November 14th, 2018
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Darek and Analia

Our family

Nuestra familia

Nasza rodzina

Hi! We’re Analia, Darek and Olivia.

We are sure it has been an emotional journey that brought you to this moment and reading this profile.

We realize that you must have gathered great courage and selflessness to consider adoption. This unusual crossroad is where we meet, complete strangers, where decisions will be made and where a new road will take us towards something wonderful.

We now speak from experience as we have adopted Olivia in June 2014. It has been an amazing and emotional experience for all parties involved. It was one of the best things we have done in our lives. Since we both grew up with siblings, we knew soon after adopting her that we would like to have another child so she could have a brother or sister to play with. Growing up with siblings has been a big part of our lives and we hope that Olivia can have the same unique experience. We also feel that we still have a lot to give as parents and would love to grow our family.

Thank you for taking time to read our profile.

Our story


We met in 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina while Darek was on his vacation. After few trips back and forth and Dareks’s 6 month’s stay in Argentina the following year Ana moved to the US and we got married in June of 2005.
In 2004 Darek took a vacation trip to Argentina and met Analia on his second day in Buenos Aires and they instantly clicked. It was hard to say goodbye by the end of the trip and we did not think a long distance relationship would work out. Darek knew he was in love with Analia and decided to move to Argentina for 6 months.

Our romance grew into a strong relationship and we got engaged on the one-year anniversary. In June 2005 we moved back to the US and shortly after we got married in the Nevada desert and the following year in the church in Bariloche, Argentina with all our family and friends there.

We attempted a first try at having children naturally and nothing happened. As we were going to try again, Analia discovered a lump in her breast. Soon after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy and radiation. Her strong body and spirit got her through the fight with the disease but decreased our chances to have kids of our own. We decided that the adoption is a natural next step for us. We have a happy marriage built on mutual respect, support and love and wanted to become parents. Our life revolves around our families, travel, exercise and pursuing different interests. We both feel we have more love to give and experiences to share not just between us but also with children.

Home and Pets

  1. We live in a modest but very comfortable and cozy house in a quiet, family neighborhood with schools and parks nearby. We have a spacious yard with vegetable garden boxes, a deck that is our summer living room.

Meet Inka and Bodie

We have a couple of rescued dogs, Inka and Bodie that are very friendly with Olivia and 5 chickens that give us great fresh eggs dailAbout Ana (by Darek)

About Ana (by Darek)

It took me 35 years and a trip to another continent to finally meet the woman I would marry. When I first met Ana I was instantly attracted to her smile and candidness. She will tell you she did not look her best that morning but during our 45-minute conversation while waiting for my plane we found out a lot about each other and felt a connection. With all her tenderness, Analia is a very strong and resourceful woman. She grew up in a country where you make the best with what you have. She is a fighter and a survivor having gone through cancer at such young age. Analia is not afraid of challenges and follows her dreams. She started her own business in the US only a year after moving here. She is a loyal and loving. She has a smile that lights up the room and a vivacious laughter. She gives me support and encouragement when I need it and her love is unconditional.


Analia runs her own part time-business from home, which gives her great flexibility for activities, errands, and in the future for taking care of another child. It is a familyrun business and Analia’s sister Cecile works with her from her office in Patagonia. She also works as a Spanish-English interpreter for a local school district.

Analia enjoys:


Walking the dogs and feeding the birds

Playing tennis


About Darek (by Analia)

I like Darek because he looks always serious but he is a super funny person when you know him in depth:)

He is the most loyal person I ever met. He has a beautiful, strong and sweet.

When I met him in Buenos Aires he asked me if I wanted to have kids that first time we went out together! I thought I was going to scare him by saying YES but he agreed with me that was the beginning of our parenthood journey.

He has been supporting me in challenging times when I got sick and also with the development of my own business that I wouldn’t’t have been able to run without him. When we traveled to Poland to visit his family I realized that the family values he had learnt during his childhood were the same as the ones I learnt in Argentina even that we came from two different continents.

His respect for his family is so strong that he wouldn’t’t say anything to hurt any family member.

When I was a child, I always was hoping to find a good man and have my own family… I met Darek when I was 30 years old and all my sisters and cousins were already married and with kids… but I understood that the wait was worth it. I am glad about it.


Darek is a physical therapist and works in an outpatient clinic helping people with a variety of orthopedic conditions and helps them rehabilitate after surgeries. In 2012 he went back to school to finish his advance physical therapy degree and graduated in 2014 as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Darek Enjoys

photography, running


house projects when inspired.

Olivia and Our life as a family

About Olivia

In 2014 we were blessed with the adoption of our daughter Olivia. We held her in our arms few hours after she was born. We have an open adoption and we are still in touch with her birth mom via text/sending her pictures and we occasionally Facetime.

We were very fortunate that Olivia’s birth mom choose us.

Olivia has been a joy since we welcomed her home. She has changed our lives in so many different ways, teaching us patience, finding joy in simple things and how to be parents.

Olivia is full of life and energy, she loves:

  • Our dogs,
  • the outdoors water and travel
  • books as she enjoys her little library in three languages(English/Spanish/Polish) every day.


Our lives together – family time

We are both passionate about travel and we love to explore. When we have only the weekend’s time we love to go to the desert with our friends and their kids and camp under the stars, sharing stories by the campfire.

We also love to be active. We both play tennis, hike and bike, which give us more time to share together and at times challenge each other.

We love quick getaways to the beach. Sometimes on Sundays we just pack our bikes with Olivia and go to see and smell the ocean. It gives us a recharge for the whole week.


 Our families and friends:

Analia was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later on she moved with her parents to Bariloche, Patagonia where she finished her studies in mountain recreation. Her parents and two sisters with their families live in Argentina, some in Buenos Aires and some in Bariloche, Patagonia. One of her sisters lives with her family in Detroit. Analia is very close to all her sisters and her parents. Thanks to Skype and Facetime she can digitally hang out with them on a daily basis.

Analia has gone back to visit her family every year since 2005. Analia has 3 nephews and 3 nieces.

Darek was born and raised in Krakow, Poland. He moved to the U.S. in 1987 and after finishing high school here graduated from CSUN in health sciences.

Darek’s dad and stepmom live close by with two younger stepbrothers. He is very close to his Dad and they try make one trip a year camping out.

Darek’s mom passed away in 2004 but she is always close by in his thoughts.

He also has family in Poland. Darek’s sister, her husband and their daughter live in the old city of Krakow. We often call each other on Skype and we try to go back and visit every 3-4 years.

Our families have been very supportive with the adoption of Olivia and are also supportive in adopting another child. Everyone enjoys their roles as grandparents, uncles, aunts and new cousins.

We have an array of international friends, which makes us more open to other cultures and often fosters great discussions and understanding of how other people live.

Final words:

We both grew up in supportive, loving and lively families, and were always surrounded by friends. We both know that it is our families and their values, which shaped us to become people we are today.

As parents we will do our best to:

  • Provide loving, safe, secure and healthy home where happy memories will be created
  • Provide support for your child’s interests and dreams
  • Help your child develop his/her talents
  • Create an open minded learning environment where your child can explore ideas
  • Read to him/her at bedtime
  • Build a tree house together
  • Foster your child’s strong mind and spirit through participation in sports
  • Show your child the beauty of this World through travel, whether on a road trip or to a distant country
  • Teach him/her to speak Spanish and Polish.
  • Create a strong sense of family by hanging out with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins
  • Teach your child about Polish and Argentine culture and customs while being a good American citizen

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child, please contact your Adoption Advisor at AdoptHelp toll free at 1-800-637-7999.


Analia and Darek