October 22nd, 2018
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Danyel and James

Dear Birthmother:

Greetings from James and Danyel in Denver, Colorado!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives, loves, and how we could be a good fit for your baby. We are extremely grateful that this is an option for us and sincerely thankful that you are reading our profile … just two crazy kids who met in a bar called “The Grizz” in downtown Denver. We hope that reading about us helps you gain a sense of who we are. Most importantly, we hope that this information will help you determine that we are the very best couple that YOU will turn into parents. Even as we write this note to you, we envision the special moment we have talked about since before we were married, becoming parents, and you will make this dream a reality!

Why adoption?
We have been married for 11 years, and have spent most of those years focusing on our education and establishing successful careers. Our journey has lead us to living in Denver and Atlanta, meeting new friends, seeing new sights, and collecting pets along the way (you will meet them a little bit). We have become great at controlling “those” things in our life, but trying to conceive naturally, and even with some fertility help, conception was something out of our hands. Timing is everything and we knew after seeing our friends adopt their son through AdoptHelp that this was an amazing next step for us to become a family.

Well here we go, now for a glimpse into us, our interests, and family. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

Fun Facts:
JAMES Hobby: Watching MSU sports, lifting weights, golf
DANYEL Hobby: Finding new recipes on Pinterest, watching movies, concerts
JAMES Movie: Braveheart DANYEL Movie: Steel Magnolias
JAMES Food: Tacos DANYEL Food: Crab Rangoons
JAMES Holiday: Thanksgiving DANYEL Holiday: Christmas
JAMES Vacation: Las Vegas DANYEL Vacation: Greece
JAMES Actor: Tom Hanks DANYEL Actor: Charlize Theron
JAMES Show: The Office DANYEL Show: Game of Thrones
JAMES Band: Foo Fighters DANYEL Band: Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

About James:
I was born in Wisconsin, but spent the majority of my young life in Michigan. While in high school, I was an honors student and played three different varsity sports: football, wrestling, and baseball. I have also earned a bachelor’s degree in physiology from Michigan State University and a PhD in toxicology from the University of Colorado. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado where I study how environmental chemicals lead to neurodegenerative disease, like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In particular, I have been studying Down syndrome for the past few years and have become increasingly interested in this condition; however, if I were to choose a “dream job” I can think of a few possibilities. Growing up a golfer and spending much time at the golf course, I think it would be really great to own and run a golf course. Additionally, Danyel and I really love animals and another dream would be to purchase a large plot of land to start a farm where we can rescue and raise small animals like dogs, cats, and goats.
In regards to hobbies and things I like to do for fun, I really enjoy watching college football and basketball, lifting weights, playing golf, and just simply “taking it easy” with my amazing wife, Danyel. I also really enjoy going to concerts, particularly seeing my favorite bands at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver.

About James by Danyel:
James is really funny and has the biggest heart I’ve ever known. He truly wants to take care of me and I can’t wait to see him as a father. James is up for any adventure and we both share the same witty sense of humor, taste in music, and we both have watched all the episodes of “Saved by the Bell”. He is my partner and gives me unconditional love that I know will carry into our new family and his new role as a father.

About Danyel:
Hi, I’m Danyel! I’m originally from Wichita, KS and I have to admit that I love to collect Wizard of Oz memorabilia and even own two spunky Cairn Terriers, a.k.a ToTo dogs, and I once even dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween. I grew up spending Sundays at my grandma’s house, creating SNL skits with my best friend, learning to water ski when I was six, and hosting neighborhood Kool-Aid stands. I worked all through high school while being a Goddard Lions, Award Winning Wheatchix (dance/pom team). When I wasn’t high kicking and working at The Buckle selling Lucky Jeans, I dreamed of going off to college to be the first in my family to earn a degree. I attended Kansas State University, pledged a sorority, and majored in Business Marketing with Spanish minor. My education and husband are what I’m most proud of in my life. What I look forward to the most when becoming a mother is teaching my child about travel, history, being kind to others, confidence, being a hard worker, and never giving up.
After I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I headed west to Colorado. I eventually ended up in Denver where I found a 10-year career combining my passion for education, recruiting, and career counseling. I completed my MBA and I am now a Finance and Accounting Consultant for a nationwide executive search firm. Today, I am so blessed that James and I are the state we love and consider home, Colorado.

About Danyel by James:
Danyel is a pretty amazing person and she impresses me every day with her work ethic, caring nature, attention to detail, and charismatic personality. She tends to be the leader of a group and always leads by example. She is extremely loyal and ferociously loves her family and those that are close to her. Danyel is also very funny, as she cracks me up on a daily basis. I think that I am one of the luckiest people in the world because I have the privilege of spending the rest of my life with this smart and beautiful woman. Words cannot describe the excitement that I have for her to become a mother. She has learned how to love and care from some amazing women and I simply cannot wait for her wish to become a mother to come true!

Did you know? Danyel had a beta fish named “Marisco” (Spanish for seafood) all through college. Danyel once gave her co worker the Heimlich maneuver and helped save her life. Danyel has a strange food aversion to cooked eggs especially scrambled Danyel loves fall because of her yummy homemade pumpkin bread and the Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes Danyel loves to make up jingles and you can count on her to karaoke “don’t stop believing” by Journey James’s favorite cereal is a tie between lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch.

You might be surprised to know…
We have seen Foo Fighters five times in concert

James hiked the highest mountain in Vermont

Danyel spent a summer in Mexico speaking Spanish and traveling for college

Danyel won ‘Best Hair’ in the 8th grade and ‘Best Dressed’ Senior year of HS

James was a varsity football, baseball, and wrestler

Danyel taught herself how to crochet from YouTube videos

Danyel fell out of a tree in college taking pics for her sorority and tore her ACL and MCL

Family, Friends, and Our Home
We have a great group of friends that have also been waiting for the moment we become parents. We’ve always felt like aunt and uncles to all our friends’ kids and have learned so much.
Our home is a cute ranch-style house with beautiful views of the Colorado Mountains. We love the many walking trails and parks in our neighborhood and the outdoor shopping promenade is close by. Not far from our house are Pikes Peak, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, wildlife rescue park, and fun mountain towns. We love to explore our city and are also happy binge watching Netflix at home.

Danyel’s Family:
I grew up with my step dad, mom, and older brother along with spending every weekend at my grandma and grandpa’s house. My brother is a 12-year Navy veteran and my mom and step dad taught me the value of hard work and I remain close to all of them. We spend time with them here in Colorado, Savannah, GA, and back in my hometown of Wichita. My family is pretty laid back and we are happy grilling, playing cards, sitting out by the lake, watching movies, playing with the dogs, and laughing.

James’s family:

I have three older siblings, two brothers and a sister, making me the ‘baby’ of the family. There are total of ten years between me and my oldest sibling. We are a pretty “normal” family that experiences the same trials and tribulations that other families experience. My mom and dad are great! My dad was the primary wage earner in the family, while my mom stayed at home to take care of us kids. My dad was a successful business owner; however, in 2013 he lost his battle with cancer. Danyel and I love spending time with my mom and siblings, and one of our favorite past times is to recite old movie quotes with the hope of making each other laugh. Because we live in Colorado and my family is still in Michigan, we don’t get to spend much time together, but when we do we try to make the most of it! Fortunately, the child that you bless us with will have plenty of cousins to run around with and make mischief.

Our Pets
Ozzy is the oldest dog. He’s a senior cairn terrier who loves to take walks, run after school buses, bark at the mailman, and hates taking baths. He will eat just about anything and is always by our side.
Oliver, who is also a cairn terrier, is our high maintenance dog. A few years ago we discovered he was diabetic and would be insulin-dependent for the rest of his life. Then, not long after he became blind. It was sad at first, but wow, he is so smart and I’m so proud of him! He does anything a normal dog would do; it just takes him a little longer. He loves to snuggle, wear Halloween costumes, and loves to play with other dogs.
Tony or TT or Teeter Weeter, he has many names. I had told James that I always wanted a big, fat, orange cat who loved to sit in my lap and I would name him Tony. I adopted him from a PetsMart the moment I saw him years later. He’s knows how to open doors, meows on command, and loves to sleep on our laps.
Jeff, or Jiffy as we call him, is a goofy cat who loves to play with just about anything! Some of his favorite toys are Danyel’s hair ties and makeup brushes. Jeff is Tony’s best friend and it’s highly entertaining to watch them play and run around.

Our promise:
You will be giving us the gift of parenthood, and we don’t imagine that it will be easy either (for you or us!). We do know, however, that together we make a pretty great team and we promise to provide the most loving home possible, to work and learn together, to teach our child to be thoughtful, loving, and respectful, and that all things are earned and nothing is given. We sincerely promise to never take the gift that you will provide us for granted, and we will give thanks daily for the sacrifice that you have made and the incredible light that you have brought into our lives.

If you have any questions for us, or if you are interested in us adopting your child, please contact your caseworker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-888-758-6592 toll free. We can’t wait to meet you!