August 23rd, 2019
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Colin and Will

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Hiking w/ our dog Martha
  • 2. Seeing a musical
  • 3. Singing
  • 4. Cozy movie nights at home
  • 5. Campbell's giggle!
  • 1. My chickens
  • 2. Flying my drone
  • 3. Visiting Catalina Island
  • 4. Cuddling with Campbell
  • 5. A hot bath

Hello! We are Will, Colin and Campbell from Los Angeles

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us for this amazing new chapter in your life. We know this is a big decision, and we respect your courage and the love you are showing your child by choosing open adoption. Our daughter Campbell came to us through open adoption, and we could never imagine growing our family in any other way. Hopefully this profile is only the beginning of a lifelong relationship built on trust, support, and most importantly, love for the beautiful child you are bringing into this world.

About Us: We met 20 years ago. when we were undergrads in the theatre department at UCLA and have been a couple ever since. We got married on July 1st, 2013, the first day it became legal in California, at City Hall, waiting in line for our marriage certificate with hundreds of other happy gay couples. It was quite a party!

Our daughter, Campbell, was born three years ago, and we have a wonderful relationship with her birthmother, Mama Lizzy, with lots of FaceTime, texting, and so far, at least two in-person visits per year. We love nurturing the bond between Campbell and her birthmom. More love is more love! We also understand that every relationship is unique and are flexible and open to whatever relationship is best for you.

What a Perfect Day Looks Like To Us:

  • Will: A run with our dog Martha, voice over recording session, making dinner with Colin and Campbell, watching a movie together!
  • Colin: An adventure with Will and Campbell followed by ice cream!


A Few Of Our Fun Facts

Fave ice cream flavor:

– Will: Mint Chip

– Colin: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


– Will: Thanksgiving

– Colin: Christmas, someplace snowy

Fave Children’s Book:

– Will: Where The Sidewalk Ends

– Colin: Calvin & Hobbes

Our Zodiac Signs:

– Will: Virgo

– Colin: Libra

Fave Season & Seasonal Activity:

– Will: Summer, Hiking!

– Colin: A yearly trip to the mountains for skiing and sledding



Meet Will

I was born in Portland, Oregon, but my family moved to Palo Alto, California when I was young, and that’s where I spent my childhood, in the home my parents are still in today. I’m the youngest of three boys, and our dinner table was often loud and rowdy.  (My poor mom!)  We spent our summers at a family camp in the mountains, and we still go there every summer for our family vacation.  Both of my brothers went into the sciences while I was always drawn towards the arts: music and theatre in particular. I attended UCLA, majoring in Theatre, and make my living as a theatre and voice-over actor in Los Angeles, voicing cartoon characters, narrating audiobooks, and performing on stages all over the city. This year I played Prince Charming in a production of “Snow White” for kids, and Campbell came to almost every performance!

More About Will by Colin: Will is thoughtful, kind and patient, everything a good husband and father should be! His organizational mind means he is our family’s planner, always making sure we have fun and memorable experiences to look forward to. His creative mind assures that Campbell’s days are filled with music, art and adventurous visits to the park. I fell in love with Will on our first date in 1999 and have treasured him ever since. He is my partner and best friend, and nobody on earth makes me laugh like he does. I am beyond lucky to share my life and the journey of parenthood with him.

A Few of Will’s Favorites

  • Favorite Animal – Mountain Lion
  • Can’t Live Without – Coffee!
  • Favorite Childhood Activity – Theatre
  • Favorite hobby – Writing songs



Meet Colin

I was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and I love making visits home whenever possible, whether to my childhood home or the family lake house in Indiana. I have a strong, loving relationship with both sisters, one who lives in downtown Chicago, the other a few hours away in Cincinnati. I grew up loving cars (I subscribed to five automotive magazines and read each one cover-to-cover every month), movies (my dad and I watched every James Bond movie in order several times) and performing in theatre. After high school, I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA and pursue my dreams of working in entertainment. Today I own a successful production company which specializes in producing corporate videos. Aside from my career, I love gardening, travel and aviation (I earned my private pilot’s license in 2008). But more than that, I love spending time with Will, Campbell and our pets.

More About Colin, by Will: I always knew Colin would be a wonderful father. He lights up around kids and they are likewise drawn to him. He is able to instantly empathize and connect with them in a way that makes them feel safe to explore their world, free to be silly, and comforted when they’re hurting. That bond is exponentially more with our daughter, Campbell, who is the luckiest girl to have him as her Baba. (All of her friends at preschool know Colin as “Baba”, and I get the feeling Campbell talks about him a lot!) Beyond his parenting skills, Colin is incredibly resourceful and curious. He fixes leaky sinks, constructed a soundproof recording booth for my voiceover work in our spare bedroom and built his own film production company from scratch with his best friend Henry.  The perks of being his own boss include the ability to make a living AND be a stay-at-home dad. We’ve never needed to employ regular childcare for our daughter, and we feel so incredibly lucky for that.

A Few Of Colin’s Favorites

  • Favorite Animal – Giraffes
  • Can’t live without – sushi!
  • Favorite Hobby – Aviation and flying
  • Favorite movie – Back to the future



Our Loving Families

Meet Campbell: She is so excited to be a big sister! We were incredibly lucky to have been in the delivery room when she was born in January 2016. We have spent every minute since caring for her and covering her with kisses. She is a smart, funny, confident child who constantly impresses us with wisdom and wit beyond her years. She is a born leader who enjoys making art, eating spaghetti, riding her scooter and knocking down the towers she’s built with Magna-Tiles. Campbell can’t wait to be a big sister. She loves babies and often tells parents, “We’re getting a baby soon, too!”

Our Family: Colin’s parents live in Arlington Heights, IL. His two sisters both have young children of their own. Colin is very close with his family, making sure to plan a few visits per year including an annual excursion to Chicago for Christmas and one week every summer at his parents’ cabin in Indiana near Lake Michigan. Will’s parents (who recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary!) live in Palo Alto, CA. He has two brothers, one who lives in a small town in Northern California with two kids and lots of pets (goats, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs… he’s a veterinarian). Will’s other brother lives ten minutes away from us with his wife and two daughters. Having them nearby means we get to spend lots of time riding bikes with them and climbing on the play structure at their local park. We’re deeply blessed to have such loving and supportive families.

Our Friends: Our friends are also an incredibly important part of our lives. At least once or twice a week we have friends over for dinner, and Campbell loves her LA “aunts” and “uncles”, very often insisting that they read her bedtime stories instead of Daddy or Baba. Everyone is beyond excited about the prospect of us adding another little one to the bunch!



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in a 1930’s bungalow and we have two beautiful dogs, Minni and Martha, a cat, Mao Mao, and three chickens! We live in the NoHo Arts District of North Hollywood, a diverse and dynamic neighborhood of Los Angeles, close to several big movie studios, and walking distance to theaters, restaurants, coffee shops, parks and schools. We’ve lived here for 11 years, in the neighborhood for nearly 20, and we love that we know many of the local shopkeepers and run into friends all the time while walking the dogs, grocery shopping, or out at a play.

Our Pets: Minni, our eight-year-old Frenchie, and Martha, our seven-year-old Lab mix, are both incredibly gentle and loving pups. Mao Mao, our cat, insists on following along on their nightly walk, always making sure to climb one or two trees along the way. We also have three chickens: T-Rex, Chocolaté and BBQ Sauce, who enjoy hunting for worms in the backyard. And we enjoy their eggs… each lays one almost every day!

Thank You! Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us for this important, exciting, and no doubt scary decision. We are so thrilled to be growing our family, and we couldn’t do it without someone like you. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you’d like to know us better!