April 27th, 2018
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Chris and Lucas


Dear Expectant Mother:

Hello!  We are Lucas and Chris, two prospective dads living in suburban Maryland outside of Washington, DC.  We are thrilled to be adopting an infant and growing our family.  At the same time, we are keenly aware that you are making what is probably the most difficult decision of your life. Placing a child for adoption is an act of love, something that we will emphasize to our child throughout his life.  Your child will grow up knowing that his birthmother and adoptive parents cared for him even before he was born.

We met in Washington, DC in 2008 and became a committed couple shortly thereafter.  We married in 2012.  Our marriage is cemented by shared values, open communication, and deep love and respect for each other.

Meet Lucas

R-Disney Friend


Lucas is originally from San Diego.  He grew up in a close family surrounded by the love of his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and three younger brothers.  Lucas usually spent his free time reading, playing board games, and writing to pen pals around the world.  During high school, Lucas was a member of the debate club, tutored illiterate adults, and worked at a supermarket. A straight A student, Lucas attended Yale on a generous financial aid package, where he majored in history.  Afterwards, Lucas moved to Washington, DC where he began a career in human resources.  He has since earned a Master of Public Administration from American University, and is a human resources executive for a nonprofit social service agency.  Lucas’ hobbies and interests include travel, all things Disney, cooking, reading, history, and genealogy.

For many years, Lucas has sponsored children around the world through an international aid organization.  He has been fortunate to meet four of his sponsored children during visits to India and Guatemala.

Adoption is nothing new for Lucas’ family; his father and maternal grandfather were adopted.  Recently, Lucas found his father’s birth family, and made contact with some of his relatives.  This experience has deepened Lucas’ appreciation for the emotions and complexities surrounding adoption, and hopefully will make him a better father to an adopted child.

Lucas’ family is extremely excited to welcome a new child, and he and Chris have their full support.

About Lucas, By Chris

Lucas has the best smile in the world. It’s the best because, behind his smile, is a big heart and a kind, patient spirit. Lucas makes everyone feel at home and comfortable. It never fails that, when we’re out and about, people walk up to him and ask him to snap a photo of them. His kind soul is obvious to even strangers.

Before meeting Lucas, I had never met anyone that sponsored children internationally, much less six children on multiple continents. Over the years, I’ve come to understand how important it is for Lucas to not just think about those less fortunate than himself, but to actually do something about it. He has changed the lives of the children he sponsors, and his giving nature is one of the things I love most about him.

Lucas embraces his role as uncle to our nephews Trey and Ty, and he planned a wonderful trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania when they came to visit us. He loves playing games with them. One of our favorite activities is taking our nephews to the bookstore, encouraging their love of reading and exploring the wider world.

Lucas adds the color to our life together, cooking wonderful meals, planning amazing trips, and always making me laugh. He lives his life with integrity, and just knowing and loving him has made me a better person. The thought of raising a child together is so wonderful because I can’t think of a better person to be an amazing dad than Lucas!

Meet Chris

Chris grew up in a small town in Kentucky. Chris and his younger sister spent their childhoods playing in the neighborhood, swimming at the local YMCA, and reading at the local library. Chris especially loved basketball and martial arts growing up. In high school, Chris played the trombone, edited the school newspaper, and acted in all school plays. He was a straight A student, voted “Most Likely To Succeed,” and class valedictorian.

Chris attended Centre College, where he majored in Government, wrote for the school newspaper, and worked two jobs to help put himself through school. After college, he went to law school at the University of Kentucky. After graduating, he worked as an attorney for two federal agencies. His career has taken him from Kentucky, to Ohio, to Florida, and to Washington, DC, where he met Lucas in 2008. In 2011, he was appointed a federal judge.

Chris’ hobbies include weightlifting, reading, travel, cheering on the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, and doting on his nephews Trey and Ty. His hero is President Theodore Roosevelt, and he enjoys reading biographies about him.

About Chris, By Lucas

Chris and I met online, and then had a coffee date. By the end of the night, I knew that I had met someone very special.

Everyone loves Chris.  He has that special knack of making people feel at ease, and his easy-going nature is one of the things I like best about him.  Chris has remained close to his childhood friends, and keeps in regular contact with them.  Chris has embraced my family, and is an essential part of any family gathering.  I also love his family, and look forward to seeing them throughout the year.

Chris is the most intelligent person I know.  He loves to discuss ideas and shares my enthusiasm for learning and reading.  We have spent many nights together in front of the fireplace reading books or talking about subjects ranging from our careers to politics to science.

Chris and I are very much in synch on the subject of raising a child.  We have similar values regarding family time, good nutrition, fun, education, and discipline.  Chris and I make a great team, and I know that he will be an amazing dad.

Our Home Life

We live in a newly built four-bedroom home on nearly an acre of land in Poolesville, Maryland, about 30 miles outside of Washington, DC.  We bought our house specifically with a child in mind. Our home has many windows and is flooded with natural light.  We have a rec room downstairs with air hockey, ping-pong, board games, and a large collection of Disney movies. Our large backyard faces a nature conservation area, and we enjoy sitting on the back deck looking at the tall trees and watching for the deer, foxes, and other wildlife that frequent our neighborhood. Your child will have his own bedroom, with a walk-in closet and direct access to a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.  He will also have lots of opportunities to make friends; our neighborhood is home to many families with young children.  Plus, with lots of room for hosting, we have frequent visits from family and friends.

Poolesville is a small, semi-rural town of approximately 5,200 people, but it is located just minutes from the excitement and opportunities of the larger Washington Metropolitan area.  We chose Poolesville as our home because it has a very low crime rate, and one of the top-rated school systems in Maryland, including the state’s top-ranked high school. People in Poolesville are warm and friendly.  It’s the kind of town where even strangers wave to you as you walk down the street.  Every neighborhood in Poolesville has its own park, and there is a fantastic public pool complex complete with a kiddie pool and splash fountains.  The town is in the middle of an agricultural reserve, and visiting the local farms for seasonal foods and activities—such as hayrides, pumpkin patches, and apple picking—is a tradition for many Poolesville families.  Town life centers around families, and it would be hard to find a more family-friendly community than Poolesville.

While every season brings a sense of fun and tradition, our favorite season is Christmas.  The day after Thanksgiving, we decorate both the inside and outside of our home.  The centerpiece of our Christmas décor is our “dueling” Christmas trees.  Chris decorates his tree with Star Wars ornaments that he has collected since childhood, while Lucas’ tree is Disney-themed.  Our trees have become well known in the neighborhood, and, throughout the season, family and friends stop by to see them.  We look forward to adding a third Christmas tree to our home, with a theme selected by our adopted child.

Another tradition in our home is vacation time.  We usually take two big vacations a year, in addition to several weekend trips. Lucas is the vacation planner for the family, and he has planned many wonderful trips.  Walt Disney World and Disneyland are favorite destinations, and we have gone to a Disney park at least once a year since we met.  Other travel adventures have included Guatemala, Peru, Sedona, Cape May, Williamsburg, Key West, London, Paris, and Hawaii.  Favorite day or weekend destinations include Hershey and Pennsylvania’s historic Brandywine Valley. When we travel, we like to explore the history and culture of our destination through visits to historic sites and interactions with the local people. Additionally, Chris’ parents plan an annual vacation to the mountains or beach for the entire family.  Quality family time includes games, cookouts, s’mores, swimming, and a much anticipated water balloon fight.

On Parenting

Raising a child is the most important thing that either of us will ever do. We are determined to raise our child in a loving, stable home that emphasizes the importance of family, education, and social responsibility.  Specifically, we pledge the following:

  • Everyday, we will not only tell your child that we love him, but also show him that we do.
  • We will maintain a stable, nurturing home where your child will feel secure.
  • We will not spank or hit your child, and instead rely upon non-violent discipline measures, such as timeout.
  • We will read to your child regularly, and keep a house full of books for him to enjoy.
  • Education will be a top priority in our home, and we will do whatever we can to ensure that your child receives a quality education from kindergarten through college.
  • We will instill respect for critical thinking and universal ethical values.
  • We will provide your child with the opportunity to explore the world via frequent domestic and international travel.
  • We will teach your child to respect others and be wary of prejudice.
  • We will respect your child’s individuality and encourage him to pursue the goals and interests that make him unique.

In Closing

Adoption is a special, and at times difficult, journey.  Our promise to you is to treat you with respect and honesty throughout the process and to give your child the very best upbringing we can.  We look forward to meeting you!