June 18th, 2019
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Chris and Todd



Hi there!

We’re Chris, Todd, and Sydney from Los Angeles, California. Welcome to our profile!  First off, we want to say ‘Thank you!’ for taking the time to get to know our family.  We know that this is a very difficult decision and that you love your child very much and want to find the best possible home for him or her. We’re looking forward to giving another child a loving and supportive family (with an awesome big sister), and sharing with them all the opportunities the world has to offer.

We have been a couple for over eleven years now (how did that happen?!?) but for the past three years we have shared our lives with our amazing daughter Sydney who came to us through the gift of open adoption. We have loved every minute of giggles, snuggles, and playtime adventures and…believe it or not, even the diapers weren’t so bad!

Parenthood has profoundly changed us – the three of us share a love and admiration for each other and we are all very excited for our family to grow even further.



Hooray for Hollywood! Chris and Todd both work in Hollywood: Chris has his dream job of owning a production company that produces television and commercials and Todd has worked in marketing for films and TV for years – he also has a love for personal finance and hopes to publish his first book on the subject in 2017. Our careers are a lot of fun as we’re both working in the industry we dreamed of. Having both grown up in smaller towns, we try to take advantage of all that L.A. has to offer whenever we can.

Together as a family we love to hang out with friends, have BBQs, go for hikes, or go to the beach and play in the sand. We also go to A LOT of playgrounds!

We also love to travel. We see our families several times a year (in Oregon and Ohio) and like to do at least one big vacation annually to see a bit of the world. We’ve been to Italy, Greece, Germany, London, Ireland, and Australia.  Traveling since Sydney was born hasn’t changed us much as she went to Hawaii with us when she was just two months old and we managed to do a big family cruise to Alaska last summer with both sets of grandparents!

And food! We love cooking great meals at home. Chris does the majority of the cooking and Todd does the majority of the cleaning up of the cooking – it’s meditative for each of us in its own way.


Maybe it’s silly for me to say that Todd is the most amazing man I’ve ever met, but it’s true.  He’s funny, loving, caring, so easygoing, and the greatest dad to Sydney I could ever imagine.  I feel like I hit the jackpot at being able to find someone who I still have fun with every single day after eleven years!

Every evening I’m excited to go home and have dinner with him and Sydney and talk about our days. He is always there for me…to take my call if I’m upset…to wake me from a bad dream about zombies…or to surprise me on my birthday (or just any old day by bringing home ice cream or some other treat). Todd is my rock, and I can’t imagine a better role model and a better person to be both my partner and a parent.


Don’t tell anyone but I think I’M the luckiest guy in the world. When I first met Chris, it felt like a scene out of a movie where, with one flash of his smile from across a crowd of friends, I knew my life was immediately changed for the better. That night I literally said to him, “Oh, there you are!” because it felt like running into a best friend you just hadn’t seen in awhile. Our past eleven years together have been a great adventure of traveling the world and building an awesome life and family together.

Now that we’ve been fathers for the past three years, I can also confirm that Chris is an amazing dad. He constantly inspires me to be a better father, too, just through the love, attention and encouragement he always provides our daughter. I know without a doubt that any addition to our family will only make our hearts grow bigger because our relationship is built on a foundation of love, support, and laughter.


At three years of age, Sydney is a bubble of fun, joy, laughter, and energy! She loves Peppa Pig and Elmo (who she called ‘Melmo’ for the longest time) and has a borderline addiction to Greek yogurt and string cheese.

Sydney came to us from an amazing, brave, and funny birth mother who chose us very early on in the process. Only a 4-hour drive away, we were all together for milestone ultrasounds and for Sydney’s birth, where Todd got to cut the cord. We stay in close touch with Sydney’s birth mother (we call her Mommy Melissa) and her half sisters, we FaceTime on birthdays and holidays, and at least once a year we spend a long weekend together.

The level of communication between all of us has always been based on mutual respect and what everyone feels comfortable with. In our case, it’s been great to have Mommy Melissa and her family in our lives and we know it’s going to be beneficial when Sydney is able to understand where she came from and the gift that her birth mother gave all three of us when she helped create our family. We are so excited to meet the birth mother of our future child, too, as it is a very unique, profound and rewarding relationship.


Chris’s family is both near and far. His brother and sister-in-law live nearby in Los Angeles and love to babysit Sydney. They couldn’t be more excited about having another nephew or niece join the family. Chris’s other brother lives in Oregon with his wife and two adorable nephews (ages 5 and 8). When the whole family gets together and all the cousins play, it is often a rowdy and loud time!

The rest of Chris’s family lives in Portland, Oregon. His parents have been happily married for 42 years and still live in the house that Chris grew up in. His mom stayed at home to raise the three boys and provided an amazing and supportive environment where they had dinner every night together as a family and the ability to go to any sports practice, theater rehearsal, or music lesson. Chris’s dad worked in radiology and spent weekends camping with the kids on Boy Scout outings and teaching them how to work on cars and do yardwork (though they didn’t really take to the yardwork).

Todd’s family all lives in Dayton, Ohio where he grew up and where his sister raised two amazing nephews and two beautiful nieces. His parents are still married after over fifty years! They have great senses of humor and raised him on comedy albums, movies and sitcoms, giving him a pretty lighthearted view of the world.

Todd grew up working and playing around his dad’s business: a Putt-Putt Golf & Games mini-golf course and video game room. He started working and earning money from a very early age which instilled in him a strong work ethic, yet one where he was constantly surrounded by friends and family (his sister worked there, too!). He was a very responsible and social kid which translated into straight “A”s (cough…teacher’s pet…cough) and involvement in just about every extracurricular activity in high school and college. And he loved every minute of it!



We both loved our parents and our childhoods so much that we definitely feel there’s a lot to live up to. As first-time parents we have found that we both see eye-to-eye on parenting techniques and, while it’s probably impossible to imagine how we’ll handle every situation (teenage years – yikes!), we both share the same overall philosophy.

We believe one of the foundations of good parenting is to have mutual respect between the parent and the child. We also strongly believe in consistency and unity between the two of us for the child’s sake. While we know that there will be some bumps along the road for any child growing up, we will always be the rocks that our children can rely on. Just like we are for each other, we will always be there for our children. We will always have their backs.

We’ll be there for guidance. We’ll help them when they fall, to learn from their mistakes and to keep persevering. We’ll be there to support them in realizing their dreams and guide them toward what they want to do with their lives.  We’ll be there to laugh with them and hold them when they are sad or hurt. We’ll be there to teach them manners, morals, and, most importantly, a respect and love for all human beings.

Our promise to you and to your child is that we will love, cherish, and be there for them for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for considering us!