August 20th, 2019
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Christian and Doug

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. My husband and my dogs!
  • 2. Family time, being silly
  • 3. Expanding our family
  • 4. Exploring new cultures
  • 5. Raised by great parents
  • 1. Healthy & happy family
  • 2. My amazing parents
  • 3. Traveling
  • 4. Great food
  • 5. A good movie or story

Hello! We are Christian and Doug from Irvine, Orange County California!

Dear Birthmom: We want to start by THANKING YOU for your courage, strength, and selflessness when you made the decision to consider adoption for your baby.  We understand this is one of the most important decisions that you have made in your life and we are humbled for that. We want to let you know that you don’t have to do this alone and that we can be part of this journey together. You can be assured that the baby that you bring to this world will enjoy the best quality of life we can provide, the best opportunities we can offer, and the best experiences we can support. He or she will be surrounded by a loving family, our generous circle of friends, and experiences to help him or her grow to be a responsible and great adult. But let’s get to know each other!

About Us: This year, we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of our relationship. We met through a mutual friend down in Ft. Myers, FL back in 1994. “That night, when we went to a club, I remember seeing Doug dancing and thought how attractive he was – tall, blonde, blue eyes” says Christian. However, Doug wasn’t looking for a relationship then but Christian insisted and they have been inseparable ever since. With marriage equality nationwide we have now also enjoyed over 2 years of marriage.  Because of work responsibilities, we have had the opportunity to live in different cities in the US. From living in Naples, FL we moved to Miami Beach where we lived for 8 years and even bought a condo. Then, we had the opportunity to move to New York City and experience the fast life of a great city. However, Doug got a great job opportunity in Southern California in 2008, and we packed our bags and moved without hesitation.  Travel and new cultures are two of the hobbies we enjoy. We have visited Ecuador and Spain several times. In addition, we have visited together London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Sydney, and Japan. More recently when we took our honeymoon (two years after our wedding), we spent 8 days in the French Polynesia.




More By Christian: Originally from Ecuador (South America.) Graduated with two Bachelor of Science degrees and completed a Master’s degree in International Business. Because of my Asian and Hispanic background, my family is very large and close-knit, most of them still live in Ecuador.

More By Doug: I have a strong Midwestern moral background & work ethic. My love for music has led me to many vocal & instrumental awards. An only child & very close to  my parents. Currently I am a Global Director of Support for the 3rd largest software company in the world.

Fun Facts About Us:

TRAVEL – Together we have visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Sydney, Japan, Ecuador, and most recently French Polynesia for our honeymoon!

FOOD – We love food, especially international food.  It’s one of our ways to learn about new cultures.

CYCLING – It’s one of the new activities we learned from living in California. We have participated three times in the AIDS LifeCycle fundraising event – a 545-mile ride from San Francisco to California in one week to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. This year  might be our fourth time!

MOVIES – We both love sci-fi movies (although Doug is the geek and nerd) from Star Wars to Harry Potter. Every year we participate in the “Best Picture Showcase” event in which we spend two 12-hour days watching the Oscar-nominated movies for Best Picture at a local movie theater.

ANIMALS – We are very supportive of animal rights. We love our two dogs – Bobo and Bella. They bring and add happiness into our lives, each with its own personality.


Meet Christian

About Christian, As Seen By Doug: When I first met Christian I felt an immediate attraction to him, he has a smile that could end wars. Then after speaking with him I was mesmerized. 22 years ago I was only concentrating on my career but meeting Christian I learned I could have both, a loving family and successful career. Christian is incredibly humble and doesn’t like to talk about his accomplishments but they are many. He is incredibly smart with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and another in Electrical Engineering. He also received his MBA from University of Miami whilst working for Sony. He has enjoyed a very successful career because of his dedication and work ethic.  Christian somehow always ends up to be the life of the party, making people laugh ensuing everyone has a good time. He has a huge fondness for pop culture, politics, world events and history. He can have in depth and engaging conversations with anyone.  Christian’s sincere kindness and his dedication to helping those that do not have a voice or need help is one of the main reasons I love him so much. He and I dedicate much of our time to helping shelter animals and supporting organizations that do the same. We both have several times ridden our bicycles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, over 545 miles, to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS.


Meet Doug

About Doug, As Seen By Christian: Doug is the most caring, sensitive, and loving person I have ever known. And he’s very handsome too! I remember a couple of years in our relationship, I was internalized at a hospital after a trip to Ecuador where I got an infection from something that I had eaten down there. Doug spent every single day of my stay for the two weeks I was there with me, and he tried several times to stay overnight sleeping on an uncomfortable couch. Such acts of love and compassion showed me his real feelings for me.  Throughout the years, I have learned how dedicated he is for his work, his parents, our dogs and me. He always thinks of his family first and then him. He’s such an animal lover and he loves to spend time with our dogs – playing and spoiling them with treats and love.  Doug is a very smart person and a great communicator. I always go to him for advice and for the support that he has always provided to me. I know that he will be a great father to your child, he will spoil him or her, and stand next to him or her through the walk of life. I am blessed and fortunate to have such an outstanding man next to me as we start this wonderful endeavor together.


Our Family & Friends

We have been very fortunate to count on our family and friends throughout our lives. Every time we have moved from one city to another, we have been blessed with great friends and keep our old friendships alive.  Christian’s parents have passed away, but his older sister, brother-in-law, and brother live in Spain. His nephew, Pablo, lives in London. Because of his Asian and Hispanic background, he’s been very lucky to have a large family with aunts, uncles, cousins, and other siblings. His family used to organize reunions parties that always had, at least, 100 relatives in attendance. These reunions were full of fun, songs, dance, and food! Your child will have so many cousins and uncles and aunts to spoil him for a very long time.  Although Doug is the only child in his family, he has a natural charm and he makes friends easily. Everywhere he goes, people know his name and enjoy his company. People come to him for advice and for a laugh. He loves to visit his parents in Illinois and tries to spend his parents’ birthdays with them. And every other year, his parents come to visit them to Southern California during Christmas time. Doug’s parents will be such an excellent support system to us and to your child.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home & Community: Living in Orange County has many advantages for raising a child. The fact that we are so close to Disneyland is a big plus. It will definitely be one of the frequent places we visit once your child is of age to appreciate this world. We decided to live in Irvine, Orange County, because of Doug’s work. Our apartment complex is beautiful and very family friendly – there are so many young families living in this community and you always see kids playing around in the on-site playground or playing basketball or tennis too. Another advantage of our apartment complex is that it’s walking distance from the Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center so we get to hang out in that area, go to restaurants, the movie theater, and even the comedy club.  Within the next two years, we are planning to buy our own home. We have decided to stay here in Orange County, and specifically in Irvine, mainly because of its excellent school system. Irvine is surrounded by parks, and hike and bike trails. It was selected #8 city in the US for its park systems among larger cities like New York, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. Irvine is also the #1 safest city in the US (based on FBI reports), which makes us feel very comfortable and safe to raise a family.

Our Dogs Bella & Bobo: Our dogs are an important part of our lives. They are great with children and we can’t wait to see our future child interact with them.

Our Promise to Your Child: Welcome your child into our lives and ACCEPT you for who you are. Love them UNCONDITIONALLY now and forever. Raise them with all of the opportunities we can offer you. Support you in any decision you make Allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. Teach them that the world is not black or white, but a rainbow of colors, cultures, ideas, and people. Share with your child our admiration, respect, and appreciation for the woman who brought them into this world and into our lives.