August 17th, 2018
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Daniel and Jennifer


Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for your consideration during one of the most difficult and challenging times in your life. We are Jennifer and Daniel, and we hope it will ease your mind to know that we will love your child with everything we have in our hearts and souls. Although we thought we would have another baby by now, we realize God had other plans for us.

When we found out that we couldn’t have any more children, we knew that building our family through adoption would be part of our journey. As parents, we will provide a happy and loving home where your child feels unconditionally loved, respected and safe. We want your child to become exactly what it is that they want to become. We will provide a structured and nurturing environment that includes lots of positive praise, and we hope to expose them to cultural, art, sports, and musical activities to find out their desires and talents.

We have waited, for what feels like a lifetime, to share our world with another child. Your baby will grow up knowing that our love for them is unconditional and infinite.

With love,
Jennifer & Daniel

Our Story

We met nine years ago through a dating service and dated for two years before we got married. Jennifer lives and works in North Texas and is an orchestra teacher in the school district. Daniel also lives in North Texas and works as a civil engineer. Our path’s crossed when we first met at a restaurant. We kept seeing more of each other that it practically became every weekend! We felt very comfortable dating that it developed into a much deeper relationship. During this time, we became best friends and grew to love each other. We have a strong, committed marriage. We are a casual and easy-going couple and we love to travel, be outdoors and spend time with each other. Our life is full of family, friends, and many blessings.

R-Jennifer playing violin

Meet Jennifer

When I started dating Jennifer, I knew my life had changed for the better. She is filled with a spirit of kindness, open mindedness, and is not afraid to let people know what she thinks. Jennifer has opened my eyes to the world of classical music. We have gone to several symphony concerts and pops concerts in the garden. Her strong will and determination give her the ability to tackle any challenge that life brings her way. Jennifer does whatever it takes to take care of our son, Andrew. She sings to him every morning, sometimes at dinner, and just before his bedtime.

After having Andrew, I love Jennifer more than ever. She’s a great mom. Everyone who knows us knows Andrew is the luckiest kid alive. She is nurturing and loving and puts our family needs and welfare above all else. I love the fact that she loves teaching kids…and they love her! She is patient, caring, easy-going with a positive attitude. She reads to Andrew every night before bedtime. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met.

Things That Make Jennifer Happy!
” Eating lasagna prepared by Daniel
” Taking a weekend nap
” Watching family movies on a rainy day
” Eating chocolate covered almonds
” Taking a bubble bath
” Listening to classical music


Meet Daniel

Daniel is the love of my life and my best friend. He is patient, kind, caring, and very supportive. He is loyal and caring and the best husband a woman can ask for. His combination of compassion, integrity and thoughtfulness make him an amazing partner and parent. He is very humble and is always quick to help me or someone else in need. I call him “Mr. Fix it”, and he is definitely my handyman! He’s truly one in a million.

In Daniel”s free time, he loves to go out in the front yard to plant flowers. He has a garden in the backyard that he tends to. He has planted tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, banana peppers, red onions, and herbs – rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, and oregano. We have eaten all of this food right from our very own garden. We are trying to eat healthier and we are going green!

Daniel is drawn to other outdoor activities like camping and fishing. He is funny, passionate and reliable; a man that his family and friends can count on. He has a natural way with kids. Daniel loves teaching Andrew how to throw or catch a ball. They play basketball in the living room. Daniel gives Andrew piggyback rides! They enjoy horse playing in the living room. They roll around on the floor, laugh and run around the house to play hide and seek. It’s a joy to hear them play and laugh together. Daniel has a whole new outlook on life since becoming a dad!

Things That Make Daniel Happy!
” Gardening
” Playing with Andrew
” Eating a big bowl of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream
” Reading books about cooking & gardening
” Going camping and fishing



Our lives changed forever the day Andrew was born. He is a smart, funny, happy little boy and has brought us immeasurable joy. At 20 months Andrew was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a type of autism. It was devastating news to hear but we have been actively involved with Andrew<s life by providing different types of therapy to help him learn and be successful. We have seen so much progress with Andrew<s therapy that it has given us hope.

He has endless energy and loves going to preschool. He LOVES music and he really enjoys singing. Some of his favorite songs are Deep in the Heart of Texas, Grey Squirrel, Wheels on the Bus, and Cookie Monster Song, – just to name a few! The list of songs is endless. =) He also likes the characters Woody and Buzz from “Toy Story” and Elmo and Charlie Brown.

Andrew enjoys going to the park, and he loves to swing! He enjoys the outdoors so much that sometimes it’s hard to get him to leave the park or come back inside the house. What 3 year old wants to stop playing outside?! Andrew also took swimming lessons this past summer. We were pleasantly surprised how much he enjoyed being in the water. He didn”t mind going underwater. In fact, his instructor said he would be smiling while he was underwater!

Andrew loves eating hot dogs! He always asks to eat one especially with ketchup! His favorite drink is chocolate milk. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t ask for both!

Our Careers

Daniel is a Civil Engineer

I always loved math and science in high school and college; I guess because I was good at those subjects. That love led me to my career in Engineering. I have been a Civil Engineer for over 12 years now. Both of my brothers are also engineers. It runs in my family! I enjoy my job, and I experience new challenges every day. Keeping up with changes in technology and in our environment is a challenge, but I love to learn new things. I work in the water resources area. It brings me great satisfaction to know that I am working towards making sure people will have safe drinking water.

When I can, I like to volunteer at Meals on Wheels and the Future Cities Competition. Meals on Wheels is a program designed to help deliver meals to the elderly, blind, or those that are unable to go out and about. I take meals to people at their homes and visit with them. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to help them.

The Future Cities Competition is an exciting competition where junior high students build futuristic models of cities. I enjoyed observing the finished products that the students built. Their imagination and creativity for a futuristic city is absolutely amazing! They are able to solve the problems that our cities currently endure. I was a special awards judge that decided which team of students received certain awards according to their category.

Jennifer is a Teacher

Out of my 13 year career as an orchestra director, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t tell myself this is what I was meant to do. I love my job and it makes me happy working with students. I also like the flexible schedule because it allows me to spend time with my family and friends especially during the summer months. One of the greatest lessons I have learned while teaching is that each child has different needs and you cannot approach every child the same way, yet you must to be fair. My students tell me that they love playing their instrument in orchestra, that I am funny, and I am one of their favorite teachers. They love going to festivals and being able to miss a day of school! I strive to compliment and engage my students on a daily basis. I truly believe that when children feel someone believes in them and cares for them, they will thrive. Teaching is an opportunity to experience the joy, light, and wonder a child can bring into your life.

Besides teaching, I also get to play with other professional orchestras in the area. It is very fulfilling to be able to play my instrument when an opportunity arises. On the weekends, I will sometimes go out of town and travel to another city to play with an orchestra. Daniel will take a day off and he and Andrew will come with me. It’s a nice family getaway. Sometimes, I even play in a quartet at weddings with my friends!

Family Rules

Be kind, be thankful, be honest
Have respect for yourself and for others
Say please and thank you
Laugh and play everyday
Get outside and go walking
Do your best
Try something new
Choose happiness
Hugs and kisses everyday
Always say I love you


On Parenting: Our Favorite Job

We love being parents! Seeing the world through a child’s eyes truly gives us a new appreciation for so many things. As parents we are nurturing, patient and fun. We take time to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. With a laid-back style, we love to create learning experiences, from trying a new food, to visiting a new place, to being challenged with a new toy or game. We hover enough for safety but we leave enough space for mistakes to be made so that lessons will be learned. We work hard to provide an environment that stresses the importance of education and good manners. An environment that fosters a child’s confidences and self-esteem is very important to us.

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our profile. We hope you have a good sense of who we are, what we like, and what kind of parents we will make for your child. Please know that we promise your child will be loved, cared for, nurtured, and encouraged in our family. We will let your child know that your love and sacrifice allowed him/her to be a part of our lives and how eternally grateful we are for that. Adoption is a GIFT and your child will make our family s dreams come true. If you think we are the family, we would love to have the opportunity to speak or meet with you.

Thank you for considering us,
Jennifer & Daniel and Andrew, too!