July 23rd, 2019
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Dana and Andrew

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Dana: Sewing

    Andrew: Woodworking

  • Favorite Food:

    Dana: Italian

    Andrew: Mexican

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Dana: Christmas

    Andrew: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie:

    Dana: Pride and Prejudice

    Andrew: High Fidelity

  • Favorite Animal:

    Dana: Turtle

    Andrew: Dog

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Dana: Bahamas

    Andrew: Bahamas

  • Favorite Actor:

    Dana: Steve Carrell

    Andrew: Jennifer Lawrence

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Dana: Nova

    Andrew: Law and Order

  • Favorite Band/Singer:

    Dana: Missy Elliot

    Andrew: Nirvana



Thank you so much for considering adoption and getting to know us better. We are so moved that through your brave and noble decision, we may have an opportunity to start our family.  We hope, as you look through our profile, you can see the unconditional love we have to share and our ability to provide a caring and supportive home.  We are excited at the prospect of raising a child and all the adventures parenthood holds.  Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts for your strength and selflessness.  We greatly look forward to meeting you!


We met on match.com and we realized early on in our relationship that we wanted to spend our life together and raise a family.  In May of 2014, Andrew took me on a picnic with our dogs to Crissy Field in San Francisco.  While flying kites, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  Soon after we got married, we started infertility treatment because we knew how much we wanted to have a child.  Unfortunately, the fertility treatments were not successful BUT our passion for having a family only grew stronger.  We are both super happy with our careers.  Even though we both have careers, we sit down and have dinner every night.  We also make time for game night once a week.  During the spring and summer, there are frequent fairs and festivals in our area that we also enjoy.  We support each other in our hobbies.  Andrew has started woodworking and loves to be outdoors in his garden.  I like to sew and create paper crafts.  We both like to cook and bake together.  We recently took cake decorating classes together – it will be fun to decorate cakes for our child’s birthday one day.  We love to travel, see new places, and experience new things.  We want to be able to share all these adventures with a child.


Hi there!  Thank you for getting to know me better!  I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and moved out to California in 2006.  I originally came out for a travel nursing assignment but I loved it out here, so I stayed.  Growing up, my mom devoted herself to raising her children to be strong and independent.  She emphasized the importance of education, athletics, and having fun.  I was involved in many activities throughout my childhood including playing the violin and clarinet, volleyball, basketball, softball, and cheerleading.  I was also a member of a youth service organization that were involved in many charitable events in our area.


I got my Associates Degree in Nursing from Our Lady of the Lake College, a small school in Baton Rouge.  I later went back to school and got my Bachelors Degree in Nursing from the University of Michigan.


I’ve been a pediatric ICU nurse since 2002 and have devoted my career to helping children and their families.  I work nights and have for most of my career.  I find it offers flexibility during the day to get things done (and maybe be able to volunteer in a classroom one day).  I also work 3-4 shifts per week which allows me time off to focus on our family.


Dana would excel at any job, but she could not have made a better choice than a pediatric nurse.  Her compassion for children is undeniable and she loves to make children laugh and smile.  One example of her love for children is the time she postponed our first date to spend her night off with a terminal child in her care, who wanted Dana to be with her that night.  Of course, I was disappointed I would have to wait another week to meet her, but it was such a beautiful gesture.  As I got to know her, there were dozens of moments she made my heart swell with her compassion for children.  Her ability to make immediate connections with my nieces, which ranged in age from 1 to 17 at the time, was impressive.  It’s not just children though.  Dana is friendly and charming to everyone she meets.  I can be a bit shy when I am out of my element, but when Dana is with me, I manage to meet and have discussions with folks I would likely not have met on my own.  As a boyfriend, fiancé and husband, I have never felt more supported.  She is a true partner in our life together and is going to make an amazing mother to our child.


I grew up through junior high in Spokane, Washington and finished high school in Ventura, California.  I had a great childhood.  In Spokane, we lived in an area with lots of access to foothills, ponds and creeks where my friends and I had many adventures.  In Ventura we had quick access to some nice beaches, so we spent a lot of time there.


I received an Associates of Science Degree in Mathematics and an Associates of Science Degree in Building Inspection Technology from Butte College.


I work as a Plans Examiner for several building departments in California.  I love my job, making buildings safer and more accessible.  I work for a great company and am fortunate to have a very flexible schedule.


Andrew is the best man I have ever met in my life.  He is compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful and honest.  He has taught me so much about life and not just in an intellectual way (although I have learned tons about chemistry, our galaxy, and biology since meeting him).  I consider myself to be a caring person, but Andrew has taught me how to love people no matter their faults and to be more empathetic.  Andrew is also hilarious.  He has a sarcastic sense of humor that keeps me laughing all the time.  We recently went out on for a date night and the waitress commented on how much fun we were having because he was making me laugh all through dinner.  And while he is shy around strangers, he does have an outgoing (and sometimes silly) personality around people with whom he is familiar.  While he is an amazing husband, I can’t wait to see him as a father.  He is unbelievably patient so I can see him teaching our child all sorts of things: math, nature, riding a bike, or building a model plane.


Hobbies and Interests We Share: Crafts, cake decorating, painting ceramics, day and weekend trips, flying kites, board games, traveling, swimming and snorkeling

Andrew’s Hobbies and Interests: Woodworking, RC planes, hiking, biking, and snowboarding

Dana’s Hobbies and Interests: Sewing, quilting, paper and digital crafts (scrapbooking, making cards), and volunteer for youth organizations


We live in a house on a quiet cul-de-sac where our neighbors watch out for one another.  If our neighbor leaves their garage door open, we will call them and let them know.  There are families of all ages and sizes within a couple blocks of us.  It has been fun to watch the kids on our block grow.  We are also two blocks away from a large park.  It has a play area for children, a dog park, basketball court, and multiple picnic tables.  We love to be outside working in the garden and growing vegetables and herbs.  We also like to have family and friends over to barbeque, play games, or watch a movie.


Most of Dana’s family lives in the South.  Even though her mom, Beverly, and her sister, Dawn, live in Arkansas, they talk on the phone almost daily.  We see them at least twice a year.  Christmas has always been huge in their family and so one of their visits is usually during the holidays.  Beverly is retired from the phone company. Dawn is an athletic trainer for the women’s soccer team at the University of Arkansas.  They love to garden and both are certified master gardeners.  My family lives mostly in California.  Allyn, my mom, lives a couple hours away in Santa Cruz but we see frequently.  Allyn worked in customer relations, but she is retired now and enjoying life.  My dad and stepmother, Pat and Sonja, live near the beach in Ventura.  Pat still surfs almost every day.  Sonya is a retired teacher and loves making crafts.  I have five siblings.  Tricia is a family attorney in San Francisco and has 2 young girls.  Dan is in construction and has 2 older girls and a grandchild.  Dee is in real estate and has 3 older children.  Sarah works for an animal shelter and has 3 children.  Seth is in customer service and lives in Utah.


We have two dogs: Hermione, a Boston Terrier, and Beaux, a Border Collie/Labrador mix.  Both dogs have been around children and interact well with them.  They like to play Frisbee and going to the dog park.   They know some basic commands like come, sit, stay, off, go to bed and leave it.  They are both sweet, affectionate and loyal dogs.


Before we met, Dana and I wanted children.  Adoption was part of our plan to grow our family before it was clear the infertility treatments would not be successful.  Ultimately, we’ve always wanted to share our love with a child.  We are seeking open or closed adoptions.  We believe it is important for a child to feel connected to their heritage and for us to honor traditions which are meaningful to you as a mother.  We plan to provide a loving and caring home and access to excellent education.  We love the outdoors and want to help our child explore the world and nature.  We want to provide a happy childhood as well as prepare him or her for the difficulties of life.  We will encourage good deeds and being faithful to family, friends and community.


  • Unconditionally love your child
  • Make your child’s health and safety a priority.
  • Teach your child to find the joy in every day.
  • Provide them with opportunities of education, music, and sports.
  • Support your child in all their passions.
  • Travel with your child and experience new adventures.
  • Make them hot cocoa and cinnamon toast on cold days.
  • Drive them around our city to see Christmas Lights.



Thank you once again for taking the time to consider us for your adoption.  We genuinely hope you have seen what loving and caring parents we will be for your child. We understand there is only so much you can learn from what we have included in our profile.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you.

– Dana and Andrew