April 22nd, 2018
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Danielle and Dean

Hello! We are Danielle, Dean and our adopted son Cooper!


Dear Birthmother: We are from Bakersfield, CA and we are so pleased that you have selected our profile to review and are excited about the possibility to share our lives with you and your child. Sharing our lives with a child gives us the chance to give our lives, our hopes, our love and our dreams to a new life that will grow to bless the world with a fresh sense of hope. Parenting means sharing and learning; from the child as much as them learning from us.  Since adopting Cooper, we feel even more strongly about these sentiments and want to give Cooper the opportunity to share his childhood as a big brother.  Together we can hope to see the world in a new way that can make a difference for everyone.

About Us, by Dean: Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy – down the stairs! We met by chance at work when Danielle came to the hospital where I was working to attend a meeting. I was taken by her sense of direction and purpose and her ability to laugh at herself when she nearly tripped trying to get to her meeting while I was distracting her. She was so bright and enthusiastic that I asked her out for coffee and it all started there.

One of the things we do best is share our interests and conversation; always learning from each other and the things we do. We love to exercise and be healthy and our large yard has given us many opportunities to be outside together. Cooking and eating together gives us the chance to experiment with new things, share and laugh at our interesting concoctions. We always try to be healthy, but sometimes enjoy cooking a tasty treat like grandma’s cookies! We enjoy hosting family gatherings and open our home to all the love and craziness they bring. We love to talk and share ideas, laughing at some of the funny ones we sometimes come up with.

Why we are adopting: Initially, we felt there was a little one out there who needed everything we have to offer; love, warmth, laughter and stability. Since adopting Cooper, we want to continue to grow our family through the gift of adoption.

Our Travels: Thailand, Jamaica, China, Grand Cayman, some of the locations of our international travels. Stateside, we have visited DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York. Next on the list for the US — Boston. Outside the US, we can’t decide between Scotland, Czech Republic or Germany. We look forward to traveling with our children. We can’t wait to show them the world.



Meet Danielle

About Danielle, by Dean: I got to marry the most loving and caring person I have ever met. Danielle shows her love in so many ways; from her nurturing words to the care she takes wrapping fits and always making sure everything you may need for the day is neatly packed and ready to go by the front door for you. She always thinks of others before herself (although sometimes she forgets herself around freshly baked cookies). Her caring and guiding approach seems perfect as a mother. She balances the challenges of life by celebrating the accomplishments that restore my faith in myself and others. She always sees the best in others even when she is helping them work through their most difficult mistakes and problems. Others always see her out for guidance, growth and love which she is able to give in a boundless supply. She is the perfect mother in the same way she has been a perfect wife for me.


Danielle’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Television Channels HGTV, DIY, and History Channel. Anything about history or home improvement.
  • Favorite things to cook I love to bake—cookies, pies, and cakes. My next favorite is salads. I even mix my own salad dressings and I finally learned to make entrees, my specialty is apple stuffed pork chops.
  • Favorite pastime Working in the yard, planting, pruning, tilling the soil. I love to be outdoors and I really like when you can see the fruits of your work. Soon, we will plant a garden. I can’t wait to cook with homegrown vegetables.


About My Job: I am a manager for a health care organization.  I am fortunate to work for a large nonprofit that has received awards for being a family friendly place to work. This means, although I work full time, I have the flexibility to make family a priority. Cooper goes to an in-home day care during the day, but evenings and weekends are all about family.



Meet Dean

About Dean, by Danielle: I should have known when I nearly fell down the stairs the day we met that everything from then on would be an adventure. Life is never dull with Dean—no matter what we are doing we manage to laugh and have fun. Whether it’s traveling to an exotic place like china or trimming trees in the backyard. That doesn’t mean he can’t be serious when it is required. I was first attracted to his mind, he is really brilliant. But what I really fell for was the kind, gentle person behind the intellect. I found I could tell him anything. When I have a bad day he’s the first person I want to talk to and when I have a good day, he’s the first person I want to share it with.  As a father, Dean first and foremost is fun. He relishes every moment. He is also an excellent teacher, enjoying every opportunity to teach and share.


Dean’s Favorites:

  • I love to cook and try new foods, especially if they are healthy, but I also love dessert.
  • I LOVE TO EXERCISE, ride bikes, run, ski and work in the yard. The more dirt I can dig around in the better.
  • I AM A NERD so I love science, monster movies, taking things apart (although I can’t always get them back together again) and anything mechanical.
  • I LIKE TO BUILD THINGS like fences, shelves cupboards and I like to think I am a pretty good mechanic although I often need someone to fix what I just fixed. (Hey, at least I tried, nobody said the cabinet had to be straight).
  • I LOVE DOGS and love to play with them and chase them around.


About My Job: Since adopting Cooper, I have shifted from being a full time practicing physician to cancer program consulting so I am able to spend more time at home and with my family.



Our Family & Friends

Then, along came Cooper: We will never forget the 2 am phone call, the frantic search to find flights to Georgia (where Cooper was born) or the first time we held our baby Coopie. He makes us smile every day, even when he removes all the toilet paper from the roll and leaves it in a heap on the bathroom floor, when he stomps around in mud and then runs in the house, or when he empties out a cupboard in the pantry. It’s impossible not to love and adore our little boy.


Our Family & Friends: We both enjoy spending time with our family and friends. Dean’s mother and step-father live in Washington and we love it when they come stay for a month over the holidays so they can get out of the snow for a while. Dean’s mom is a wonderful cook and loves to bake cookies, apple cobbler, and her award winning lemon pies (no joke, she won an award for her lemon pie!). She looks forward to continuing to bake healthy treats for her next grandchild!  Dean’s identical twin brother lives nearby and we get together often. When they’re together they are just like two nerds in a little nerd pod and you can never predict what we will happen next, but you know it’s going to be a hoot. We enjoy ski trips together and many years ago taught our nephew to ski, and now he’s teaching us to snow board.   Danielle’s family lives a short drive away. We take advantage of their close proximity as often as possible, but especially around the holidays when we always invite both sets of parents and our siblings to join us for food  and fun.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts


Our Home: We live in Central California in a community that is a mix of big city and country. We enjoy nice restaurants and entertainment but also the pleasure of friendly people who greet you in the store. Our home sits on three acres just outside the city limits. We enjoy the wildlife – egrets, owls, blue birds and geese, as well as the occasional beaver that share our neighborhood.  Our backyard is large with plenty of room for the dogs and children to play. You could say we have a park in our back yard. We also have room for the garden we plan to plant this spring and the chickens we will soon be raising. We like to say we live in the country but we are just a few miles outside the city.


Meet Our Pets: Otto  (aka Otto Bot, pronounced like the Transformers Auto-Bot) Otto is part dachshund, part Pomeranian, and part who knows what. Otto is the most expressive dog we have ever known. He makes hundreds of different sounds and then looks at you as if to say “don’t you understand what I am trying to say?” Otto loves to perch on the top of the couch or on the top of the heap of pillows on the bed, where he can survey the world around him.   Bogart (Bogey or Mouse) – Bogart is the newest member of our dog pack. He came from a dog rescue when he was 14 weeks old. Bogart is an Australian Cattle Dog. We started calling him mouse because he is so sweet. He likes to run around outside, jump in mud, chase squirrels, and then rush inside to snuggle with his family. He is definitely a family dog.


In Closing: We are honored and humbled that you would consider us to raise and love your child. We have so much in our lives to be thankful for but nothing would compare to the privilege of being parents to your child and we will work every day for the rest of our lives to be worthy of that honor.