October 23rd, 2018
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Charles and Sarah

Dear Birth Mother

First, we want to say THANK YOU! We are honored you are taking the time to consider us and THANK YOU for being such a brave and selfless woman. We understand this decision did not come easy, but please know our home is full of love and adventure. We cannot wait to welcome a new member to our family. Our children, Charlee and Gunner, are so excited to meet their new sibling. They talk about the baby every day. We know that GOD has led us to this amazing adoption journey and we cannot wait to start it with you.

Our Fun Facts


  • We are proud parents to two creative kids
  • We have a cat named TK and a dog named Duke
  • We travel with the kids around the world numerous times a year
  • Charles is predominately a stay-at-home dad, his dream come true
  • Sarah is a doctor and passionate about caring for people


Life begins

In 2007 we began our ADVENTURE in Atlanta, Georgia. AT the time, we were both on duty in the U.S. Army. Our love for comics, Disney movies and Michigan university revelries confirmed our connection. The next day we departed to the airport. Our flights were next to each other and delayed three times. Fate? We think so. We talked and laughed for hours and hours. From that day on, we were inseparable: traveling the world and creating memories together.


Love Grows

Becoming parents has grown our hearts desire to bring another child into our lives. During our daily family prayer time, Charlee and Gunner tell us stories of all the fun things they plan to show and teach the new little one. They are truly overjoyed, with anticipation of their new siblings arrival.


Joy reaches

We were married in Scotland and had a huge reception in Las Vegas with all our family and friends. What fun this was!

Meet Charles

Charles (C.J.) is the most fun loving, full of energy father I have ever met. He loves his children and most days still play’s as if he was one. He has a gentle soul that loves all the simple things in life. Charles always stands by my side with the deepest love and support.

Above all things, he is my best friend. His dedication, passion for making our family happy has exceeded all my expectations. I am honored to be his wife.


Dad Life

The “stay at home dad life” with the kids is busy for Charles. He manages their actives, cooks their meals, and styles them every day. The kid’s days are always filed with games, and neighborhood friends. With his nursing skills he is quick to recover and mend the occasional playtime boo boo. He is a sincerely loving father with a big kids heart.

About Charles

  • Occupation: registered nurse, stay-at-home dad
  • Education: Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration and Nursing from University of Michigan
  • Hometown: Flint, MI
  • Hobbies: Being a dad, star wars, Detroit Lions and traveling.

Meet Sarah

“You are my best friend.” Those words are simply an understatement. Sarah is amazing, affectionate, compassionate, supportive, confident, strong, fantastic, and magnetic; above all that, she is the best mother I have ever met. We shared the dream of having kids and showing them the world together. Sarah is a mom before anything else. Though she is living one of her dreams as a doctor, that job never comes before the kids. They are always her first priority.


Mom Life

Forehead kisses and love notes are standard tokens for Sarah to give when she leaves early for work. She does crafts and art projects with the kids during days off., and it’s not uncommon to have random camp-outs in the living room with tents and pillow forts. Giving and loving endlessly are her best qualities and she floods our family with them.

About Sarah

  • Occupation: Medical Doctor
  • Education: Masters of Nursing and Medical Doctorate from Michigan State University.
  • Hometown: South Glens Falls, NY
  • Hobbies: Being a mom, fitness, fashion and travel

Meet Charlee and Gunner

Charlee “Bear” is a very active little girl who loves having fun. She loves to dance and sing, many nights we have dance parties and Broadway productions thanks to this creative soul.

Gunner “G” is an amazing little brother who loves all things dinosaurs, he loves hugs and daily gives us all sloppy, food filled kisses.


One Big Family

Family is number 1! We are very close with our outstanding family. The kiddos have an adventurous grandma and stay cool Gannie. Their favorite aunt Heathy takes them everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

We travel together a lot, from Jamaica to Disney world and everywhere between. We also enjoy holiday traditions like molasses cookies and Christmas Eve, jumping off the chair on New Year’s and singing a special song to all the kids in the family. Our children are surrounded by those who love them. Making memories with our whole family through holidays and vacations is so important to us and a treasure that lasts a lifetime for the kids.

Our Home

Our 2,300 square foot, 5 bedroom home in Grand Blanc, MI is warm and kid friendly. In our home we play, play and play some more, from lots of outdoor activities from swing set, sandboxes and even bounce houses galore. The Jones’ home is truly designed for kids and we take pride in our kid-approved playhouse atmosphere. The front door is always open for family, friends, and neighbors. Come on in.


Our Promise

To You

  • Your child will be loved beyond imagination
  • They will know about you and your brave decision
  • Their safety, education and comfort are top priorities
  • Daily hugs and kisses galore.

To Baby

  • A warm, loving and playful home
  • Opportunities to discover the world
  • Freedom to learn in a manor that fits them.
  • To celebrate their adoption story.


Thank You

A great big thank you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us as adoptive parents to you child.

We appreciate you so much and without you, this would not be possible. You are forever a part of our hearts.

We cannot wait to share all the endless love our family has to give your baby.