knew he was someone I wanted to partner with to raise kids because of his fun personality, core values, and outlook on life. He truly flourishes as a dad and I feel very blessed to grow a family with him.

My Fun Facts:

  • Learned to scuba dive in a Missouri Quarry
  • Reads approximately two books per week
  • Was a paratrooper in the Army and completed 13 jumps
  • Loves baking

Meet Cassie

I was adopted at birth by two loving parents and raised in Southern California. My parents were very open and honest about my adoption and raised me to honor and love my birth family. I was very involved with sports as a child and grew up loving soccer. I started playing at 5 years old and played competitively on travel and club teams through college. I attended college in southern California close to the beach and developed a love for surfing, concerts, and psychology. Through my studies I became interested in post-traumatic growth, the ability to grow and flourish after a trauma, and knew I wanted to become a therapist. Since I have always had a desire to serve my country, I decided to combine these two passions and became a Behavioral Health Officer in the Army. I’m currently in a non-deployable position stateside and serve our Soldiers coming home from deployment. Although I’m passionate about the work I do, my favorite role I have is being a mom. I dream of expanding our family!

By Casey: Cassie has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. She’s the best wife and mother because she cares so much. We work so well as a partnership because we provide a fantastic balance for each other. Cassie provides the passion and emotions that gets anyone and everyone excited. She is a huge goofball that everyone loves to be around and her smile can light up a room. She has an enthusiasm that is contagious and she looks at life as an adventure. Cassie is already a fantastic mom and I know that she has so much love to give to a new child.

My Fun Facts:

  • Was the UC Irvine College mascot for 3 years (Peter the Anteater)
  • Taught English in Taiwan
  • Had pink hair and a nose ring in college

Our Loving Families

Meet Will: Will is a happy 3-year-old that loves big trucks and our dog, Buster. He enjoys going to the park, going down slides backwards, and swinging. His favorite foods include apples, broccoli, pasta, and pizza! He also loves sharing these foods with Buster. His favorite movies are Cars 1, Cars 2, and Cars 3 (we are trying to help him expand his movie preferences). He is also going to be a great big brother because he has such a gentle soul, goofy demeanor, and a loving personality.

Meet Our Family: Casey’s parents and brother’s family live close by and we see them several times throughout the week. e especially love visiting our infant twin nieces! We’re very close and enjoy dinners, movies, and local events around Sacramento. Casey’s brother and sister-in-law just had twin baby girls and everyone is excited to add more babies to the family! Cassie’s parents live about 30 minutes away in a small tourist town. We visit them a couple times a month and enjoy getting away from the city and relaxing in the country. There are several great hiking spots and fun attractions in this old mining community. Family time is something that we both greatly value. We feel fortunate to be so close to our family and enjoy all the quality time we’re able to spend together. Everyone is so excited for our adoption journey and is eager to welcome another baby into the family.Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in a suburb of Sacramento with award winning schools, beautiful parks within walking distance, and close access to the river and bike trails. We live in a culturally diverse neighborhood and our son attends a nearby Montessori school that celebrates uniqueness and individuality. We have a 5-bedroom 3 bath house with a large backyard that’s perfect for kicking around a soccer ball.

Meet Buster: Buster is our 6-year-old Beagle that loves snuggling, swimming in the river, chasing after squirrels, and cleaning up every morsel of food left on the kitchen floor. He has been great around children and is extremely patient. He’s a goofy dog that we love having part of our family.

Our Promise To You: Our ultimate goal as parents is to raise confident, well-rounded, compassionate children that know they are loved unconditionally. We will provide opportunities so they can discover who they are and flourish as a unique individual. We promise to always provide a loving home filled with humor, adventure, and support.

One Last Thank You: Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We know what an incredibly hard decision it is to place a child for adoption and understand it is truly a gift of love. We hope that you were able to get to know us as a family, and if you feel like we are a good fit, we would be honored to continue this journey with you.