April 21st, 2018
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Claus and Christina

To you, expectant mother

We know you are facing lots of decisions. We cannot even fathom it. But, we appreciate you for coming this far and considering us as possible parents to your baby. We promise to do everything we can for that little baby growing inside of you, and to do so much research both through books and other experienced parents, to bring them up to be a kind, generous, loving soul. We will lead an adventurous lifestyle, with a heavy emphasis on international travel and a big picture world view- knowing people come from all walks of life. We will strive to lead a simple, minimalistic life, focusing on what truly matters, and raising our children to enjoy the little things in life. And finally, though we will teach our children about all religions (Christina studied religion), we will raise them Christian, until they are old enough to decide for themselves.

If you can imagine a future for your baby with us, and our crazy spontaneous fun-loving selves, then we truly look forward to hearing from you and inviting you to be a part of our lives!

Our home away from home

We met at Virginia Tech, and lived there for quite some time. However, after Claus finished his PhD, he got an amazing job opportunity here in Zürich, Switzerland that we just couldn’t turn down. Now, he works on the development of an HIV vaccine. He also gets to go to a couple international conferences each year, where Christina can tag along and sightsee. Our home here consists of a large 3-bedroom top-floor apartment, next to a kindergarten and a soccer field in a quiet village outside of Zürich. All we hear during the day is birds chirping, sheep baaa-ing and children laughing. However, as much as we enjoy our time here, we are looking forward to moving back stateside, to a culture that we both find more accommodating. Claus’ contract is up next spring, so we will begin the next job search this winter.

Multi-Culti Family

 Whoever said “love has no borders” wasn’t kidding. Christina’s parents met in Germany, where her dad, then only a Lieutenant in the Air Force, was stationed. Not long after, they were married, stationed in Belgium, and welcoming their first baby… Fast forward 40 years, and it seems the opposite has occurred: Christina and Claus met in Virginia, got married, and not long after moved to Switzerland, where they are eagerly anticipating the match with their first child and birth family.

Meanwhile, Claus’ parents live in Karlsruhe, Germany, and his extended relatives near Dortmund, Germany – yes, they are big Borussia Dortmund Soccer fans! Christina’s “Oma” (grandmother) also lives in Germany, in a tiny village in the beautiful Mosel wine region, and we visit her as often as possible.


Our Friends

 Friends play a huge role in our life. We got to know them in many different stages of our life, and they therefore all have a different meaning to us, each adding a certain “spice” to our character. Today, we have friends living in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Canada, and many places in the US. Yes, these long-distance relationships take time and investment, but for us it is 100% worth it and it makes those relationships all the more meaningful.  Though it has been hard to be far away, we have been very fortunate that many friends have come to visit us so they too can get a chance to take in some of the serene beauty that surrounds us here in Switzerland.

Nala and Mietze

 We have a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd who came from the mountains of West Virginia. As a little nugget, she could only walk backwards, but now she can take on any hike at any speed! Back in March 2013 when we got her, we had “rough” nights of waking up, taking her out in the snow, and praising her for “going” in the snow she could barely walk in. Now she has survived the flight across the Atlantic, and a well-travelled pup as we plan our Europe trips to include her. We also have a college cat, Mietze, who Christina took in while working for a vet. Some man in a suit came in and said I found “this” on the side of the road – about a week old, Mietze was placed in Christina’s care, and well, one weekend the parents were out of town, and Christina signed the adoption paperwork.


Our Future

 When we think about our life in 10-20 years, we see ourselves, our pets, and our (hopefully) 3-5 kids living on a small farm in a rural area. Most important for us is that we have a small home, but with a decent amount of land. We both believe that many children nowadays are over-stimulated by hundreds of toys and activities, which is why we look forward to a generally simple, natural parenting style. Knowing from a good friend who was openly adopted how important the contact to his birth mother was/is for him, we want to make every effort to have the most open relationship with you. We want to find out what we all are comfortable with, since it is probably a “first” for us all. However, it is a journey we look forward to embarking on together!

We wish you all the best as you find out what is just right for you and your baby.