June 18th, 2019
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Chris and Stella

Hello and Thank You! We are Chris and Stella from California…

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about us. I hope we can begin to capture the love we have for each other and our families, and the ultimate love we will give to our new baby—in this “Story of Us.”  We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. What we do know is you have the courage, strength and love of a person who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice—and for that we are eternally grateful.  What matters to us most is the love of our family. Our family is large and fun and loud, warm and welcoming, and sometimes they seem as excited as us about raising a child.  One thing we know is that the child we bring up into our lives will have more love and support from us and our family than anything imaginable. That is a promise!

Like most modern-day romances we met on Match.com. We have been together 6 years and married 4. When we came together, we agreed that it was the first time we had each met our “match.”  We just clicked.  Above all, we both embrace life. We simply enjoy being together and with people, doing almost anything from taking a walk around the neighborhood, to cooking a great dinner, to taking a hike (always with “lots of picnic food”) to hanging with friends and family.

Chris’ son Brennan lives with us, and is going to college in AZ in the fall. (Sad and exciting all at the same time!) He promises to come back to Cali! And though our family is huge and so much fun, the three of us together really enjoy our quality time: Ping Pong tournaments, swimming, late night hot tubbing, and our favorite sitcoms, like “Blackish” and “Goldbergs.” We always have dinner together, which is a great time to catch up on each other’s days—especially Brennan’s.  Though Chris and I have struggled with having a child, we realize adoption has been our path all along: Both Chris’ brothers have adopted all their children, and it is truly the most amazing GIFT anyone can give. We are so excited to become parents together to a beautiful baby.



Meet Stella

Through Chris’ Eyes: Her kind, loving and positive spirit makes her a total joy to be around, usually because she always goes the extra mile to make sure everyone else around her is happy and having fun too! Stella is also very strong and determined. Whether it’s work or personal, she takes any task or challenge head-on with a positive attitude, and a tremendous amount of patience. Stella is a wonderful wife, an awesome step-mother to my son, the most loving auntie, sister and daughter anyone could wish for! Stella is truly a beautiful person with an abundance of love, generosity and patience, and I am so excited about being able to parent a child with her.

Stella talks about her career: I was so blessed to be a high school teacher for many rewarding years. I loved every minute of it. The best part is that students still find me (usually on Facebook) to catch up and tell me what they are up to. It helps me realize that I made an impact.   At the same time I was teaching, I started a cookie business with my brothers. It became more and more successful over the years, and because Chris and I wanted to start a family, I left teaching and went full time into my gourmet cookies and cakes business. The biggest plus is I also get to do ALL my work from home. My mom was a Stay-at-Home Mom, and I believe in it! For me I can have the best of both worlds…get some work done AND stay home with our child.




Meet Chris

Chris has all the traits I hoped for in a soulmate: compassionate, loyal, hard-working, loving, easy-going, and happy everyday! BUT, the characteristic that stuck out most for me when we first met was his undying devotion to his son. Chris still “tucks” Brennan in at night. He lays with him, they laugh and joke, and always end each night with a warm goodnight. It’s so cute to see a dad and his 6 foot son in this way. Often Brennan (even though he is much taller than Chris) snuggles up to him while they watch TV on the couch. They do cannonballs in the pool, “talk smack” to each other during football and ping pong games, wrestle around like teenagers, go to motorcycle races, and wash their cars together on weekends. To watch Chris with his son is to adore him.  On one hand, Chris is laid back and loves to be home fixing up the yard, BBQing, or taking a swim. And, on the other hand, he loves everything exciting, from car racing to dirt bikes and quads, and wake-boarding on our ski boat. He is the perfect balance of “let’s just relax at home, order pizza and watch a movie” and “Let’s call friends and go skiing on our boat…like, right now.”

Chris is also the “King of Cooking.” He loves making the usual BBQ ribs or Burgers, Salmon and Street Tacos. However, the minute any of us try something at a restaurant that we like, Chris figures out how to make it at home for a new house favorite—from scratch. We always tell him he needs to go on a show like “Chopped” to show off his talent.

 My Career, By Chris: “What? You both work from home? HOW LUCKY!” Those are just a few phrases we hear from time to time.  I am in sales for an international company called Nanolumens that sells large L.E.D. Screens, basically HUGE TVs that you will see at Sport’s Arenas, Airports, Google and places like that. I sometimes travel to meet with a customer or see the finished product, but for the most part, I get everything done remotely…from home.



Our Home, and future big brother

There’s no place like home: We live in a beautiful valley in Northern California, just over the hill from Napa. Our home is nestled in a gated community, surrounded by hills and a country club, for a fun place to walk and grab a bite or play tennis. Literally a block away is a park, fully equipped with a sand volleyball court, soft play structure, and lots of grass area— where we love to go.  Just down the hill at the entrance of our community is a great K-8 school, where I (Stella) have actually worked. The school prides itself in its academics, bi-lingual program and its activities and sports. It is one of the favorite in the district.

Luckily we have Stella’s brother, wife and kids around the corner, and the rest of her family, 10 minutes away. Having the nieces and nephews a rock throw from our house makes it easy to get together often. To be honest, all of our family, including extended, love to get together for any reason: birthdays, holidays, graduations, award celebrations, or simply because it’s Sunday! And, our home along with all our family’s homes, really welcome togetherness. Everyone is always welcome!

Meet Bro “B”: Brennan, “B”, is a senior in high school, and really can’t wait to graduate. His next steps are bitter-sweet, as he moves away to college in Arizona. He still has no idea what he wants to do, but he knows he wants to finish college. Like his Dad he loves cars and spends hours fixing up and cleaning his. B is ready for “Big Brotherhood,” and though his younger cousins look up to him, he looks forward to his own little brother or sister. He is gentle and patient and loves making people happy.




Our Loving Family and Closing Thoughts

Chris’s Family from Stella’s Eyes: Chris’ family, though much smaller in numbers and further away, have all the same values as mine. They are warm and welcoming, loving, and love to be together for Holidays, Birthdays, and events. Chris’ parents do scavenger hunts for their grandchildren, host fun get-togethers centered around food and laughter. They are always happy and ready to babysit!  Both Chris’ brothers and wives adopted all three of their children, the newest addition being Lily—the only girl on that side of the family! Both she and her brother Ben are part of an open adoption, and it has been amazing to really see it in action. It is just a beautiful thing, where two Birth-Moms are part of major events, like birthdays for the children.

Stella’s Family from Chris’ Eyes: {My Big Fat Greek Wedding} Stella’s family (including her extended family) are large in numbers and large in heart! Honestly, it is safe to say, they are the most welcoming, generous group of people I have ever met. They love to laugh, get together for holidays and events or anything that brings them together. Their holidays are like Disneyland for the kids (and adults). For example, her parents host Easter every year: It is filled with food and air-brushing, an obstacle course, and even without the extras, it is just filled with love and laughter. I have never met people who love to get together as much as they do. They just honestly “like” each other. I always tell Stella that her brothers and family are her friends, even though she has great friends too. Her friends always tell me they wanted to marry Stella’s brothers just to be in her family!

Closing Thoughts: Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for hearing “Our Story.” Thank You for Your Courage, your Selflessness and Love for your child. Please trust that we are good people who have a strong foundation, genuine hearts and unconditional love and support within us and our families that will help nurture a child to reach his/her dreams and goals.  Please trust we will teach your child his/her adoption story and that he/she/they are truly a gift because of the bravery of their mother. We are open to whatever makes you happy and comfortable in shaping “Our Adoption Story” together. You want pictures, you got it! You want visits, you got it! You want to bake the birthday cakes, you got it! Again, thank you, and may you find peace through your journey!