August 23rd, 2019
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Chris and Steve

Hello! We’re Chris and Steve from San Francisco, California.

We count ourselves lucky to have found each other and have created a life together, and now we can’t wait to welcome a child into our home. We are so grateful for your courage in considering adoption and for taking the time to get to know us. We have experience with adoption on both sides of our family. And even though we don’t know you or your specific dreams for your child yet, we know that even considering adoption shows your strength as a person and the love you have for your child.  Being parents together has been our dream since the day we met, and we are excited to start our family through adoption.


Our story begins 20 years ago, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We had both started a new job at the same office (we’re both architects) and hadn’t met one another until one momentous day at a design meeting, where we started sketching ideas together for a new project. With a wink and a glance across the room, a spark ignited, and we haven’t looked back since!


We absolutely love being architects! Chris had the great fortune of collaborating with Steve Jobs on the design of Apple Computer stores all around the world, from New York to London to Tokyo.  Steve works on great buildings for communities, including city halls, libraries, and beautiful urban parks. After many years working on different projects, we are working together again, where our projects keep us close and will allow us greater flexibility to work from home while we care for our future child.


From the start, the two of us connected over a love of the great outdoors. One of our first dates was a day long canoe trip down a peaceful river in Pennsylvania.  We’ve gone backpacking in the mountains of Italy where Chris’s grandfather was born, snowshoeing in the Sierras, and whitewater rafting just a few miles from our weekend house in California’s Gold Country.

Traveling is really important to us and is a way to learn more about ourselves, while we learn about others.  We are lucky to have friends around the world to make our journeys more meaningful and connected to the local culture. We have visited our close friends in Spain, Chris’s college friend in Malaysia, and the hometown of our friends in South Africa. We also appreciate the simple pleasures of quiet days at home.  Chris grew up in a home where the kitchen was the heart of activity, and he can easily spend an entire day in the kitchen whipping up a delicious meal.  Steve loves to curl up with a good book by the fire on a cold winter day, while listening to his favorite albums from our vintage collection.

About Chris, as told by Steve

Chris is my true love and my best friend, all rolled up into one sweet package.  There are so many things I love about him!  His smile is contagious, and he always knows how to put me in the best mood! He is such an incredible listener with adults and children.  His eyes shine when he is inspired; he lets out a big laugh when something cracks him up; and is attentive when his friends need him most.  He is a big goofball with a great imagination, and kids take to him right away. He makes up his own bedtime stories for our nephews, involving magical time-traveling kangaroos. Chris loves to plan our incredible adventures. He will make sure that our future child will have great vacations! He loves to sing and play music. As a child he performed in a national touring choir, and he continued to perform in jazz bands and choirs though college. I get to enjoy my own personal performances at home, where he often makes up his own jingles that make me laugh! He is sweetly emotional, and will often cry during movies and TV shows… especially This is Us. I love his thoughtful spontaneity! When I’m having a bad day, he’ll take me on a surprise date that is just the recipe to put me in a better mood!

5 things that make Chris happy:

  • Staying up late on a warm summer evening and looking up at the stars with Steve
  • Hanging upside down on a gravity-defying roller coaster
  • Learning foreign languages (I studied abroad in France and Germany)
  • Swimming in the ocean for hours on end!
  • Riding the subway in a new city

Chris’ Fun Facts

  • Hometown – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Education – Harvard and Princeton
  • Favorite food – Anything grilled on a hot summer afternoon!
  • Dessert – Homemade ice cream!
  • Hidden Talent – I play the oboe and saxophone
  • Guilty pleasure – Watching TV game shows


About Steve, as told by Chris

From the moment I met Steve, I knew that he was “the one.” His love and affection radiate through his beautiful eyes.  It is such a pleasure to be greeted by his loving glance every morning!  There are so many beautiful dimensions to his personality. He is the most curious and inquisitive person I know.  The world is his classroom, and he’s always eager to discover new things about the people he meets and the places he travels.  I know that he will teach and inspire our future child to find beauty and wonder in everyday things. He is my rock. He pushes me to do things I never thought possible, whether it’s gathering the courage to climb a mountain, or venturing into a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a foreign country. Steve loves to make lists!  He will ensure that our lives run smoothly.  I can already imagine the markerboard listing all sorts of activities we’ll plan as a family.  Steve is a remarkable teacher. His patience allows him to teach children things as they would understand them, rather than from an “adult” viewpoint.  I see this every time he talks to our nephews. Steve is an incredibly talented photographer and the walls of our homes are filled with his beautiful photographs. Since the first time he picked up a camera in college, he has taken to photography as a way to capture his unique observations of the world around him. And he is full of creativity! You can be sure there will be plenty of paper and colored pencils nearby for your child to draw from their imagination!

5 things that make Steve happy: 

  • Seeing Chris smile
  • Decorating the Christmas tree while listening to classic carols
  • Enjoying a beautiful sunrise at our weekend country house (with roosters crowing and cows mooing in the distance)
  • Taking in the sights and sounds of San Francisco during a morning jog,
  • Popcorn and movie night!

Steve’s Fun Facts

  • Hometown – Tampa, Florida
  • Education – Carnegie Mellon
  • Favorite food – A warm bowl of soup on a cold winter day.
  • Dessert – Anything chocolate!
  • Hidden Talent – I’m a licensed DJ!
  • Guilty pleasure – McDonald’s French fries!


Chris’s Family

Chris has a relatively big family:  two sisters, 10 cousins, and lots of aunts and uncles, and plenty of fun family gatherings.  Chris and his sisters, Beth and Susie, all enjoy long-distance running, and holidays often involve everyone getting together for a “Turkey Trot” or a “Jingle Jog”.  We enjoy watching our nephew play college football, going to the zoo with our niece, and learning how to play Minecraft from our 10 year old nephew.

Steve’s Family

By comparison, Steve’s family is small and close-knit.  His mom and his sister Kathy, along with her family, all still live in his hometown of Tampa, Florida. We try to see them twice a year, and get to go on incredible adventures with our nephew to the splash park, Legoland, and the warm Floridian beaches.   At the end of the day, we come home to Grandma C’s famous cookies and board game night!

Our Friends

We are fortunate to have a great network of friends in San Francisco, and we have learned so much from their experiences raising families in the city.  Our friends Chris and Kevin, who live close, recently welcomed twin baby boys through open adoption.  We look forward to spending time together with our families.


We are very fortunate to have two places we call home, one in the heart of San Francisco and another in the California countryside.  Your child will enjoy the best of both city and country life.

Our home in the City

We live in a beautiful two-bedroom home along a tree-lined street on San Francisco’s Nob Hill. Our home has beautiful wood details, lots of natural light, and a cozy fireplace for snuggling up on long winter nights.  Our nextdoor neighbors are a couple with a newborn child, and we look forward to play dates with them!  Although we live in a big city, our neighborhood has the charm of a small town, and we can walk anywhere we need to go. We have a wonderful little grocery store around the corner, and we are just a few blocks away from a beautiful park with a playground, and the local elementary school.  We even have the pleasure of walking 15 minutes to work every morning. San Francisco is a perfect place to raise a child, with so many beautiful parks, beaches and museums to explore!

Our home in the Country

Seven years ago, we bought our weekend retreat home on 3 acres of land, with a panoramic view of the Sierras. Our neighbors are deer, wild turkeys, and coyotes. Here we enjoy nature to its fullest:  we have a vegetable garden and fruit trees, we enjoy lots of beautiful hikes in the forest, and visit the local farms for fresh eggs and homemade berry pies.  We can’t wait to share this peaceful slice of California.

A child growing up in our house can look forward to:

  • A really good education (many of our relatives are teachers)
  • Delicious dinners made from vegetables picked from our garden
  • Cutting down our own 12-foot-tall Christmas Tree at the local farm
  • Board game night!
  • Going gold panning near our country house
  • Arts and Crafts projects!


Thank you for taking the time to let us share our story with you. We can’t wait to start a family, and we are so incredibly grateful that you are considering us as your child’s adoptive fathers.  If you end up choosing us, we promise to raise your baby with unconditional love and support.