August 23rd, 2019
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Vincent and Cindy

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Vincent: Reading

    Cindy: Reading

  • Favorite Movie:

    Vincent: Star Trek

    Cindy: Annie

  • Favorite Actor:

    Vincent: Tom Cruise

    Cindy: Gabrielle Union

  • Favorite Food:

    Vincent: Gulab Jamuns

    Cindy: Bacon Burgers

  • Favorite Animal:

    Vincent: Lion

    Cindy: Fish

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Vincent: Star Trek

    Cindy: Blackish

  • Holiday/Season:

    Vincent: Thanksgiving

    Cindy: Summer

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Vincent: Dubai

    Cindy: Cruise

  • Favorite Singer:

    Vincent: Backstreet Boys

    Cindy: Michael Jackson

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Vincent and Cindy from the Bay Area in Northern California!  Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us. We have tremendous respect for your courage in choosing adoption. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn a little bit about us and we hope you find exactly what you are looking for in choosing adoptive parents for your child.  We tried having children naturally and through medical intervention. Pregnancy was not in the card for us. Adoption was an easy decision because being parents means more than DNA.

Us as Parents 

 As parents we promise to:

  • nurture the unique personality and abilities in your child.
  • encourage education in your child’s life.
  • nurture your child’s sense of adventure or quiet, calm personality.
  • raise your child with lots of love and lots of laughter.


We look forward to raising your child with love, a good work ethic, financial awareness, and a compassionate heart ready to take on life’s challenges.

Getting to Know Us, by Cindy

We met through online dating on OK Cupid. Vincent was drawn to my obsession with Tesla even though I do not own one! We decided to meet for coffee in a little local coffee shop and we just clicked. Neither one of us wanted the date to end. We dated for about a year and married in a ceremony that honored both American and Indian cultures with Vincent’s mom bringing Cindy a beautiful sari (fancy dress) from Mumbai, India. Both of us are book nerds, and we enjoy relaxing evenings at home just as much as day trips to explore California.  We look forward to adding to our family and sharing our lives with your child.

About Cindy, by Cindy

I grew up in the Bay Area of California and Buffalo New York, so I very much consider myself bi-coastal. I am one of three children, but my parents also raised my three cousins while their dad attended medical school. So, I am one of three and also one of 6. Growing up in the Bay Area gave me an appreciation for diversity.  My dad worked as a bus driver and a train operator (to this day I love traveling by train). My mother was a stay at home mom who managed 6 active kids and made sure we traveled and had a childhood full of memories.  I went to college right next door to my high school, so I had the same bus route to school for 9 years! I got a bachelor’s degree and went on to get a teaching credential and Master’s degree in special education.

I am a high school special education teacher, which means I get to touch the future every day. I enjoy working with kids and seeing them unlock potential they may not even realize they have. I chose special education because several close relatives went through special education and I always appreciated how teachers never gave up on my loved ones. I am that teacher for my students. I have flexibility with my work schedule to take care of a newborn (especially with summers off).  I love spending time with family and hanging out with friends.  We pick different spots in Northern California and go exploring about once a month.  Some places we have visited are Napa, whale watching in Monterey, and local Art Festivals. Every now and then we all go to a concert. Some of our favorites were Beyoncé and New Kids on The Block.

More About Cindy, by Vincent

Cindy is a loving person.  Her main interests are in financial blogs and financial planning.  She has advised and guided a ton of her friends and colleagues on their path to financial independence.   As a special education teacher, she can break complex problems and ideas into simple explanations with patience and I can’t wait for her to teach our child in the same manner.  Cindy is also fiercely loyal and will never let down any family or friends in their times of need.  I just know that Cindy will make an excellent mother and I look forward to raising a child with her!

About Vincent, by Vincent

I grew up in Mumbai, India, surrounded by history, culture, art, and diversity that is more than 3000 years old.  I consider myself a global citizen, as I have worked, lived and visited many countries namely Dubai, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and finally the USA, which I am honored to call home.  This life journey has taught me to value the importance of family values, which was taught to me by my parents.  I received my MBA from Santa Clara University in the Bay Area. I have made lasting and close friendships in different cities where I lived and worked, but I am most grateful that destiny brought me to Santa Clara, CA where I met my wife Cindy.  I work in a leading technology company in the Silicon Valley. I initially worked in the financial industry and my work has taken me to exotic locations such as Dubai where I lived for 6 years. Working in tech gives me the flexibility of working from home.

I grew up in a loving family with my parents and my brother.  Growing up both my parents were working professionals.  They balanced family life with work life.   This taught me and my brother the importance of time management and hard work ethic, which I hope to pass on to your child. I love reading books, and I hope to pass on this love for reading to our future child.  My mother also taught me to cook and over the years I learned to cook many dishes from different parts of the world.

More About Vincent, by Cindy

Vincent has the most caring spirit. He always makes sure that the people around him are comfortable and have everything they need. He is the first one to make a meal in the kitchen and is always eager to share his culture with family and friends. Vincent loves history and will find museums almost everywhere we travel. Historical sites are Vincent’s version of Disneyland. Vincent is kind and patient. He tutors local kids in math and helped one of my relatives get through intermediate algebra at her local community college. His level of patience when teaching is unparalleled, and I can’t wait to watch him extend this same patience and love of learning to our future child.

This Is Our Village

Both of us come from amazing families and we have friend groups that we adore. Our families live close by, and during Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays we have huge gatherings and dinners and the family can’t wait to welcome your child.  Vincent keeps in touch with friends that remind him of home through dinners and holiday parties. Cindy meets up with various friend groups every month or so and they do an activity or just hang out and eat. Some friends are not local, so we travel  to see those friends. Las Vegas, NV is a good meet up place because we have both friends and family there.  Vincent’s parents live a few miles away. During summer all of us get as many family road trips in as we can, driving down to Napa valley or Monterey beach. Part of Cindy’s family lives in New York and we travel to NY once or twice a year to visit her mom and brothers whom she is very close to.

Our “village” (friends and family) is multicultural and multiracial and we love it.  We come from all over the world including friends with roots in Africa, China, Greece, India,  Laos,  Mexico,  the Philippines and of course America.  All the different cultures make family functions full of many kinds of food and we create our own family traditions (one Fourth of July we made tacos on the grill. That was interesting).  Our family and friends eagerly await an addition to the “tribe” as several friends have toddlers and little ones who are always looking for a new friend. 

Our Cat Legacy

Legacy, an indoor cat, was rescued from a shelter 9 years ago. She is happiest posted up on the couch or waiting for Vincent to pet her. Sometimes we think she thinks Cindy is a tree as she stretches out across her arms and swishes her tail. Overall, she is a pretty happy kitty, but shy around strangers.

Our Home & Community

We live in a city that is about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose and fits us perfectly. We have family throughout the Bay Area. We own  a 4-bedroom  home, and our favorite part of the house is the backyard where we  grow fruit trees including pomegranate (our favorite). Inside, the house is warm and cozy. Our parents helped with decorating by painting rooms and finishing floors. There is plenty of space for children to play inside and outside. Our neighborhood has several regional parks within a few miles. We are also less than 1mile away from 3 local schools.

Top 5 Places We Can’t Wait to Take Our Future Child

1.      Disneyland/Disney Cruise

2.      Japanese Gardens

3.      Train Rides

4.      Paris

5.      India

One Last Thank You

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We can’t wait to welcome a child into our world and we hope you chose us as parents. We will make sure your child knows of the love and courage you have to make this decision.