July 23rd, 2019
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Courtney and Dan

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents. We have so much respect for the tremendous sacrifice you have made to create an adoption plan for your child. Your bravery and love for your baby inspires us to think that we may someday be able to complete our family through adoption. We hope our profile gives you a small glimpse into our life of hope, love, and excitement. We know you are looking for a wonderful home and future for your child and we are looking to share our love and lives with an amazing baby. Maybe we are looking for each other!

This Is Us

Married for nearly 10 years, we first locked eyes Sophomore year of college. We laughed and talked all night and agreed to go on an official date. We have been nearly inseparable since! We moved right after college to pursue our dreams in sunny Southern California. The sounds of waves and the smell of salty air are our weekend soundtracks. Always first on the dance floor, we live life to fullest every day. We are each others constant support system and number one cheerleaders. We hope to raise our future child with the same love, support, and humor as our marriage.About Courtney, by Dan

My favorite thing about Courtney is her sense of humor. We spend all of our time together cracking up with pranks, TV / movie quotes, speaking for Gatsby, and goofy voices. When we are apart, we trade funny Snapchats. I’ve got screenshots.  One unique thing about dating her in college was that she grew up in and her family still lives in our college town. We often went to her parents’ house for Sunday dinners. If the upcoming week included some stress like a midterm or job interview, her parents always offered encouragement in a way that was truly empowering. Her family is so full of unconditional love and support for one another that I knew she would be an amazing wife, and it would be a privilege to join her family. For the same reason, I know that she will make an amazing mom and that her family will welcome a child with the same warmth with which they welcomed me.About Dan, by Courtney

Dan makes me laugh harder than anyone. His level-headed nature is one of the traits I admire most about him. He is logical, analytical, and has a passion for knowledge. This makes him a go-to-guy for advice on life, career, and just about anything else for friends and family. As a self-proclaimed nerd, he loves technology and even taught himself how to code iPhone apps! He loves football, riding his bike, and sports as a whole. He will teach our child everything from how to work through stressful situations with thoughtfulness and humor to running a route on the football field. Dan works for a top commercial real estate firm with generous paternity leave and an extremely flexible schedule to raise our future child.Welcome to Our Home

Our cozy house sits on a quiet, suburban street in a beachside town in Southern California. With the constant sunshine, you can find us walking Gatsby to the park two blocks away or hiking in the nearby mountains in Malibu. Our three-bedroom house is the perfect size to welcome a new baby into our warm home and active community. The backyard is massive with a fruitful orange tree. The neighborhood is filled with young families and in a top-rated school district. At home, we are grilling, hosting friends and family, or checking out our Netflix queue. Never scared of a DIY project, Courtney likes gardening and Dan is always working on a project around the house.

Meet Gatsby

We are huge dog lovers. We rescued Gatsby, our Puggle-Corgi mix, in 2009. He goes everywhere we do! He has been to New York, Texas, Indiana, New Jersey, Colorado, and Oregon.  He is a snuggler and loves being pet by as many people as possible.Meet Our Family

Dan’s Family: I was the oldest of four siblings with two brothers and one sister, all raised by my mom. As the oldest, I would help out by babysitting my siblings after school and during the summers. Growing up in the country, there wasn’t always a lot to do, but we would improvise by setting up our own “Blue’s Clues” mysteries. My mom has always been my role model having overcome adversity to start several businesses to provide for our family while guiding us toward the best possible version of ourselves.

Courtney’s Family: I grew up as the younger sister to one sister with my mom and dad. My parents are my biggest supporters and have always believed in me. My sister was my constant playmate and confidant. Mom is creative, sensitive, and witty. Dad is generous, supportive, and confident. My parents have always been a constant in my life. Dad was my middle school basketball coach and Mom was queen of homework. I hope to raise our future child in a home just like mine- full of love, laughter, and support.

A Few of Our Favorite Things:

  • Thanksgiving Dish – Dan: Pumpkin Pie, Courtney: Green Bean Casserole
  • Kid’s Movie – Dan: Shrek, Courtney: Moana
  • Outdoor Activity – Dan: Riding Bikes, Courtney: Hiking
  • Dessert – Dan: Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Courtney: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Super Hero – Dan: Batman, Courtney: Wonder Woman