September 20th, 2018
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Chris and Lacey


We cannot begin to imagine how this experience must feel for you. We want you to know that we respect you as a mother for weighing every option. We are deeply humbled by your taking the time to pick up our book. We have always wanted a big family. After having two biological children, it was a privilege for us to grow our family through adoption in 2016. We are excited by the prospect of adding another child to our family through adoption. While we can’t possibly know what you’re feeling, we would like for you to know that we are thinking about you, and we hope that someday you will find peace in knowing that you made the best choice for you and your baby, whatever that choice may be.  We can’t wait for you to get to know us, and we would love to have the opportunity to get to know you!

With love,

Chris + Lacey


Chris and I (Lacey) first met on a blind date that was set up by mutual friends. Our first date was at the State Fair of Texas (an event we’ve both gone to since we were kids), where we rode the rides, ate funky food, and visited the farm animals. We had an absolute blast. Our similar sense of humor and shared interests led to another date and then to many more. Nine months later, we got engaged at Yellowstone National Park. Six months after that, we were married. On our wedding day, Lacey surprised me (Chris) with a band made up of some of our closest friends from different times of our lives playing the song we all walked down the aisle to, Coldplay’s “Fix You.” It was an incredible day that has been followed by many wonderful years. We have now been married just over six years and absolutely love doing life together. It has been a joy growing a family with each other. We have three phenomenal kids that are full of energy and endless excitement. We love going to concerts, musicals, dance performances, and movies. As a family, we are always creating, learning and exploring.


We talked about adopting on our second date. Adoption was just something we both always felt we were meant to do. After having our daughter (Wren) and son (Bridger) biologically, we knew it was time to adopt. It was an easy decision for us. And the decision was validated when we got to adopt our son (Bodhi). We have loved having him in our lives, and we have also really loved getting to know and spend time with his biological family. We have experienced firsthand the beauty of adoption. And our hearts are open and ready to adopt another child.


“Lacey is creative to her core. Whether it’s making music, creating a line of kids’ clothes, coming up with new activities for the kids, or taking photos, she always has an eye for something new. She is insightful, thoughtful, and full of common sense.  She’s also a goofball with a wry sense of humor. She’ll make you laugh when you least expect it. Lacey knows who she is, what matters to her, and she stays true to herself. Simply put, Lacey loves kids.  She’s the youngest of 3 and has always wanted a big family. She’s obsessed with Wren, Bridger and Bodhi, but she is also really attentive to their cousins and other children she encounters. She’s always looking for different ways to engage them and bring happiness into their worlds. Lacey is full of life. She has boundless energy for others. There is never a shortage of fun things to do when you’re in Lacey’s world.” -Chris

Where I grew up: Dallas

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom/clothing designer/singer/songwriter

What I’m passionate about: Music, art, parenting, education, animals, human rights

What I love about being a mom: I love just about everything about being a mom. I love watching them grasp a new concept, word, or skill. I love being a source of comfort for them, and receiving comfort from them in return. I love learning from my kids just as much as I love teaching them. I love their tiny hands and their sweet hugs. I love being a witness to them discovering the world!MEET CHRIS

“Chris has a way with people that I have always admired. I really look up to him and value his opinion. He enjoys working around the house, spending time with our friends, and playing golf. He also works incredibly hard while also prioritizing his family time. Wren, Bridger and Bodhi get bear hugs, shoulder rides and hilarious made-up-on-the-spot renditions of “Hush Little Baby” at bedtime every night. Chris isn’t only Mr. Fun, though. When it comes to caring for our kids, we really are a team. Chris changes diapers, kisses bumped foreheads and snuggles our children before bed. He has deep, personal connections with all three of our children. It is such a joy to watch them together. It will be amazing to see him create another special bond with our fourth child.” -Lacey

Where I grew up: San Diego and Dallas

Occupation: Buys, fixes, and then sells companies (Private Equity)

What Im passionate about: My family, new adventures at home, traveling/camping

What I love about being a dad: I love seeing our kids grow and become their own individuals and watching their eyes light up when they experience something new for the first time. I smile and laugh a lot more since becoming a dad – I have become more patient, I listen more, and I get to play a lot more! I love the sheer joy of walking in the door at the end of the day and getting a running hug.OUR KIDS

We know our kids will be incredible siblings for a new baby because we’ve seen how they are with each other! They are all, without a doubt, obsessed with one another. They are each other’s best friends and playmates, and they all want to have another brother or sister.

Wren, age 6: Our daughter, Wren, is an opinionated goofball who loves dancing and yoga. Her favorite thing of all is making art and sharing it with people.

Bridger, age 4: Bridger is cuddly, kind and imaginative. He loves playing pretend, singing, bike riding, building Legos and playing with his trains.

Bodhi, age 2: Bodhi (pronounced BOH-dee) is our little ball of energy! He loves dance parties, spinning around in circles, cuddles with mom and dad, and tickles from his siblings.


We are a multicultural family with 3 children. Wren and Bridger are both fluent in Spanish, and Bodhi is learning, too. For us, living in Texas, it simply makes sense to learn Spanish.  And, once Bodhi and his birth family became part of our family, it became even more important. Bodhi’s birth parents are Mexican-Americans, and his birth grandparents speak mostly Spanish and very little English. His adoption is open, and in order for him and the rest of us to have a meaningful relationship with them, we’ve got to speak the same language. We want you to know that whatever background our future child has, we intend to embrace it as well. We want each of our children to feel at home and comfortable in their sense of cultural identity. In our family, each person has the opportunity and space to be completely themselves. We embrace each of our cultures, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. As they grow, we will help our children explore their culture and incorporate it into our lives in a way that assists his or her understanding and feeling a part of it. To us, this diversity is something to celebrate, something to explore, and something to incorporate into our family as a whole. We will not attempt to raise our children to be color blind; they will be educated and will learn to appreciate the differences in people from all walks of life.


We live in a pretty diverse and very friendly neighborhood. It is close to parks, schools, the YMCA, a dance school, our martial arts studio, art and music conservatories, etc. We live very close to a lake where we love to go to ride our bikes, feed the ducks and have picnics. Our block alone has too many kids to count! Many of the children on our block are our children’s best friends. There is always someone to play with! Our home has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a playroom – Lacey’s favorite room. The downstairs is very open, with the kitchen, dining room and living room hosting the bulk of the action! There is always someone building a fort with the couch cushions, working on an art project at the dining table or helping mom or dad cook in the kitchen – Chris’s favorite room in the house! In our yard, we have a two story playhouse with a swirly slide, climbing wall, hammock on the top deck and a lemonade stand on the bottom. The kids love to invite their neighborhood friends or their cousins over to play! In the summertime, we live in our pool. We have so much fun making up pool games, grilling out, and listening to music outside! Our home is a wonderful place for growing a family.


My (Lacey’s) dad and two sisters live in Dallas, very close by. We have 2 nieces and 3 nephews on my side. The 8 cousins (all age 6 and under) love to get together regularly – every holiday and birthday at a minimum, but they see each other all the time because all the kids go to school together! My mom and step-dad live in Kansas, but visit every few months. We also drive to visit them 2-3 times a year. My family is all very supportive and excited that we’re adopting another child!

My (Chris’s) parents live in Minnesota. They come visit every 2-3 months, and we visit them in MN once a year. We FaceTIme with them regularly. They are amazing, fun-loving grandparents to our kids! My brother and his wife live in Texas, about 3 hours from us, with their two kids (one girl, one boy). We see them a few times a year, usually on holidays! We love getting all the kids together when we can! Every couple of years we take a vacation together. My family is all thrilled that we’ve decided to adopt another child.


As parents, we admire your thoughtfulness in this process, and we know it can’t be easy. Thank you for taking the time to consider letting us love your child alongside you!

If you decide on adoption, and if you choose our family, here are our commitments to you:

  • Our child will laugh and love every day.
  • Our child will always be encouraged to create, to learn new things, and to explore.
  • Our child will always know they are special.
  • Our child will always have a shoulder to cry on and family to pick them up when they fall.
  • Our child will be loved unconditionally and immeasurably.
  • Our child will grow up surrounded by people who encourage them and who want the best for them.
  • Our child will be embraced as the individual that they are.
  • Our child will be an equal and full member of our family, forever.


As we open our hearts to this child, we open our hearts to you as well, and would welcome the opportunity to have a relationship with you on a level that is comfortable for you. We are thinking about you during this time and standing with you during your decision-making process.

Thank you for considering us!

Chris + Lacey