July 22nd, 2018
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Darcy and Duane


We are Darcy and Duane!  We’re honored that you are taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents–thank you!  You have our deepest admiration and respect and we are ready to walk alongside you on this journey if you decide to go in this direction.  Hopefully this profile will give you a glimpse into our lives blessed with love, family closeness, travel adventures, educational opportunities and dear friends.  We hope to share all these with your child!


Happy Together

We first met at a singles group at our church but the real spark was lit at a swing dancing class. Darcy laughed while dancing with Duane (his moves were “interesting”) and Duane loved Darcy’s witty story-telling when we ended the night at a diner.  A year later, we got married on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we released into the sky a paper lantern carrying our wish to have family.

Our life together has been an amazing journey since that day: morning snuggles, day trips to the coast or snow, surfing and scuba diving adventures in far flung places like Australia, camping weekends and sharing life with an enthusiastic and sweet little girl.  We enjoy dreaming about all the exciting things we are going to do together as a family of four!


About Darcy By Duane

When I met Darcy, I knew very quickly she was a rare find.  A warm spirit, keen intellect, fun sense of humor, spiritual grounding, close knit and loving family, large circle of friends, and a career she loves.  I like to say that I got the “full package” when I married her!

Watching Darcy caring for our daughter has been very heartwarming.  Her playful spirit comes alive when she is chasing Libby around the kitchen, stomping in rain puddles, and making funny faces– Libby lights up around her mom!  Her softest side is seen when she pulls Libby in for a boo-boo kiss, cuddles on the couch for nightly books, and sings a special song to Libby before sleepy time.  I am confident that she will provide a great childhood like she had with summer camp, family adventures plus a supportive atmosphere to be successful in school.

Fun Facts: Darcy

Occupation:  Middle School Counselor (part-time)

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Favorite Travel: Paris and Rome

Looking Forward To:  Friday Pizza Nights every week with the kids and their friends

Hobbies: anything around water (swimming, beach, bathtub) or fire (campfire, welding, candles)

Favorite Food: Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Hobbies: Anything with water (swimming, ocean, rafting)

Values: Family, education, gratitude



About Duane by Darcy

There are so many things I love about Duane: he’s positive, enthusiastic (he shouts, “Today’s a great day” when he wakes up!), affectionate (he rubs my feet almost every night), patient, athletic (he runs, bikes, skis, surfs, plays soccer). The first thing that caught my heart was how he works at growing relationships—he is very intentional about connecting.  He does not get upset by much of anything and finds joy in small things—like clean and folded clothes.

Duane delights in being a father!  In the mornings, he and Libby play “hop on pop” in bed as she crawls all over him and they laugh together. I melt when he plays guitar for her and they sing together.  They play soccer, share tea parties, and have dance parties in the family room.  He even did a performance with her at her dance recital—on stage, in a dance costume!  He is perfectly silly and forever patient.

Fun Facts: Duane

Occupation: Internet Marketing (office at home)

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Favorite Travel: Japan

Looking Forward To: coaching my kids’ teams

Hobbies: Playing guitar, skiing, mountain biking

Favorite Food: Avocados

Values: God, fitness and health, integrity


Meet Libby

Libby loves people!  She asks every day which friends we are going to see that day and cheers no matter what the answer is—but she is especially happy if it is her grandparents. She has a big heart and will bring you her favorite stuffed animal if she sees you sad.

Libby loves her dance classes, library story time, gymnastics lessons, the biggest slides and throwing herself in the pool (even though she doesn’t fully swim yet!). As a family, we enjoy walking to the river or the school playground—both just down the street, making dinner together, playing hide and seek and snuggling in the morning.  dAlmost every day she talks about her ‘BrotherSister’ (as she says) and leaves bites of her cake, draws a picture or saves a seat in the grocery cart for when he or she comes home.  She is an enthusiastic sister-to-be.

Fun Facts: Libby

Family: Mom Dad, Grammy, 2 Grampys, 4 Aunts, 4 Uncles, 9 Cousins

Favorite Travel: Beach

Looking Forward To: Playing with my new ‘BrotherSister’

Hobbies: Runs with Daddy, reading time, dress up

Favorite Food: Grilled cheese with tomato soup

Values: Family, friends, coloring

Home Sweet Home

Our house is filled with love and fun and the laughter of Libby and friends.  We have a large yard with a pool so that is a center point for gatherings like BBQs and playdates.  We moved to our neighborhood for the family-focus and the amazing elementary school just 4 houses away.  Everywhere children are riding bikes, climbing trees, shooting hoops—and every summer brings lemonade stands and the ice cream truck.. We live in northern California so we are less than 2 hours from the ocean AND the mountains–both of which we enjoy regularly.


Family Fun

We are both close with our families.  Darcy’s parents, married for 50 years, live only 4 miles away at a house on the river with wild turkeys and deer.  They could not be more devoted to their granddaughter and watch her when Darcy is at workDarcy’s sister’s family lives near Malibu beach where we enjoy surfing and stand up paddle-boarding with our niece and nephews.  Every summer we spend a week at the beach with Darcy’s cousins and all their children—fun and chaos in the sand and water!

One of Duane’s three brothers and his wife live close enough to enjoy weekends of ski racing, triathlons and mountain biking together. His other brothers and father visit regularly from Michigan and Florida. Both of our families are thrilled with our plans to adopt and Darcy’s parents have already started college funds to send all the kids to college!

Darcy’s family has a cabin on a small lake in the mountains that is the central gathering place for family adventures and getaways with friends.  Our time there is spent skiing, sledding, and doing puzzles in front of the fireplace in the winter.  The summer is full of kayaking, sailing and laughing on the deck by the water’s edge while Grampy grills dinner.  The lake community is like a small town with a Fourth of July parade of decorated kids’ bikes, snowmen building contests, and bonfires with s’mores and campfire songs.

Our Promise

  • To love your child with our whole hearts wide open.
  • To share with your child our deep respect and profound gratitude for your special role in their life.
  • To parent with patience, consistency, forgiveness and humor.
  • To help them grow to be kind and strong and compassionate.
  • To provide quality education and foster a love of learning.
  • To provide a solid foundation of extended family support that will continue his or her whole life.


It will be our number one priority for the rest of our lives to ensure that our children are thriving: happy, healthy, secure, surrounded by loving family and good friends, and confidently pursuing his or her dreams.

 What we want you to truly know is that our hearts are in this, that we feel the weight of the trust you are using and that we will honor our vow to make the best possible life for your child.  We wish you the best as you seek for the right family for your child.